Magazine Issue June 2014

Brake-ing the Mold

Akebono is in the midst of its 85th year in business, a company that took root in Japan in 1929, but has slowly expanded its influence and impact across the world over the years to become the global enterprise it…

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Sensor of Success

Bourns’ Mexico branch has been in operation since 1969, a depth of presence that is rare for foreign-based companies in the country, and even more so for U.S.-owned companies, as its 45-year presence makes it the oldest of any remaining…

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Cascade Aerospace

Taking Flight

"This is the year Cascade Aerospace takes flight." Those are the words of Benjamin Boehm, executive vice president and COO of Cascade Aerospace, a Canada-based aerospace and defense contractor.

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Trade Secrets

Manufacturing a Trade Secret

Too many manufacturers erroneously conclude that they do not have enforceable trade secrets in their manufacturing equipment, processes, or systems because individual components of their process may be known in the industry or available from third-party vendors. Trade secret law,…

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Core Quality

As the industrial world takes on an increasingly sophisticated, around-the-clock nature, the need to eat on the go, in a healthy and efficient manner, becomes more and more of a necessity.

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Vivenda do Camarão

What’s Cooking

For Brazil's leading shrimp and seafood restaurant chain, shrimp stroganoff tops the menu. Serving more tables than ever, leading chefs are cooking up new dishes and the company has opened up in the Unites States. Reuben Ford takes a taster.

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Collaborative Commons

The Collaborative Commons

The emerging Internet of Things is leading to a zero marginal cost society and the rise of a new economic system. The Collaborative Commons is beginning to thrive, ushering in a Third Industrial Revolution and the transformation of the global…

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Three Flavors

Employees Come in Three Flavors

Much like the accelerating complexity of the global marketplace, the way businesses manage themselves internally, particularly from a personnel standpoint, has become exceedingly challenging as a productive, satisfied workforce become more and more paramount to a company’s success. And yet,…

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Turning to Chicken

A significant step into the poultry market by this Brazilian agricultural cooperative brings fresh technology and techniques in chicken production. Reuben Ford analyzes the effects of an innovative transition.

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Douglas Machine

The Whole Package

2014 marks the 50th year Douglas Machine has been in business, and while the company began in humble roots, today it represents a North American leader in the design and production of high-quality packaging solutions for paperboard, corrugated, and shrink…

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Houghton International

Industrial Mettle

It’s been nearly 150 years since Houghton International was founded back in 1865, with the company’s roots beginning in the service of the United States government, providing metal corrosion inhibition products and solutions.

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Growing a Gasket

Lamons is a company that today, represents one of the world's largest suppliers of metal gaskets and fasteners. Respecting tradition while facilitating innovation, the company has been firing on all cylinders as of late, developing new products and expanding their…

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Brazilian Power Parts

Look to manufacture of motor and machine parts. One of Latin America's most innovative engine component companies shut down domestic facilities and outsourced production to China. Reuben Ford finds out more about the strategic move, which brings Brazilian engineering back…

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Global Manufacturing Outlook: Performance in the Crosshairs

"The manufacturing world is entering an era of hyper-innovation where advances in technology and material science are rapidly changing what we consider 'possible' and creating new business opportunities along the way." H. Jeffrey Dobbs explains.

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Auburn Gear

How Auburn Gear Differentiates Itself

Whether it’s snow, rain, or sleet crashing down from the heavens above, a heavier-than-usual tow load attached to the back of one’s vehicle, or a combination of both, individuals and businesses alike have often worried about how less-than-optimal conditions will…

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Providing Improved Locomotion

Dayton-Phoenix designs and manufactures motors, heating and air conditioning and braking systems for customers in the railroad and off-highway vehicle industries.

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