Volume 18 | Issue 3 | Year 2015

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HYDMECH was established in 1978 by Stan Jasinski, a Polish immigrant and engineer, whose frustration with a lack of sawing options in the market led him to design and develop his own mitering saw equipment. With his headquarters in Woodstock, Canada, Jasinski rapidly grew his business, adapting and evolving his saw products over the years, earning the attention of not only those in North America, but from industrialists all around the world.

Quality Commitment
While innovation is what initially lifted the company off the ground and brought them their early market success, it was the company’s continued pledge for quality and commitment towards creating a product that was “the complete package,” which ultimately brought HYDMECH into the global presence it currently enjoys. “Throughout the years we have established a Quality Pledge, which ensures our customers receive the best cost-per-cut solution through advanced engineering technologies, premium quality parts, product longevity, incomparable service, and responsive maintenance,” says Rick Arcaro, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for HYDMECH.

It’s a philosophy that has brought the company great success, as today the company owns and operates manufacturing facilities in Woodstock, Canada, Conway, Arkansas, Pergola, Italy, and Shoujo, China. And taking a closer look at the level of control that HYDMECH exerts over these facilities, one sees that their approach to the production of metal band and cold saws is virtually unmatched in the areas of scrutiny and overall supervision. “All these factories are one-hundred percent owned by us, and unlike other companies in our market sphere, we bypass a multi-branch type of production outsourcing and rely on our own engineers, assemblers, and supply chain to get each and every job done.”

It’s significant because in countries like China, companies will often rely on third party manufacturers to manufacture and privately label the products to be made to look as if they were actually produced by the original company. With HYDMECH, there’s no smoke and mirrors; they own and control everything. “Many components are standard and can be purchased anywhere in the world, but beyond that, quality is a core part of our identity and we want to ensure that every step of the process is just as we’d like,” Arcaro says.

He says it’s all part of a greater respect for the international market, and the significant role metal band and cold saws have across a number of different industries. “You could go down any industrial parkway in the world and I can guarantee you that 98 percent of them will own some type of band or circular saw,” he says, adding, “and understanding that often it’s an entry level employee who will be utilizing them in the factory, we commit ourselves to consistently manufacturing a safe and high quality product.”

HYDMECH’S ability to produce an innovative saw that is still safe and easy to use stems largely from their strong research and development presence. “You want to create a high tech product that can still be utilized by anyone on the floor, and that’s a tight rope to walk, but our engineers have continued to achieve such in the designs and upgrades developed out of our headquarters in Woodstock,” he says. In addition to printing easy-to-use directions right on the side of each and every one of their products, HYDMECH’S saws are modular in nature and can be assembled or taken apart by just about anyone around the world.

Arcaro says they are currently in the midst of releasing a few new upgraded PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers) for their saw machines. “Touch screens in the sawing world are a bit of a problem given their delicate nature and the relative rough environment of a production floor,” he says, adding, “If the screen gets damaged, users normally have to replace the entire PLC, but with our new models, you only have to replace the screen, allowing them to be back up and running much more quickly.”

Additionally, he says that the HYDMECH PLC’s have an iPhone-based icon interface, unique color scheme to account for color blindness, USB capabilities for data memory, and the option of over 23 different languages to allow for a wide population of end users. “Whenever we design a saw, system, or component, we’re always doing it with the awareness of real, current needs in the marketplace in mind, and a desire to make it as easy to use as possible for the end user.”

Beyond user friendliness, he says that they have also recently developed an electronic feed system that is much more accurate than the standard hydraulic models. “It’s not sensitive to oil pressures or heat, and represents an ideal fit for those needing fine adjustments in order to cut higher grade or more sensitive alloys.” Adding to the saws performance is the integration of a safety override system that reads amperage and chip load to determine if the machine needs to be shut off immediately in order to save the blade, which could either be due to dulling or having run into a material too hard to cut.

“The blade will go through hours of cutting and during this time its metal will both stretch and contract, but coupled with our safety override is a system that can monitor band tension and automatically adjust if needed to on the fly,” he says, adding, “So in effect, our saws will cut for as long as possible, but also have a system ready to shut them down at any moment before actual damage occurs.”

It just goes back to HYDMECH’S promise on keeping the customer’s needs in focus and delivering with a product that brings the whole package. And it’s a strategy that has continued to pay off, with HYDMECH experiencing its second highest sales performance in company history in 2014. “Business is pouring in from a number of different industries,” says Arcaro, ”Everything from energy and security, to medical and general industry, our saws’ performance has allowed them to have a place in just about any workplace where you need something cut to precision.”

He adds that they also closely monitor the shifting labor trends around the world, because HYDMECH’S saws are often in high demand for mass labor countries given their ease of use and high quality nature. “Having a global presence is important, but understanding the dynamics of different regions around the world is even more advantageous, and we achieve both.”

With a strong grasp on their markets, and a number of innovative and quality products to offer to each, HYDMECH is well positioned for an extremely strong 2015 and beyond. “We’re continuing to grow as a business, and between our company, our product, and our strong distribution reach, I’m very excited about our future and our continued evolution.”

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