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Keystone XL Pipeline

A Pipeline to a Better Tomorrow

It is an economic and industrial godsend, proponents say about the proposed, and highly controversial, Keystone XL pipeline. Critics, meanwhile, say it is an environmental disaster waiting to happen. Whom should you believe? Most Americans say the former, a recent…


Planning for the Future

While manufacturing continues to collect its breath from its quick resurgence– particularly in developed nations that deserted it not too long ago – industry leaders are already kicking the newfound momentum up a notch by planning for the future. A…

Uberlândia Refrescos

Booming Franchise

President Alexandre Biagi explains to Michael Sommers how, in 2012, his beverage company grew more than any other Coca-Cola manufacturer in Brazil.

Modern Transportation

Delivering Safely & Efficiently

Riding a 25-year reputation of innovative industrial materials hauling, this bulk logistics carrier looks to transport its business to even higher standards of performance. David Soyka reports on how this family-owned company keeps on truckin’.

Morrison Lamothe

How did Morrison Lamothe Go From Sliced Bread to Frozen Foods?

Convenience is the operational word. For 80 years, Morrison Lamothe Inc. has provided consumers with convenient food choices. The Canadian company is recognized as an innovator and responsive partner for food industry clients. What started out with fresh bakery items…

Precision Stamping Company

How Precise?

Highly focused on the automotive industry, Precision Stamping Company is one of the largest producers of deep drawn stampings in the US Midwest. From modest beginnings, the Michigan-based company became a global supplier of stamped metal products.


Why Are More Buying Bayer in Brazil?

This traditional global pharmaceuticals giant has unprecedented growth in Brazil. Reuben Ford analyzes the market catalysts of an emerging economy. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally published or scroll down to read the text article.

Grupo Carta Fabril

How is Carta Fabril on a Roll?

This leading manufacturer of toilet paper reports record growth and annual revenue predictions. Reuben Ford describes a seemingly unstoppable success. The Carta Fabril Group produces one of Brazil’s top five rolls of toilet paper as well as kitchen towels, napkins,…

Means Industries

KOSTAL Group | Industry Today

Means Industries is the originator of the mechanical diode and controllable mechanical diode clutching devices for the global automotive industry. Together with its sister company, Transform Automotive, the company delivers transmission shifting systems and components for next generation automotive programs.

Huf North America

Revitalized Enterprise

In 2012, Huf North America wanted to shut down its Greeneville, Tenn.-based plant. Less than a year later, it changed its mind. Now, it’s expanding the facilities. What drove this decision? One of the most fascinating recent business scenarios involves…

Subaru of Indiana

Ramping Up Production

Subaru of Indiana manufactures the Tribeca, Outback, and Legacy, as well as the Toyota Camry for the North American market. In 2016 it will produce the Subaru Impreza, as well. David Soyka reports on how this automaker thrived when the…

SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association

Plastics Industry Conveys Critical Concerns to Congress

Congress, get ready, because here they come, leaders and members from eight of the nation’s most well-known plastics associations, armed with talking points and pages full of statistics and detailed analysis. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as…

Davie Canada Shipyard

Serving Customers on Land and Sea

Davie Canada Shipyard is more than just its nation’s largest shipbuilder. High-level fabrication and services have extended reach into different industry sectors. At the same time, it helps keep its naval and commercial customers afloat. How does it accomplish all…

Demmer Corporation

How Has Demmer Become an Industry Tool?

Quick answer: By becoming a valued partner, reports Lorie Greenspan. For more than six decades, Demmer Corporation has supplied tooling expertise for a wide variety of industry programs.

Hol-Mac Corporation

Golden Jubilee: How Has Hol-Mac Endured for 50 Years?

In April 2013, the Mississippi-based Hol-Mac Corporation celebrated its 50th anniversary. Its longevity is attributable to the founder’s vision – as well developing a reputation for reliability, quality, innovation, and a mutually beneficial relationship with its community, reports Dan Harvey…


Why is This Industry Heavyweight Adopting a Lightweight Stance?

The Teksid Group is the world’s biggest producer of iron engine blocks – and Teksid Brasil is the biggest company in its worldwide stable.

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