A review of what to do if you get injured on the job.

Most students work during their studies as a way of keeping the level of debt they need to pay down to a minimum. They also do so to make sure that they gain valuable experience. Something that makes a big difference when it is time to start their career.

Usually, things go well. But, occasionally, they do not. Students are just as likely to get injured on the job – check out this Sumter personal injury lawyer for more information. It is, therefore, important that students know what to do if they are injured on the job. We have prepared this short guide with that in mind.

You are responsible for your safety

The first thing to understand is that you are the one who bears the main responsibility for your safety. It is not solely the responsibility of your employer or your colleagues.

If you see an issue report it

When you are in the workplace, you need to stay alert to any dangers. If you spot something that is wrong, it is your duty to report it. This is for your colleagues’ safety as well as your own.

Take the training and use the safety kit that is provided

In all workplaces, there will be health and safety training provided. You need to take the course and pay close attention. Then use the safety equipment and training that has been provided.

Doing all of what we have outlined so far is extremely important. This is because if you do not do these things there is a strong possibility that you will not qualify for compensation if there is an accident. If it can be proven that you have not done what you are supposed to, you could end up having to shoulder part of the blame.

Photograph the scene

In the event of an accident, do your best to gather evidence. If you are able to do so, take some photos. Ask for copies of those that other people have taken.

Collect witness details

Make a note of anyone that may have witnessed your accident. Also, if you know that someone has already reported the thing that caused your accident to management get their details.

Track down a lawyer

It is usually a good idea to speak to a lawyer. They will take the information that you have gathered and explain what to do next. Most of them will offer you a free initial consultation so that you can work out whether you want to hire them or not. But before you make your final decision it is wise to quickly go through this checklist.

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