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National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)

US Legislators Need to Embrace Manufacturers’ Growth Agenda

The manufacturing sector – not the largest in the US, but the most powerful – faces challenges as it strengthens a troubled nation. Despite Washington’s bombastic rhetoric about manufacturing’s economic impact, the country awaits meaningful action from legislators.

West Monroe Partners

Data: How will it Figure into the Manufacturing Equation?

The question can’t be easily answered, because data issues aren’t monolithic; rather, there are numerous smaller data problems that constantly bedevil companies. How best to confront them? Using one company’s example, Wally Powers, of West Monroe Partners, offers insight and…

Mixed Bag: Optimism Coupled with Caution

North American CFOs are optimistic about the remaining 2013. Still, uncertainty commingles with confidence. What are the fears that restrain expectations? A recent report sheds light.

Usina Estiva

How is Estiva Setting an Example?

In an industry immediately associated with Brazil, one of its most solid and committed sugar and ethanol plants is raising the level of industry. Reuben Ford examines why all eyes are on Usina Estiva.

Wall Colmonoy

Wall Colmonoy – Rising to New Levels

How does it uplift itself? – By upholding its 75-year tradition of innovation and excellence.

Continental Structural Plastics

What’s Automotive Industry’s Best Kept Secrets?

It’s the Michigan-based Continental Structural Plastics Inc., reports Dan Harvey, about this innovative and adaptive composites manufacturer. Expect to see a higher profile for this ever-evolving enterprise.

A.T. Kearney

Re-shoring: A Long Difficult Voyage Home

U.S. Manufacturers realize they’ve lost the edge on global competitiveness – due in large part to off-shoring. Now they’d like to regain a leading position by bringing manufacturing back home. Re-shoring won’t be easy – the challenges are complex and…

Tri-State Gunite

Tri-State Gunite Pool its Considerable Resources?

That’s easy – the New York-state headquartered business focuses on pools. We’re talking about the backyard variety. What’s the harder question is how the company accomplished its considerable success. But Dan Harvey places it into perspective.

Tangara Foods

How is Tangará Bringing a Better Blend to Brazil?

One of Brazil’s biggest dairy producers imports important foodstuffs, increasing the blend of products available and broadening the domestic market. Reuben Ford takes a taste of Tangará.

AR Metallizing

Shiny Happy Product Everywhere

The 1991 R.E.M. song (“Shiny Happy People”) could be referring to the product that AR Metallizing provides. Indeed, the Massachusetts company’s shiny happy offering (metalized paper) makes for more than a pretty label. It’s an effective packaging solution, and it’s…

Ontario Drive & Gear

Ontario Drive & Gear | Industry Today

Ontario Drive & Gear (ODG) not only produces personal utility vehicles that can handle the most demanding terrains on the planet but the extremes of the moon’s harsh environment as well. Lorie Greenspan looks into the company’s ingenuity on land…

Southern Weaving

What’s the Best Way to Weave a Tapestry of Success?

Answer: Through reinventing the hand loom – as demonstrated by Southern Weaving Company. Reinvention translates into unrelenting innovation, and the foresight and ability to transform.


How is STX Recovering from the Storm?

Global shipping giant STX invests $150 million in new Brazilian shipyard and plans to double production. Reuben Ford investigates.

Andrade Mendonça

How Has Andrade Mendonça Remained One Step Ahead?

Look to building in Brazil. This construction giant has survived challenges and emerged as one of the country’s most respected and trusted companies. Reuben Ford describes a well-timed and strategic approach.

Acme Foundry

Modern Alchemy: How Does Acme Turn Iron into Gold?

Acme Foundry specializes in high-quality grey iron castings, a focus that has made this Kansas-based company enormously successful. Dan Harvey describes this ever-expanding enterprise that has weathered recent challenges, such as the economic downspin. In October 2012, the northeastern region…


How is COMIGO Committing to Greater Co-operation?

Brazil’s fourth biggest agricultural cooperative is constantly investing in infrastructure and market innovation. Reuben Ford analyzes the results.


Why is Jumil Taking a Precise Direction?

Look to precision tools. This Brazilian market leader introduces pioneering technology, changing the direction of modern agriculture. Reuben Ford reports.


Highly Magnetized

Capabilities and Customers = magnetic attraction. Iron resources transform into gold for this Minnesota-headquartered company. Lorie Greenspan describes the modern alchemy. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally published or scroll down to read the text article.

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