Teknic’s new Hudson™ brushless servo motor models are rated for washdown applications per IP66K / IP67.

Rochester, NY: Teknic’s new Hudson™ brushless servo motor models are rated for washdown applications per IP66K / IP67. These motors can withstand high pressure sprays (IP66K) and short periods of submersion up to 1 meter (IP67). Teknic’s rugged, reliable Hudson motors have powered automated equipment in high volume OEM markets for over 10 years, including medical, AOI, and CNC equipment.

Some important Hudson™ brushless servo motor specifications/benefits include:

  • Designed, built and tested in the USA. The Hudson motors are thoughtfully designed for efficient manufacturability. This design combined with a high investment in automation equipment allows Teknic to cost-effectively build and test Teknic servo components in Upstate New York using skilled technicians.
  • Drive friendly. The Hudson motor non-proprietary, open-standard communication design allows the servo motors to be used with virtually any brushless servo drive regardless of protocol.
  • High performance. Fast electrical time constants and high torque-to-inertia ratios provide responsive, accurate dynamic performance.
  • Smooth and quiet. Industry leading innovations such as harmonically-pure windings, helically-skewed stator laminations, and custom-balanced EPM rotors provide exceptionally smooth, quiet motion.
  • Rugged and reliable. Brushless design, oversized and permanently lubricated brand-name bearings, Class H high-temperature winding (180ºC), fault-tolerant encoder design, fully sintered rare-earth magnets, and extensive testing of every servo motor assures high quality and lasting reliability.
  • High power density. Combining fully sintered neodymium-iron-boron magnets with an optimized magnet shape, winding fill factor, stator skew angle and rotor geometry allows high power density and fade-free performance. 
  • Certifications. All Hudson servo motors are UL, ULc and CE rated for use at 24VDC through 340 VDC. Plus all motors are RoHS, REACH, and Conflict Mineral compliant.

Interested in an all-in-one servo?: Teknic’s ClearPath servos use the same motor body, plus have the drive/controller electronics built in. Washdown ClearPath models (IP66K / IP67) coming later this year!

About Teknic, Inc.
Founded in 1985, Teknic manufactures a wide range of servo motion control components. Our products include integrated servo systems, brushless servo motors, servo drives, motion controllers, and power supplies. Teknic designs and builds products in the USA (Victor, New York) and provides factory-direct support to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Contact Teknic at 585-784-7454 to speak directly with a knowledgeable engineer or leave a message online at https://www.teknic.com/contact/.

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