Introducing a low capital cost solution to metal recycling facilities that want to prevent fire and maintain a safe working environment.

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IRVINE, Calif. – MoviTHERM comes to the rescue with new technology that helps prevent fires caused by lithium-ion battery waste in recycling facilities, providing optimized safety to all nearby communities. With the number of fires rising in the past few years due to increased consumer waste, recycling facilities are hastening to find a solution that prevents such hazardous outcomes and provides safety to their employees.

Metal recycling facilities find that delivering numerous safety training to employees is an insufficient solution to fire prevention. MoviTHERM has established a solution where early signs of a fire can be detected before any smoke particles or flames are developed.

The engineers at MoviTHERM approached the problem by creating a system that connects smoke detectors and heat sensors to a mobile responsive application that can effectively notify hundreds of employees at a time upon signs of danger being detected.

MoviTHERM’s iEFD (IIoT Early Fire Detection) solution connects smoke detectors and infrared (IR) cameras, which can detect heat temperatures of recycled objects, to a customizable web and mobile application that launches alerts to employees directly when early signs of a fire are detected. Alerts are customizable and can be modified to alarm hundreds of employees at once. Allowing facility operators plenty of time to clear the area, follow safety protocols, and prevent a costly catastrophic outcome. Alerts can be received in various ways, including dial-up voice calls, text messages, or email, thus ensuring the recipient is alerted regardless of their digital savviness.

Metal recycling facilities can now dedicate their full focus on productivity rather than worrying about when the next fire will break out. MoviTHERM provides peace of mind to facility managers by providing a solution that is guaranteed to prepare employees to act on safety protocols before it is too late, optimizing safety and keeping everyone out of harm’s way.

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About MoviTHERM ( MoviTHERM – Advanced Thermography solutions was founded in 1999. The company provides IoT Cloud monitoring solutions for thermal imaging applications for early fire detection and machine condition monitoring and other applications. In addition, MoviTHERM offers solutions for plastic welding, package sealing and non-destructive testing. MoviTHERM is a Teledyne FLIR Premium Partner and master distributor for FLIR Thermal Cameras for automation and science applications.


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