When choosing furniture a methodical approach is very important.

Furniture, like a life partner, is chosen for many years. And the requirements are set accordingly. If the future spouse should be nice, without bad habits, and in general – a good person, then the furniture, respectively, should be beautiful, high-quality and comfortable. And it must serve for many years. We will not advise how to choose a life partner, this is a way too delicate matter. It is easier with furniture.

A few words about buying online. While it is very convenient and you can furnish an entire apartment without leaving your home, for example, via nyfurnitureoutlets.com, you still need to be very careful and attentive to detail. When choosing furniture, as well as a life partner, a methodical approach is very important. You need to see in your head how the furniture will fit and, of course, check its quality.

Furniture quality

On an intuitive level, we understand that high-quality furniture is good, and low-quality furniture is bad. Quality can be divided into three main components:

  • The quality of materials, components and accessories;
  • High-quality (correct) manufacturing technology;
  • Professional staff on whom the quality of workmanship and assembly depends.

The principle of expediency is the following: why do something that the buyer does not know about, which they do not see and about which they will never ask. It can be illustrated on the example of the back wall of the cabinet, which can be made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard) or HDF (high-density fiberboard) – more expensive and of better quality. Realistically, the buyer pays for the appearance, and everything else that the buyer does not see and does not know about can be made of materials of average (at best) or low (often) quality.

Unfortunately, very often many furniture manufacturers choose this easy path. As a result, we get the paradoxes of home furniture. Kitchen with facades made of natural wood for 5000 USD has a body made of coated chipboard (chipboard lined with paper), a table made of solid wood with inlaid (7000 USD) has some elements worth 5 USD per pair. Very often it is unprofitable to produce high-quality furniture for apartments and houses. And the fault of this, oddly enough, is on the buyer who understands nothing about quality but buys, guided by only two criteria: appearance and price.

Now that we know about the principle of expediency and the components of quality, let’s look at furniture manufacturers with fresh eyes.

Cheap furniture

Here we are talking about a manufacturer with high-performance equipment that makes it possible to produce furniture in large volumes, which, accordingly, leads to a decrease in production costs. Often this is outdated equipment, purchased used and fully depleted. Of course, it cannot provide the required product quality. The manufacturer is faced with the task of making money on volume, i.e. produce a lot and sell a lot. And in times of crisis and tough competition, there is only one way out – to offer the buyer the lowest possible price. And it’s quite possible to do it.

In the struggle for the price, the savings are serious. Not just Chinese hardware is used, but the cheapest Chinese hardware and so on. A high percentage of defects caused by outdated equipment and low qualifications of personnel force the manufacturer to violate the technology and design of furniture – the second component of quality.

Expensive furniture

High-performance equipment and mass production, combined with competent design and correct production technology, result in good quality furniture. But the global pandemic crisis has made its own amendments. Volumes fell, and production costs and prices increased accordingly. A lot of overhead costs: large staff, production facilities, retail outlets, advertising, etc. The furniture manufactory industry, just as many others, goes through the inevitable transformation, described in this article. However, such a manufacturer is very sensitive about the brand and reputation, so the quality is almost guaranteed. If you are satisfied with the design and price, feel free to buy.

Imported furniture

When choosing a foreign product, it is important to remember the following: the furniture is made not by the country, but by a specific manufacturer. Therefore, you can buy high-quality furniture from a good Chinese manufacturer and low-quality furniture from an Italian manufacturer. Indicative customs prices (can be found here), plus transportation costs, plus higher overheads, etc. led to the fact that imported furniture costs one and a half to two times more expensive than local counterparts. Relatively inexpensive imported furniture is usually of very low quality.

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