Problem: Wilmot Modular’s Ryan Cantu had a client with a great need to install a shower and locker area into their facility. The new space would need to provide an area that would include benches, stalls, sinks, showers, lockers and other amenities split into a male and female sections. However, there was one major issue. The plumbing for the building was below a layer of concrete that the shower area would be sitting atop of. Attempting to break up the concrete in order to reach the piping below would increase the project costs tenfold and needed to find an alternative option that would still fit all their needs.

Solution: Ryan Cantu and the Wilmot Modular team decided on using a wooden base to elevate the building one foot off the ground. From there, the water and sewer lines were connected to a customer provided ejector pump. Through this method, the Panel Built modular building provided all of the customers requirements without having to extended the project timeline with costly cement removal, plumbing rearrangement, and recementing of the area.

Panel Built Delivers: The building, a 36′ x32′ structure divided into two shower areas and two locker areas, utilizes a combination of Panel Built’s reliable gypsum, steel, and FRP panels, as well as an epoxy finished flooring to ensure longevity and reduce maintenance costs. The building utilizes a variety of Panel Built’s wall panel surfaces to best fit the environment of each room. Easily cleanable and moisture resistant panels allow for the area to be easily cleaned and not hold on to odors.

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