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Ready for Takeoff

Hoist Liftruck

“Big Trucks Forged in America”

Hoist Liftruck manufactures high-capacity (7.5 to 60 ton) liftrucks for both indoor and outdoor materials handling applications. Last March, the company opened a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in East Chicago, Ind., where forklifts are completely built from the ground up…

Select Foods

Ingredients For Success

Select Food Products is a leading innovator in producing and packaging sauces and condiments for various retail, food service and industrial customers both in Canada as well as the United States. In business for over 75 years with a longstanding…

Rembrandt Foods

Moving the Egg Forward

It’s the incredible, edible, eggs-tremely versatile egg, and what Rembrandt Foods® does with it perfectly melds the idea of form and function. Lorie Greenspan takes a peek inside the company’s facilities to see how the groundwork is laid for perfecting…

Grupo Agrodanieli

From Seed to Supermarket

From its modest beginnings, Agrodanieli’s mantra has been diversification. Having dominated the entire production cycle, the Brazilian producer of grains and poultry is now fine-tuning operations so it can venture further beyond its regional borders. Michael Sommers reports.

Volvo Group North America

Manufacturers Can Reduce Carbon Footprint Through Partnership

Volvo Group North America was able to achieve a 25 percent energy reduction goal five years ahead of schedule through innovative partnerships such as the EDF Climate Corps program and the Department of Energy’s Better Plants program.


The Solution to the Changing e-Commerce Market

With projected billion and trillion dollar revenues up for grabs, retailers turn to Cimcorp for automation solutions to manage the distribution challenges with e-commerce to give them the competitive edge.


Offshoring & Reshoring Trends

In the early 2000s, companies flocked to China as a prime manufacturing location – a trend fueled by low labor costs, quick product turnaround and seemingly endless production capacity. At the height of this trend, many felt offshoring to China…

Michigan Economic Development Corp. Aerospace

Michigan is Ripe Ground for Aerospace Investments

Michigan has been the global center for the automotive industry since motorized vehicles first began appearing on the road. And the network of suppliers and talent base has the potential to turn the state into a hotbed for another industry…

Ushers Machine & Tool

Powerful Tools

Ushers Machine & Tool Co. Inc. has advanced the business operations of its customers by advancing its own place in the industry, through facility expansions, focused investments, and always with keeping customer service at the core of everything it does.…

Pittsburgh Glass Works

The View Ahead

Pittsburgh Glass Works, LLC (PGW) provides a range of innovative high performance glass solutions to automotive OEMs and aftermarket installers to attain a range of safety, fuel economy, comfort and convenience standards. It is the largest automotive glass supplier in…


Start Your Engines

Honda’s Anna Engine Plant is the largest engine plant in the world, complementing the company’s other plants and facilities in the United States that manufacture cars, trucks and motorcycles. Join Lorie Greenspan as she enters the production floor to find…

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