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World Kitchen

A Chef’s Best Friend

Where there is a kitchen, there is an assortment of items under the iconic brands owned and manufactured by World Kitchen, just waiting to be used to prepare, cook and serve tasty dishes by millions of consumers worldwide.


An Investment Strategy That is Paying Off

Brazil's largest producer of agricultural machinery invests in constant evolution in one of the country's most important industries. Reuben Ford reports on the company's strategy for success.

T-REX Engineering + Construction

Succeeding Above Sea and Below

T-REX Engineering and Construction represents one of the premiere engineering and fabrication companies in the offshore equipment industry. The company, founded in 2008, has steadily grown since over the years and is now making its splash all over the Gulf…


Where is Motoman Marketing a Different Concept?

The Brazilian arm of this Japanese robotic technology giant adapts to suit the demands of a progress-hungry market. Reuben Ford finds out how extending global services and applications is just the strategy for success in Latin America.

Pacific Insight

Hit the Lights

Pacific Insight Electronics has become the go-to company for automotive manufacturers who want next-generation LED lighting in their vehicles. Lorie Greenspan reports on how the company has become a leading supplier to automotive makers of state-of-the-art interior lighting systems.


A Partner for Life

This service provider for mining and mineral processes covers the complete life cycle of all types of ore and invests in developing sustainable technologies. Reuben Ford describes the evolution of one of Brazil's most important industry partners.

Latin American Manufacturing

At the Wheel of Growth

The Latin American manufacturing sector, thanks largely to Mexico and Brazil, has much to look forward to in 2014 after closing out 2013 with surprising strength. Leo Rommel reports what an industry expert sees coming in the months ahead –…

Boston Consulting Group

Skills Gap: Not as Widespread as Many Believe – Yet

There is no doubt that American manufacturing needs more skilled workers, especially if it wishes to capitalize on increased opportunities made possible by shifting economic forces, continued boosts in U.S. output, and the ongoing sophistication of modern-day production lines and…

GE Aviation

Soaring into Tomorrow

There are few industries that can claim to have as far reaching of an audience as the aviation industry.


Happy New Year With a Few Asterisks

The top financial managers in many of North America’s largest companies are feeling rather good nowadays as 2014 get underway. In fact, optimism remains high, just as it had throughout much of 2013. Still, challenges loom, experts at Deloitte say.…

Ebco Industries Ltd.

Heavy Metal Thunder

For nearly six decades, Ebco Industries has provided clients with the highest quality manufacturing, repair and rebuild for complex projects. Established in 1956, the Canadian company is a one-stop, turnkey operation that encompasses heavy metal fabrication and heavy machining, as…

Markel Bakery Group

High Ambition: How Will the Markel Bakery Group Achieve its Aim?

As Virginia-based Markel Bakery Group strengthens its worldwide presence, the Group aims to define the next big thing in baking. CEO Ken Newsome describes for Dan Harvey how this vision will become reality.

Sea Box

Containing All of Your Needs

Sea Box Inc. represents a company that has facilitated a ‘Can-do’ attitude into success.

A.T. Kearney

To Reshore or Not to Reshore: That is the Question

More and more American manufacturers are reshoring, and the trend has encouraged industrial peers to contemplate doing the same.

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