Magazine Issue March 2012
Tomé Engenharia

Engineering In Its Entirety

Part of Tomé Group, Tomé Engenharia S.A. is among Brasil’s ten leading engineering companies in the mechanical, electrical and construction sector – and one of the leading service providers for the Brazilian industry and infrastructure. A 38-year focus on excellence…

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TÜV Rheinland Brasil

Certifiable Success

An affiliate of one of the world’s leading testing, inspection, and certification providers, TÜV Rheinland Brasil has found plenty of growth opportunities amidst Brazil’s increasingly demanding goods and service sectors. Michael Sommers looks at how a combination of strategic acquisitions…

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Western Sleep Products

Eyes Wide Open

Western Sleep Products wasn’t dreaming when it partnered with Serta. The association will enable the Western Canadian enterprise to achieve ongoing success. Meanwhile, Canadians can enjoy a good night’s sleep – someone is looking after their comfort, reports Dan Harvey.

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Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)

Infrastructure Life Support

Economic turmoil – combined with recent news stories about incidents such as the 2007 Minnesota bridge collapse – has placed transportation infrastructure at the front of the collective American consciousness. A half century-old system, which is vital to the economic…

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Viper Motorcycle Company

Sharp Sting

Viper stings the competition swift. The Alabama-based company offers its industry’s highest performance engineered motorcycles. It markets to affluent bike enthusiasts, transforming them into “easy riders.” Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally published or scroll down…

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SOG Oleo e Gas

Go With the Flow

A leading EPC contractor for Brazil’s oil and gas sector, SOG Oleo e Gas started just as state-controlled giant Petrobras was making historic discoveries of pre-salt oil reserves. As SOG Chief Executive Officer Mauricio Godoy tells Michael Sommers, now that…

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The Roberts Company

Comprehensive Client Care

The Roberts Company removes the worry from customer projects. Teamed with an engineering firm, the North Carolina-based operation provides a full range of services. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally published or scroll down to read…

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Thermo Design Engineering

Energy Engineer

For nearly a half-century, Canada-based Thermo Design Engineering has expanded its influence on a world fretful about its energy resources. It now offers products and services to numerous countries across the world, in both onshore and offshore locations. Expect its…

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Compressed for Success

Among the world leaders in alternative air compressors and for machined components for the automotive segment, Schulz S.A. headlines the industry. From humble beginnings the company is now Latin America's largest compressor factory and one of the largest foundries with…

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Simmons Machine Tool

Steel Wheels Keep on Turning

A major railroad industry player, Simmons Machine Tool Corporation doesn’t waste time with “flat car riders” and “cross-tie walkers” the New York-based company only works with major international industrial railway companies, offering the broadest line of machine tools that foster…

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Kauffman Tire

Rolling Forward

Kauffman Tire placed great distance between itself and the competition – accomplished through dedication to continuous organizational and process enhancement, as well as commitment to improving the situation of its employees and its community. This could only have been made…

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M&M Refrigeration

Big Chill – Warm Thrill

M&M Refrigeration Inc. wants nothing less than to be considered the leading supplier of industrial refrigeration equipment and controls. It’s there, and it took less than 50 years to realize its ambition. Click here to read the complete illustrated article…

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Máquinas Condor

Uploading Made Easy

No stranger to the handling of bulk agricultural goods, Máquinas Condor S.A. has added to its experience over the last four years by continuing and consolidating its position in loading and transporting industry. Simplifying operations for Brazilian ports and stations,…

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Classic Rock Stars

In the vanguard of production and exportation of ornamental rock, Marbrasa Mármores e Granitos do Brasil Ltda is a shining example of long standing success in the sector. A celebrity in the marble and granite industry, the Brazilian market leader…

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Metalurgica Schiffer

The Cutting Edge

From modest beginnings over 80 years ago, Metalúrgica Schiffer SA is one of Brazil’s leading producers of industrial saw machinery, as well as tools and trailers for trucks. Now supplying more than 5,000 sawmills worldwide, the company has proved that…

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Design for Living

The third largest constructor of residential and commercial buildings in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, Habitare has made living – as well as buying – much easier. Its business blueprint commingles customization with new trends. Company President Sebastião Sidney…

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A Core Upgrade

Utah’s I-15 Core project – a highway infrastructure improvement effort – is a proactive measure to improve mobilization of people, goods and services though one of the state’s most important corridors. It’s also one of the largest infrastructure projects in…

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Inland Salvage, Inc. (ISI)

Rapid Responders

Formed only two years ago, Inland Salvage Inc. has witnessed great success and, in turn, remarkable growth. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally published or scroll down to read the text article

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Traveling in Style

The driving force behind many of Brazil’s interstate and long distance coaches, Spanish bus manufacturer Irizar is globally recognized for its safety, style and service. Reuben Ford speaks to company Director Axier Etxezarreta about the company’s long road to success…

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Keep on Trucking

Iveco has been in Brazil for little more than a decade, but already it’s rapidly closing in on its competitors. As Michael Sommers discovers, now that the Fiat Group’s truck subsidiary has completed a cycle in which it invested in…

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Constructora VISE

Rave Runways

Since 1965, Constructora VISE, a construction company based in León, Mexico, has completed significant infrastructure projects – garnering a leading position in Mexico’s central region known as El Bajio. Now the company plans to expand throughout Mexico, reports Rachel Hartman.

