Lakeview Consulting database gives manufacturers updated information on available grant opportunities.

ST. LOUIS, MO – Manufacturing companies seeking grant funding to expand their operations, create jobs, and grow their communities have a new resource designed to make it easier to identify and pursue grants they qualify for.

The Manufacturing Grants Database is a new subscription-based product from Lakeview Consulting, a company dedicated to helping manufacturers and tech companies find, write, and win grants to grow their business. For a monthly fee of $25, subscribers can easily access and sort all available federal and state funding opportunities to quickly identify those they qualify for.    

According to Lakeview Consulting President Micki Vandeloo, visibility has historically been one of the biggest challenges for manufacturers seeking grant funding. Many manufacturers are unaware of the availability of grants, and searching for them used to mean combing hundreds of websites to pinpoint applicable opportunities. It was a task most didn’t have the time or team to take on. The Manufacturing Grants Database is a central hub that pulls funding opportunities from all those places into a single source of truth on available grants.

“The biggest reason more manufacturers aren’t receiving grant funding is that they don’t even know what’s available and what they qualify for,” Vandeloo said. “We’re providing this service to give manufacturers an affordable solution for discovering and accessing the latest available opportunities.”

The Manufacturing Grants Database is updated on an ongoing basis to ensure subscribers are among the first to learn about available funding. Once a subscriber finds an opportunity they’re a fit for, they can either pursue it on their own or, with one click, connect with the Lakeview Consulting team to complete an application.

“Our team’s passion lies in understanding all the intricacies involved in helping companies increase their chances of earning funding,” Vandeloo said. “So when a manufacturer finds an opportunity that aligns with their company and mission, we can work with them to increase their odds of getting funding. There are a lot of nuances to the grant writing process that our team has decades of experience navigating.”

Manufacturers can subscribe to the Manufacturing Grants Database on the company’s website or connect with the Lakeview Consulting team with questions about the grant funding process.

About Lakeview Consulting:
Lakeview Consulting is a nationwide firm specializing in grant funding for the manufacturing community, helping them to secure funding to grow their business, create jobs, and improve communities. With more than 25 years of experience, Lakeview has secured over $260 million in grants for their large and small clients.

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