Trump’s Trade Wars Winning for America

A Dallas Fed manufacturing report contains surprisingly encouraging results on Trump's tariffs and the foreign retaliation they've triggered.

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Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Top Five Manufacturing Trends

American manufacturing is enjoying a resurgence. These five trends help define the industry’s most pressing challenges and opportunities.

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Feds New Data Further Undermine Tariff Disaster

The Fed's new manufacturing production data undermines widespread predictions of a tariffs-spurred disaster for American manufacturing.

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Parker Poe

Navigating Evolving Regulations for Emerging Contaminants

A broad range of industrial companies should be aware of how regulators are increasing scrutiny on widely used chemical substances.

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Farella Braun + Martel LLP

The Huawei Trade Secrets Case

The Huawei Trade secrets prosecution and what it means for business.

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Bloomberg Environment

2019’s OH&S Issues To Watch

For Occupational Health & Safety professionals staying on top of critical issues helps minimize organizational risk and protect workers.

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Industry Today

Tariffs: Bad for Manufacturers

US manufacturers dodged a bullet over the weekend as Trump suspended Mexican import tariffs, but the situation is far from over.

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WorkForce Software

Raising Your (Fair) Game with Predictive Scheduling

As fair-scheduling laws roll out in many states, employer brands should be assessing readiness to adopt predictive scheduling practices.

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Fisher Phillips

The U.S. Labor Shortage and Immigrant Workers

With ICE workplace raids, confusing visa rules and a declining available workforce, employers face new barriers when hiring immigrants.

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Time to Investigate China’s Enablers in the Trade War

Evidence that many Asian countries, along with Mexico, are helping China avoid many costs of fighting its trade war with the United States.

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Bennett Thrasher, LLP

Fighting IRS Penalties

Mitigating the Delinquency, Failure-to-Pay, and Failure-to-Deposit Penalties

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Unpacking Supply Chain Upheaval

Shifts to global supply chains driven by new threats and change may have sweeping consequences for business continuity and cargo security.

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