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CFO Confidence Remains Strong Despite Weakened Forecasts

The Chief Financial Officers of North America’s largest and most influential companies - especially those in the manufacturing sector - are feeling pretty good nowadays, according to the quarterly survey exploring top-toer monetary issues. What’s triggering the prolonged optimism, and…


How Colorado Keeps Gaining Manufacturing Jobs

While other states from coast to coast seek to build and expand its economy around its manufacturing sector, Colorado continues to be ahead of the pack, according to a recent analysis. What's the Centennial State's secret? A state industry expert…

Association for Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing a Technologically Bright Future

North American industry is booming. Allow AMT-The Association For Manufacturing Technology to count the many ways, from the nation’s new edge in energy costs to the steady uptick in investment to the growing popularity of automation and big data. Click…


Giving the World a Taste of Brazil

Look to Brazilian cuisine. One of Brazil's leading food companies invests in promoting delicacies for export, proving that the nation's favorites appeal to taste buds worldwide. Reuben Ford reports.

Chrysler Group

Back to Life

Auburn Hills, Mich.-based Chrysler Group has come off of life support to become a revitalized enterprise. Resurrected from bankruptcy, but with no powertrain strategy, the Detroit automaker has turned things around – thanks to high-level management ideation and a CEO’s…


Making Life More Practical

Brazil's leading manufacturer of professional combi-ovens takes on technology to offer all-round services and make food faster, tastier and more efficient. Reuben Ford finds out what is cooking.

Hochtief do Brasil

High Performance

HOCHTIEF do Brasil is among the country’s biggest engineering and construction companies, operating exclusively in the private sector. Despite overwhelming demand sparked by success and surge in the need for infrastructure, this multinational leader remains focused on performance, reports Reuben…


Preparing for Brazil’s Future

This global development partner for the automotive industry meets growing demand in Brazil for unique systems competence in the internal combustion engine. Reuben Ford finds out more about creating a regional market leader and a benchmark for the latest generation…

Denyo Manufacturing

Generating Sustainability

Denyo Manufacturing makes engine-driven generators ranging in capacity from 15,000 to 300,000 watts for use by rental, construction, telecommunications, and special event industries as well as for military and government agencies in the North American market. David Soyka reports on…


Only the Fittest Survive: How Does Enerfab Endure?

Even the strong don't survive very long if they go it alone. Enerfab has demonstrated a capacity for self-reinvention that enabled it to stay in business for more than a century. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as…

NSI Crankshaft

Steely Determination

NSI Crankshaft’s name has changed several times since 1950. But one thing has already remained steadfast: The Company’s sense of purpose. Highly precise crankshaft machining has provided it with a strong sense of identity, describes Dan Harvey.

Ashley Industrial Molding

Structural & Functional

Ashley Industrial Molding offers processes and capabilities that provide plastic parts that help to build equipment for the agricultural, industrial, construction, forestry and military markets. Lorie Greenspan explains how the company’s aptitude has enabled it to stand out in the…

Grupo Sabo

See How a Global Manufacturer of Seals is Fighting to Reduce Friction

Brazil's Sabó Group is one of the world's leading suppliers of seal solutions for the world's top auto manufacturers. Director of Sabó Americas, Lourenço Agnello Oricchio Junior, tells Michael Sommers how the company's commitment to technology and service has sealed…


Withstanding the Heat

This leading producer of refractory lining and thermal insulation material and services keeps its stronghold despite a downturn in one of its most important markets. Reuben Ford describes a strategy and structure that sustain success.

US Cold Storage

Freeze Frame

Sometimes, the more things change the more things remain the same. United States Cold Storage (USCS) still operates one of the United States’ largest public refrigerated warehouse (PRW) networks. Despite recent economic turmoil, it thrives.

Toniolo Busnello

Toniolo Busnello: Coming a Long Way

This leading excavator and builder of subterranean access reached a milestone in June 2013, celebrating 200 kilometers (125 miles) of completed tunnels in Brazil. Reuben Ford digs deeper into the story behind the success of one of the most renowned…

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