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Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing

A Grand Beginning

Founded in 2011, the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing, based in Prince George County in Virginia, has spun its spectacular early success into a new state-of-the-art facility that houses manufacturing’s best talent mixed with a slate of computational and large-scale…

Tubos Apolo

Channeling Its Energy

Brazil’s leading manufacturer of steel pipes maintains market share despite economic twists and turns. Reuben Ford describes how focusing on efficient handling of an emerging economy and important resources are the secret to ongoing success.

Kroll Global Fraud Report

An Unwelcome Surge

The number of companies, including manufacturers and distributors, that have fallen victim to fraud over the years has risen considerably. And according to one study, it’s only getting worse. Why? What’s triggering it? What should we be on the lookout…


Chopping Down Obstacles & Loading Up Solutions

When it comes to developing equipment and machinery for those in the forest industry, the name TimberPro is one that is trusted and relied upon worldwide. “It’s in our blood,” says TimberPro’s co-president Lee Crawford, when asked what enables his…


The Villarta Group | Industry Today

One of Brazil's fastest growing companies in the vertical transport segment announces new projects and the planned expansion of its factory. Reuben Ford describes an attitude that aims high in quality, technology, competence and ethics.


Vitamassa: How They Found the Right Recipe

One of the north east of Brazil's leading producers of cookies proves that regional focus is the secret to success in the country's vast food industry. Reuben Ford samples the strategy behind a growing brand.

Cleaveland Price

Switching the Power On

Cleaveland/Price was founded in 1978 by Chuck Cleaveland, after he accepted responsibility to supply renewal parts for Westinghouse Corporation's switches that had been discontinued. The company, essentially, was founded on its 'can-do' attitude and it has been applying the same…

Content Marketing

Constructing a Marketing Mosaic

In a conversation with Industry Today, ThomasNet publisher Paul Gerbino talks about his organization’s new white paper, “Content Marketing for Industrial Companies,” and discusses how and why, as we move even further into the 21st century, content marketing has shifted…


Farben: Painting a Bigger Picture

This leading manufacturer of paints invests in expanding its product range and emphasizes innovation. Reuben Ford analyzes a colorful and committed approach. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally published or scroll down to read the text…


How is IBAR Diversifying?

Brazil's second largest manufacturer of refractory materials focuses on the most complete range of 100 percent turn-key solutions in South America. Reuben Ford analyzes the integration and innovation of an industry leader.


Solutions Based in Print

Founded in 1922, Arandell is a company that has grown from humble roots into the premiere catalog solutions provider for North America that it is today. In a conversation with Steve Engelhardt, Brad Hoffman, the company’s president, talks about the…

DRS Technologies

Sailing Smoothly with DRS

Read how DRS Technologies' power and controls technology has evolved over the years, and what it means for the defense industry as a whole.


Setting the Precedent: Texas Leads Manufacturing into the Future

Across the country, manufacturing has a strong presence in terms of its impact on states’ economies, with it playing a bigger role in some states than others. Then there’s Texas. With a manufacturing workforce of over 869,400 individuals, whose work…

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