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Agie Charmilles LLC

Bring U.S. Manufacturing Home

In recent years outsourcing has circumvented U.S. production. re-shoring can shift the tide.

AEE Market Research

Get Smart

The Association of Energy Engineers tracks the ‘smart grid’.

Siemens Energy Inc.

In Foreword Thinking Mode

Siemens, driven by its commitment to sustainability, decided to gauge which way the wind blows. In the process, it perceived environmental concerns and established itself as a wind-power leader. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally published…

National Association of Manufacturers

Expanding Exports

To double exports, start with trade agreements.

Turtle Top

Specialty Transport Specialist

Never one to retreat within a shell, Turtle Top keeps its eye to the sun to determine new directions related to safety, service and aesthetics for transit/specialty vehicles. With a reputation as one of the industry’s best bus manufacturers, the…

Wolf Metalurgica Ltda.

Drilling for Dollars

It may manufacture drilling equipment whose purpose is to dig deep, but as a business Brazil’s Wolf Metalúrgica is soaring to new heights. Michael Sommers looks at how recent investments in hydraulic technology coupled with a major global offensive has…

Koss Aerospace

Lean, Mean Flying Machine

In business for 35 years, Koss Aerospace prospered by providing precision, machined components for leading aerospace industry customers. But in the past year, the soaring company flew into some turbulence. Vice President of Business Development Alex Cajic describes for Dan…

Latrobe Specialty Steel

Steel Specialty

Latrobe Specialty Steel has been able to change with the times with new processes and technologies that have enabled the company to participate in some of the most critical aerospace programs in the world. Lorie Greenspan tells the story of…


Upper Level Innovation

Lorenge, a Brazilian developer and builder, has been employing innovative strategies and practices to cater to the needs of its demanding clientele. José Elcio Lorenzon talks with Lee Weingast about how the company has grown to be the largest company…

SCS Solucoes Construcoes e Sistemas

Solutions in Metal

SCS Solucoes Construcao e Sistemas makes steel structures for factory construction and other purposes for big-name international companies, as well as for less well known Brazilian businesses. The metal-basher is part of a group of companies that collaborate to make…

Thermo King

Chilled Out on the Move

Thermo King produces transport temperature control systems and has helped keep Brazil cool for more than 35 years. As a unit of Ingersoll Rand Ltd, the company is now even better prepared for future challenges. With the Brazilian economy heating…


Sowing Seeds for the Future

Having consolidated its reputation as one of Brazil’s top producers of planters and other agricultural equipment, Jumil is going after new markets at home – and overseas. Michael Sommers uncovers a strategy for success that weds cutting-edge global technology with…


Flushed With Success

In the toilet business for more than 120 years, Hervy prepares to launch a series of new products that will greatly reduce water usage as they effectively deploy recycled water, Jeffrey Matthews reports.

Hidro Jet

Jet Setters

For both domestic and overseas clients, Brazil’s Hidro Jet flies high as a top supplier of electrical hardware components. Michael Sommers looks at how the company continues global growth – and maintains its number-one ranking on the home front –…

Suporte Rei

Well Axled Excellence

The Brazilian conglomerate of companies, Indústria Rei, produces transmission axle support parts for domestic and imported vehicles. Excelling in the market for 50 years, the group continues in high gear and is steering toward record growth for 2010. Reuben Ford…

JAY-LOR® Fabricating Inc.

Cutting Edge

JAY-LOR® Fabricating, Inc. manufactures bovine feed mixers to produce a fiber-rich combination of nutrients to improve herd health and farmer productivity. Now, thanks to this Canadian company’s latest innovation – The Alexander Knife – food mixing is even more cost-efficient…

Fast Engenharia

Growth Engineers

With annual revenue that has increased more than 30-fold in the last 10 years, Fast Engenharia is one of Brazil’s most important engineering support companies. A leading supplier of industrial maintenance structures and access equipment, it is raising national standards.…

Ford Do Brasil

Ready to Ride

The Ford Motor Company first set foot in Brazil in 1919. Since then, the company has enjoyed plenty of growth, but perhaps never as much as now – or in the future. Michael Sommers takes a look at Ford Brasil’s…

Helwig Carbon Products, Inc.

Positive Carbon Footprint

Helwig Carbon Products has an enormous carbon footprint. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! At least not in the case of this Midwestern enterprise. Carbon refers to the essential element of its enduring product line – not any polluting…


Worldwide Wing Spread

Since its inception in 1969, Embraer spread its wings across the world. Executing a three-point aerial attack targeting commercial, defense and business segments the Brazilian-based enterprise positioned itself as a leading global aviation force. In particular, the company covets ownership…

Grupo Embramaco

From Clay to Kiln

The Embramaco Group, made up of five separate companies, including its own mining business, is a leader in ceramic tile production in Brazil. Lee Weingast spoke with Embramaco’s Robson Bonaldo about how the company has expanded and improved over the…

Denso do Brasil

Keeping It Cool

Denso do Brasil, the country's biggest maker of air-conditioning systems for cars, is lucky enough to be selling in a growing auto market. That isn't stopping them from looking to expand into new product lines, Jeffrey Matthews reports.

Elster Solutions

Smart Energy

Elster is an innovator in the smart grid market, boasting technologies that not only facilitate better flow of information but also help companies reduce costs while increasing operational efficiencies. Lorie Greenspan plugs into the latest technologies that define the newer…

Comtran Cables LLC

Wired for Success

A leading wire and cable supplier, Comtran Corporation keeps the nation’s communication lines open. Ranked high by its clients and peers, the Massachusetts-based organization is noted for its extensive inventory and expansive distribution network. Dan Harvey notes how this helped…

Danica Termoindustrial Brasil Ltda.

Rising Above the Rest

As Brazil’s leading supplier of turnkey thermal insulation solutions, Danica is as concerned with creating barriers against rivals as it is with producing high-quality, low-cost, sustainable panels and doors. Managing Director Steffen Nevermann talked to Michael Sommers about the company’s…

Della Coletta Bioenergia

Small & Sweet

Della Coletta Bioenergia’s 50-plus years in the Brazilian marketplace confirm the adage that bigger isn’t always better. José Roberto Della Coletta, Chief Executive Officer of the ethanol and sugar manufacturer, spoke to Michael Sommers about how size (and sustainability) led…

Bantrel Co.

Energy Expert

From its founding in 1983, Bantrel has developed into Canada’s largest EPC-focused company in the energy industry. Today it targets new opportunities in the emerging “green” economy. Bantrel fully expects continued growth through a twin focus on conventional and alternate…

Bombardier Transportation Brasil Ltda

Arriving Right on Time

As the world’s largest manufacturer of railway vehicles and components, it makes perfect sense that Bombardier Transportation has set up shop in the world’s fifth largest country – especially in view of plans to increase the national railway system by…

Borgwarner Brasil Ltda.

World of Possibilities

Specializing in turbocharging and thermal systems for the automotive industry, Borgwarner Brasil is one of the bright stars in Borgwarner’s global firmament. Michael Sommers takes a look at how the company – spurred by global trends, new technology and a…

Martin Associates

Sailing Into the New Century

Shifting containerized cargo trade patterns, implication of an expanded Panama Canal, and the ability to fund infrastructure projects necessary to better position the U.S. economy within the larger global economy – John C. Martin, PhD discusses the combined impact.

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