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Administracio Portuaria Integral de Manzanillo

Online Shipping

As the biggest port in Mexico, Administración Portuaria Integral (API) de Manzanillo offers clients accommodations for importing and exporting all types of cargo. Rachel Hartman reports on this growing port and its plans to expand further and shift to an…

Administracion Portuaria Integral de Veracruz, SA de CV (APIVER)

Shipping for Everyone

With its strategic location on the Mexican gulf coast, the port of Veracruz has gained a reputation of being Mexico’s most important commercial port. Administración Portuaria Integral de Veracruz, S.A. de C.V. (APIVER) oversees the port’s activities of receiving and…

National Association of Manufacturers

The Great Regulator” Making U.S. Less Competitive

The “Great Regulator” is an abstract concept, but the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) believes it deserves a solid national monument – like Abraham Lincoln – if only to remind us of the positives and negatives related to regulation, and…

UTC Engenharia

Engineered Energy

UTC Engenharia S.A. is one of Brazil’s leading industrial engineering companies. A recognized pioneer in the nation’s growing offshore and energy sectors, the company continues to channel its energy and investments into excelling in the industry. Reuben Ford discovers how…

Vidrio Formas

Flexible Glassware

Flexibility has been a driving factor behind the ongoing success of Vidrio Formas, a glass container manufacturer located just outside of Mexico City. For the past 21 years, the company has produced glassware for the tequila and food industries, providing…

Borrachas Vipal

Resourceful Rubber

Founded 38 years ago the Vipal Group steered towards success from the start. Now Brazil’s leading producer of retreads and repair components of all types of rubber tubes and tires, the company exports to more than 90 countries. From bicycles…

Volvo Trucks Mexico

Keep Rolling

Volvo Trucks Mexico has maintained a steady 5-7 percent market share over the last five years, but is now pushing to expand that share by offering Mack-brand trucks and riding a mining boom. Peter Krupa reports.

Saur Equipamentos

Lifting Industry to Greater Heights

With 85 years experience, Saur Equipamentos S.A is Brazil’s leading manufacturer of industrial lifting equipment. Raising technological standards in Latin America, the company constantly surpasses expectations. Look for greater growth, reports Reuben Ford.


Automotive Industry | Industry Today

Profit and social responsibility need not be exclusive. That’s how it works in Latin America. Take Brazil, a nation with a thriving automotive industry. In this fertile environment, a safety focused company such as Takata-Petri S.A. can prosper. Paula Menna…

Morgan Olson

Delivering the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle

Since its founding more than 60 years ago, Morgan Olson has set the pace for high quality, aluminum walk-in van bodies used in a range of industries that need to bring their wares and services directly to their customers. David…


Power Hitter

In baseball parlance, Minnesota-based Power/Mation can hit for power. In developing hi-tech automation solutions, it has knocked it out of the ballpark. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally published or scroll down to read the text…

Protendit Construcoes e Com

Foundations for Success

When Protendit laid its foundations in São Paulo, Brazil over 50 years ago it introduced pre-fabricated pre-stressed concrete construction technology to a country ripe for development. Now in the midst of an industry boom, the pioneering company is building on…

Makro Engenharia

Making the Right Move

Brazil’s economy is moving forward at an almost uncontrollable pace, but thanks to companies like Makro Engenharia the nation has the right tools to manage the move. Motivated by the ideal to offer efficient solutions to the industry, the company…

Metalurgica Riosulense

The Most Important Part

This year Metalúrgica Riosulense S.A. celebrates 65 years in the metal-mechanics sector, manufacturing auto parts for internal combustion engines and cast and machined components for the automotive industry. During this time the company has become Brazil’s most important supplier to…

Klinge Corporation

Thinking Outside the Box

Klinge Corporation is a leading producer of refrigerated containers, or “reefers.” More than just a supplier, the Pennsylvania-based business is an innovator that concentrates on specialized transport refrigeration technology. Dan Harvey reports.

