Recommendations to help you find the right talent for your construction business.

Your employees are a vital element in your brand identity and, by extension, the face of your business. The reputation of your company is a direct reflection of your employees’ quality of work and level of professionalism.

The caliber of your employees can build an excellent reputation for your company or destroy it. Many construction businesses are in dire need of finding the right talent, considering the worrying trend of work volume slowly exceeding the resource capacity of human capital. Here are some recommendations to help you find the right talent for your construction business.

Work with a Top-Level Recruiter

Since recruiters are specialized in talent management, working with a competent recruiter can make the process of finding the right talent a lot easier. The right recruiter can find and screen candidates on your behalf, allowing you to focus only on top priority candidates.

Think of a recruiter as your eyes and ears, always searching for the most suitable candidates for your business. With the soaring level of competition for quality human resources in the construction industry, particularly at the top management level, working with a competent recruiter could give you a competitive edge. For instance, construction companies can use Newport Search to find their next construction executive and stay ahead of their competition.

Develop a Referral Program

This method could work exceptionally well in finding design engineers, supervisors, managers, and other office staff. By developing a referral program that rewards employees who send the right talent to your company, you get to tap into their professional networks.

It is highly likely that most of your employees know a qualified person who is either not satisfied with their job or is actively looking for employment. Through your referral program, you can offer incentives such as cash to employees for referring candidates who eventually get hired and completed their probationary period.

Also, you can combine this program with referrals from the companies your business interacts with, e.g., material suppliers and subcontractors, to maximize your talent finding potential. Using social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, you can reach out to people and businesses in your professional network and inform them that you are hiring.

Develop a Talent Outreach System

While a talent outreach system can help you find the right employees for your current needs, it should majorly dwell on your company’s future talent needs. Through your talent outreach system, you can hold workshops or seminars to find potential applicants for various positions in your business.

Participate actively in colleges, trade schools, and high schools and, if possible, place hiring announcements on the job boards of the institutions you visit. By offering successful candidates part-time jobs, craft training opportunities, and summer intern positions, you can develop the next generation of supervisors, office managers, and design engineers to take up future roles when the current generation retires.

Place Compelling Ads

Placing compelling job ads in the right places can help you find the right talent for various roles, particularly contractors and laborers. Always include your full contact information, signing bonus and any other relevant details about your company.

Besides traditional methods such as newspapers, banners, and project signage, you can utilize the effectiveness of digital advertising via online job listings, online ads, and social media to reach a broader audience more cost-effectively. If you have an active company website, you can develop a career page where you regularly update information about the available positions in your business.

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