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Building With Integrity

For more than 50 years, Copachisa, S.A. de C.V. a Mexico-based design and construction company, has helped clients create buildings that meet their specific needs and comply with both national and international industry standards. With specialties in the industrial, institutional,…

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Eastern Shipbuilding

A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Diversification and innovation best describe the Eastern Shipbuilding Group. As its industry sails seas troubled by economic conditions, the Florida-based company remains afloat, and it carries customers in its wake. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally…

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Ford Motor Company

Trucks In Flux

When it comes to building trucks, Ford Motor Company keeps itself in a state of constant change. Company Spokesperson Mike Levine described for Dan Harvey what this means for the company and, most importantly, it customers. Click here to read…

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GJP Hotéis & Resorts

Room Service

Founded in 2005, GJP Hotéis e Resorts is one of Brazil’s up and coming hotel chains. With twelve hotels and three more under construction, the company aims to have 2,000 rooms in operation by 2012. Reuben Ford researches how experience…

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High Tech Medicine

For more than 85 years, Productos Farmacéuticos, S.A. de C.V., best known as CHINOIN, has been delivering high quality medications to Mexico, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. The company uses a combination of the most advanced equipment and…

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Paving Its Way to Profits

Brazil has no shortage of land, but it still boasts a shortage of roads. An expanding economy has only emphasized the country’s lack of infrastructure. That, coupled with an exponential increase in car ownership, has transformed road building and maintenance…

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Brushing Up in Brazil

Brazil’s number one producer of brooms and brushes has maintained a prominent position in the market since opening over 80 years ago. Constantly improving its products and performance, Condor S.A. proves that it can more than keep up with the…

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Central Maine Power (CMP)

Into the Future – It’s Electric!

As the United States infrastructure rapidly collapses, the nation needs visionaries to bolster the framework that once made it a great nation. Central Maine Power Company provides an attractive model. Dance with this star, say Dan Harvey. Click here to…

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Céu Azul

Eggs in Every Basket

One of Brazil’s leading producers of chicken, Céu Azul has adopted a commercialization strategy that is both intensely regional and extremely global. As Director José Marcelo Pavan explains to Michael Sommers, when combined with the company’s vertical integration of the…

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American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM)

Environmental Regulations Should Pass Cost-Benefit Test

Fossil fuel opponents never tire of denouncing and demonizing companies that produce oil and natural gas and manufacture petroleum fuels and petrochemicals, observes Charles T. Drevna, president of American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM).

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Aerospace & Defense

Sector at Risk

The aerospace and defense industry has been enjoying robust financial health. But the blue-sky picture is darkened as the US government considers sequestration. Like a private thundercloud hovering above the industry’s head, sequestration threatens to wash away recent gains and…

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Multivariable Testing (MVT)

We Want Our MVT!

And for good reason: Multivariable Testing (MVT) provides a process improvement tool that helps U.S. manufacturers compete in the global marketplace, reports Rita Koselka.

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National Association of Manufacturers

A Year of Crucial Decisions

America has come to a critical juncture, with its role as a global economic power at stake. Policy makers face important decisions – about tax, regulatory, energy and civil justice policies, to name just a few. Voters, too, will have…

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Blue Falls Manufacturing (BFM)

Cold Air, Warm Water – Hot Company

Blue Falls Manufacturing Limited knows about cold. It’s headquartered in Canada, and it designs hot tubs to operate efficiently and effectively in the most frigid climates. Innovation differentiates this company, and writer Dan Harvey expects that the competition has a…

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Economic Shifts

Tectonic Economic Shifts: World-altering Transformations Redefine International Trade

The past decade was rife with dramatic changes in global trade in the manufacturing sector. Transformation is already having enormous impact on international economics and leading economic powers, indicates the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI). Will changes continue…

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Lasting Designs

When it comes to design and innovation, Carrocerías Hermanos Becerra, a company specializing in the production of urban and intercity buses, leads the Mexican market. Rachel Hartman reports on this 100 percent Mexican company and the strategies that have allowed…

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Milking the Situation

Batavo Cooperativa Agroindustrial is one of Brazil’s oldest and most successful agricultural cooperatives. Company President Renato João de Castro Greidanus describes for Michael Sommers how the Dutch-founded, Paraná Cooperative has used its unique structure and strengths to compete against –…

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