The most important statements in building a social media marketing strategy.

Nowadays social media are becoming a leading instrument in building a brand, or celebrity. And when you are beginning a career, you can get lost in a big pile of nuances that you need to count in.

Marketing strategy for social media of any kind has some things in common, that can be described as universal tips for reaching success. And in this article, you will find out what are the most important statements in building a social media marketing strategy. Here we go!

1. Plan It

Scheduling and sticking to the plan is a must if you want to grow your blog up to the top. Without it all other efforts will be for nothing. Even if you read a thousand articles and buy hundreds of cheap Twitter followers, if there would be no planned content, you will soon be lacking it. Thus, your audience will lose interest in your profile.

Also, having your publications scheduled will free you some time for other things in your life, like capturing and editing new content. After all, we all have a life offline, that has to be a priority. Using planners for your blog is a marvelous method to organize your workflow, so you will not feel frustration and fatigue.

2. Be Consistent

Another aspect that is common for every social platform is the persistence of posting. It comes along with planning. The number of posts that you have to upload on a daily/weekly/monthly basis differs from one network to another. But the general idea is that you must upload fresh content to your profiles regularly, in order to keep your audience engaged.

The consistency of posting depends strongly on the format of content that you upload. For example, Instagram Stories require being very active during the day, while on YouTube it is not necessary to post something new every day.

3. Know Your Target Audience

It is very important to understand what your target group is. This knowledge gives you an opportunity to create the most engaging content and grow your blog without stagnation. The key information about your viewers that you need to find out is:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Profession
  • Average income (in case you are selling something)
  • Hobbies/interests
  • Location

These characteristics help you to find and understand who is your average viewer and what does he/she want. Thus you will deliver content that will be interesting for sure.

4. Look Through The Competition

By now it would be hard to find a niche online that won’t be occupied. Competition is high, especially in such industries like travel, food, beauty, and lifestyle. So looking through the posts of your competitors is a good idea. It doesn’t mean that you need to steal someone else’s post ideas or visual style. That is kinda like stealing someone’s personality, and that is not the way to become successful on social media. Your goal is to find useful information about the strategy that would be relevant to your industry.

Looking through other bloggers can definitely help you to avoid their mistakes in the tactics. Or you can take some ideas for interpretation. But remember that being a copycat is not cool and won’t bring you a bigger audience and glory.

5. Evolve And Adjust

Your success on social media depends on the appreciation of the public. So from time to time, you have to re-evaluate your tactic and change it for good. The community online changes and evolves all the time, so you have to be flexible and react fast. Predictions won’t do any help in this matter so you must pay attention to the overall activity of your audience, and how people react to your content. To progress with your strategy use these tips:

  • Run tests. Without trying something new you will never know if it works for you
  • Put on surveys for your followers. Sometimes a bald question can get you the most useful information, and a guide for further actions
  • Introduce new types of content to see how your audience interacts with it. The best tactic, again, is trying and later incorporating successful pieces into your plan.

6. Create Compelling Content

Oh yes, this is probably obvious. But in the crazy pursuit for glory bloggers can forget that they have to be interesting and engaging to a certain group of people. Trying to embrace every popular topic can lead to a decrease in your metrics. Instead, focus on quality rather than quantity. Be creative and try to think of something interesting, adorable, or educational, something, that will find its place in viewers minds. Producing high-end content will work for itself, attracting more people to you. But these people don’t have to be occasional. The more specific your blog is, the more active audience it will have as a result. Keeping focus on a smaller range of topics forms a strong community around your blog, turning followers into your fans. And don’t be afraid that you will run out of themes to showcase. The world around us changes extremely fast, and there is still a lot to explore and highlight.

A Final Thought

Social media are an important instrument in the arms of humanity. Social platforms serve for many purposes, like highlighting common problems, promoting brands, being a celebrity, sharing your thoughts. But to stand out from your competitors, you must think outside of the box and provide something fresh to your viewers.

With the tips that are written here, you can get started easily on any platform you like. But keep in mind, that they all have different accents and specifics to them.

Good luck!

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