Reasons why and how good customer service is so important to a business.

In 2020, predominantly amidst the global pandemic COVID’19, where every country had or is still under lockdown, we all are left with limited resources at their disposal. If we face any technical or non-technical issue, getting that fixed is a big deal as compared to the normal days, before COVID’19. Most of the issues are reported to customer services and they help us to get them fixed without delaying or escalating the issue further. The Internet has officially emerged as one of the few essentials in our survival kits, and is going to stay here forever – primary reason remains communication and convenient routes for data transfers.

Businesses are surviving due to the internet, but what happens when we face issues with our Internet Service Provider in the middle of an important meeting? The entire focus shifts to their Customer Support team on how quickly they help us to resolve it, and get back to work. When it comes to ISPs, spectrum customer service has been on top of their game, some ISPs introduced packages for people working from home, students, and anyone whose internet requirements exceeded while staying at home for whatever reason.

In this article, we are going to talk about the reasons why and how good customer service is one of the most important metrics of any business. So, without further delay, let’s get to the point:

  1. Customers like to buy more from the brands/ companies with good customer service:

About 50% of customers upsurge their purchases by product type after having a positive customer service assistance experience with the brand they shop from. As a matter of fact, 86% of the consumers will pay up to 25% additional to experience quality customer service. Unquestionably, customer service is so important to clients that they can spend more to work together with a well-performing brand or end up recommending it to people in their circles.

  1. Customer service team can help with the insight of your business:

Irrespective of the fact how you look at your brand – what matters the most is how your client identifies with it. For example, if your business is related to athletic wear, you could associate the brand with health, fitness, and well-being, or get someone who plays sports as brand ambassadors. Nevertheless, your clienteles can buy from you as they associate the brand with ease, leisure, and attraction. Therefore, you must align your marketing with those facts.

Your CS team can respond to lots of questions in this regard before your design the marketing strategy. Instead of spending money and time surveying customers regularly, you can have your customer service staff who already inquire about these queries while dealing with the customers. Their feedback can provide you with a fortune of information to improve your marketing, products, goals, and workers’ training. Without a strong customer service team, the brand can leave behind a mark in the customer service department amongst all the competitors.

  1. CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) will increase if the customer service team is efficient

Customer lifetime value i.e. how much revenue you could expect from any customer is a very essential indicator. Investing in customer service will eventually increase this value, which means your customer is buying again and again from you. Or maybe they are going to at least recommend or redirect others to your brand and might pour in good reviews to your social media which is always needed to establish a good reputation and reliability digitally.

  1. Productive and active customer service team will make your business market competitive

Every business wants to stand out. Every brand wants to be the first. In the corporate world, competition is tough as everyone is here to be successful. To compete, you need to build solid relationships with your clients. Again, for which you will be needing a good customer service team. Customer service could change the way customers perceive your brand as around 60% of customers wouldn’t buy from a brand after their single bad experience and you don’t want that to happen to your business for sure. If their problems are being solved quickly, they are more likely to become your loyal customers which are the ultimate goal.

Final Thoughts

Pretty similar to the significance of the internet and how it is always going to stay around in this permanent position, customer service is also and is already evolving to satisfy the customers and get more business eventually.