Volume 2 | Issue 6 | Year 1999

Low-profile design offers heavy-duty, high-capacity application where height is a major concern.

Just about every industry keeping individuals fed and comfortable and businesses competitive and thriving uses conveyor components manufactured by Goodman Conveyor Company of Belton, S.C. With over 100 years’ experience in this multimillion-dollar industry, Goodman continues to prove that success is achieved through a careful orchestration of employee appreciation and customer dedication, while manufacturing innovative, high-quality products.

Solutions That Work

With its proven track record for solving specific customer problems, Goodman solutions result in improved reliability, reduced downtime and maintenance costs, and increased productivity. Whether customers’ needs require belt-conveyor idlers to handle overburden at a strip-mining operation or require a stainless steel screw for a cereal plant, Goodman personnel continue to meet varied needs effectively, efficiently and expeditiously. The company earned the reputation of being the best in the industry by providing expert design, engineering and manufacturing solutions to its customers, along with high-quality products. Goodman’s products include bulk-conveyor components and equipment, belt-conveyor idlers and components, screw conveyors, screw feeders, bucket elevators, drag conveyors and underground belt conveyors. The Ropebelt, invented and patented by Goodman, is a wire rope conveyor system used in the underground mining industry.

Some of Goodman’s major markets are leading companies in industries including coal, mining, aggregates, cement, gypsum, pulp and paper, water and waste water treatment, food and food processing, power, steel and other industries requiring bulk-material handling. The company continues to respond to the industry’s trend toward demanding wider and faster belt systems used in underground coal conveying, an industry where Goodman continues to maintain a leading position.

Goodman’s Belton, S.C., facility was built in 1960 and, after several successive expansions, now boasts 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The ISO-9001-certified company employs more than 200 people. Although its dominant industry is the coal industry, “We cover a broad spectrum of industries,” says Richard Sickinger, Goodman’s president. “Our primary product line is our idler product line, particularly the Permaseal II idler.” This unique idler offers a sealing system that makes it particularly attractive in seal-for-life applications. This is the only idler in the industry employing non-purgeable seals, and it eliminates the need for frequent re-greasing of idlers and associated relubrication maintenance costs, while outlasting competitors’ products. “There is a trend in all our customer industries for these sealed-for-life applications,” Sickinger says. Goodman’s transfer-point products include its unique slide-seal assembly, which is used to contain material on belts, eliminating spillage and improving housekeeping.

Goodman Markets

Predominantly in North America but is beginning to penetrate foreign markets, especially China, Indonesia, and South America, where it has been involved in major projects. Products are marketed in a variety of ways, including advertising and direct-mail campaigns. Goodman also has sales and service field offices established throughout the country. After-market sales are handled primarily through a nationwide network of stocking distributors supported by Goodman field offices. Always with an eye to providing excellent customer service, Goodman offers its customers on-site service and training.

Highly Skilled Work Force

“We value tradition and consider our employees our most important asset and we try to convey that in our management style,” says Sickinger. “Of course, our key focus in the marketplace is our customer, and we strive to supply superior products and service at a competitive price. All our people are ingrained with our customer-service philosophy.” Goodman is committed to the philosophy that knowledge is power. To that end, the company has 2,000 square feet devoted exclusively to a training facility. Its 200 employees, distributors, and customers regularly receive training to keep informed on a variety of new issues affecting the industry.

Goodman is a company that is virtually self-sufficient from a manufacturing standpoint. “We manufacture virtually all the components that go into our products, as opposed to subcontracting,” explains Sickinger. “Our equipment is duty-purpose equipment used to manufacture our unique product lines, and all of this is enhanced by the skills of our employees who operate that equipment.” For example, he says, Goodman’s highly skilled and experienced work force has an average age of about 48 years old, with an average tenure of 20 years.

Increase Its Market Share

Goodman Conveyor Company was established Nov. 30, 1984, with the acquisition of the Conveyor Components Operation of Jeffrey Manufacturing Division of Dresser Industries, Inc. (Belton, S.C.) and the Conveyor Operation of Goodman Equipment Corporation (Murfreesboro, Tenn.). Then, in 1988, Nesco Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio,acquired the stock of Goodman Conveyor Company.

The company’s rich 100-year history began in 1879 in Columbus, Ohio, when Joseph A. Jeffrey founded Jeffrey Manufacturing Company. At that time, the company’s primary product was a cutting machine used in coal mining applications. Jeffrey continued to expand and diversify, becoming a full-line manufacturer of bulk-handling equipment, mining equipment and power- transmission machinery. In 1898, the Good- man family of Chicago founded Goodman Equip- ment Corporation, whose primary product was, and still is, drilling and mining equipment. Goodman eventually purchased Jeffrey Manufacturing. “The products we manufacture today were one small part of what Jeffrey Manufacturing originally produced,” says Sickinger.

When Goodman in 1997 acquired two companies manufacturing specialty products, the companies’ inventory of manufacturing equipment was moved into the Belton facility. Goodman acquired MECO Belts Inc. from Joy Mining Machinery Company and acquired the Tufkon Idler product line from Wyco Inc. Goodman continues to reinvest in its business, annually providing capital equipment additions.

The company now has its sights firmly set on future success. “Our objective is to continue growth in our industry by increasing our market share through internal development and acquisitions,” concludes Sickinger. “We plan to continue to add product lines through acquisition to more fully utilize our plant facilities and experienced work force.”

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