Locar Guindastes e Transportes Intermodais

Aerial Solutions

With an ample overview of the booming Brazilian construction industry, Locar Guindastes e Transportes Intermodais is Latin America’s largest company specializing in the rental of cranes and construction equipment. Sky-high growth figures and investments that lift building standards have raised…

Constructora Makro

Rain Makers

Mexican construction company Constructora Makro had to weather the rough waters of the financial crisis like everyone else, but they're emerging from the turmoil in excellent shape, with new infrastructure projects and a more national scope to their business. Peter…

Festo Brasil

Automation Nation

Festo is the global leader in automation components and industrial training programs and has been present in Brazil for more than 40 years. As Brazilian industry turns up the volume on technology, more and more customers are listening to the…

ALBRAS - Alumínio Brasileiro

ALBRAS – Alumínio Brasileiro | Industry Today

Despite the challenges of a robust real and rising energy costs, Albras, a major Brazilian producer and exporter of aluminum, aspires to become a leading global supplier of this hot commodity. President Luis Nunes explained to Michael Sommers how a…

Aviation Repair Technologies (ART)

Soaring Upkeep

Arkansas-based Aviation Repair Technologies (ART) is an independent aircraft maintenance provider for turboprop, regional jet and narrow body commercial aircraft. The company’s flight plan will take it to new altitudes of success, reports David Soyka.

Cequent Performance Products

Tough Love

Because Cequent Performance Products takes great pride in what it puts out, the company is its own toughest critic. That’s why the Michigan-headquartered company continuously subjects itself and its products to a rigorous testing regimen. It’s not only seeking to…

Danica Corporation

Best Served Chilled

Dânica Corporation A/S is Brazil’s leading manufacturer and installer of turn-key thermal insulation systems for cold stores and supermarkets. With a 44 percent market share, the Danish giant sends chills down the spine of competitors and with an aggressive sales…

Airbus Americas

Castle in the Air

France-based Airbus is propelling the commercial aviation industry into the 21st century. The craft that’s flying the effort is the “superjumbo” A380, a culmination of more than 40 years’ innovation. Despite its enormous size, this aviation mammoth is helping Airbus…

Lockheed Martin

Casting a Different Shadow

Usually, people hope you ignore their shadow: it’s dark and trails behind them. But Lockheed Martin would like you to pay attention to its own Shadow: it’s positively bright and points toward aviation’s future. The company has come up with…

Marinette Marine

Transformational Shipbuilding

Founded to help meet the country’s naval construction needs during World War II, Marinette Marine is a key shipbuilder supporting both the nation’s defense and oceanic research. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally published or scroll…

Oldcastle Building Products

Castle Built on Stone

The construction industry was one of the hardest hit by the recession. Only businesses marked by resiliency and creativity survived – take, for instance, Oldcastle® Building Products, the premier provider of value-added innovations, materials and systems for a broad range…

ABL Antibioticos do Brasil

Just the Remedy

ABL Antibióticos Brasil Ltda, a part of the Italian pharmaceutical giant ACS Dobfar, is one of Brazil’s most important producers of antibiotics. With a total of $60 million invested in the company since its inauguration, it is now a globally…

Draexlmaier Automotive of America

Excellence Inside/Out

Draexlmaier Automotive of America LLC – a US-based subsidiary of a global manufacturer – partners with international car makers to deliver functionally integrated interior components, cockpits, wiring harnesses and electrical management systems. Its increasing capabilities are redefining the character of…

Volkswagen of America

Beetle Mania Continues

Volkswagen is taking its classic “Beetle” into the 21st century with the introduction of the 2012 model. This update will include the classic features that the world has known and loved – such as affordability and fuel efficiency – as…

Alfa Laval, Inc.

Triple Threat

With Alfa Laval Inc. things come in threes. Its three core technologies include heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. It enhances its value in these areas with customer service, environmental concern and product optimization. With these winning trifectas, the Toronto-based…

GM Cadillac

Automotive Renaissance

More than 100 years old, GM is an old dog that can still perform new tricks. Consider the CTS series. With this family of vehicles, GM Cadillac is making impressive gains in the compact luxury car segment. Dan Harvey gets…


Driving Full-Speed Ahead

As a subsidiary of the world's top producer of diesel engines, it's no surprise that Cummins Brasil is leading the way in Brazil. Michael Sommers takes a look at how the company's vanguard approach and sustainable vision are allowing it…


Brazil: Fertile International Investment Environment

Brazil’s global market presence continues expanding, thanks to large and well-developed agricultural, mining, manufacturing and service sectors – as well as a growing middle class. As an increasing number of overseas companies add Brazil to their list of potential new…

Princeton Council on World Affairs

U.S. Must Focus on Exports

Alexander Gordin’s admonition (“The U.S. must think all exports, all the time”) may sound like a tag line for a marketing campaign. But it’s far more than that. It relates to the economic survival of the United States. Gordin –…

Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal and Economic Public Policy Studies

Reining Regulation

Government regulation is intrusive and costly. But we can’t just eliminate it, say authors Dr. George s. Ford and Lawrence J. Spiwak, from the Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal and Economic Public Policy Studies. It does provide an important function.…

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