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Wake Up & Sell the Coffee

Located in the heart of Brazil’s prime coffee growing region, Cooxupé, is the world’s largest privately owned coffee cooperative. President Carlos Alberto Paulino da Costa talks to Michael Sommers about the select blend of strategies that have transformed the company…

Hunt Brothers® Pizza

Fishes, Loaves & Pizza

Tennessee-based Hunt Brothers® Pizza attributes its remarkable success to Christian values – and innovation, reports Dan Harvey.

US Cold Storage

The Big Chill

Serving the refrigerated and frozen food industry, US Cold Storage boasts one of the nation’s largest public refrigerated warehouse networks. Indeed, this New Jersey-based enterprise is among the five largest PRW companies in the United States. As such, it serves…

U.S. Manufacturing

Standards Boost Business: Call to Action for Corporate America

Today, Americans in every sector focus on two critical efforts: strengthening the economy and creating jobs. With us unemployment above nine percent, could a manufacturing revival play a part in resolving the jobs crisis? Yes, says the American National Standards…

Diesel Power

Diesel: Powering Energy for Today and Tomorrow

Diesel power has provided a great resource for past and current energy needs. It can propel us into the future, if only we’ll allow this enabler to enable us to chart the energy path forward. That’s the message from the…

Tapetes São Carlos

Cutting-Edge & Conservative

One of the leading manufacturers of carpets in Brazil, Tapetes São Carlos has been around for more than 60 years. As Associate Director Clemens Boecker revealed to writer Michael Sommers, the company’s traditional expertise and values have played a big…


Early Birds and China’s Roaring Mouse

Key word: Evolution. In the next decade, western manufacturing leaders will experience a tectonic shift in the competitive environment. Threats abound - in home markets and in the emerging country markets that have provided recent growth. Circumstances require a change…

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)

NAM Plan for a Manufacturing Renaissance

As Washington fiddles, the National Association of Manufacturers developed a four-point agenda to foster strong and sustained economic growth. It’s a bold and robust jobs plan.

American Association of Port Authorities

Port-Related Infrastructure Investments Can Reap Dividends

It seems the United States willingly allows infrastructure to crumble as other countries – particularly the BRICs – bolster the physical support systems that foster economic growth. The American Association of Port Authorities is concerned over the state of America’s…

Stoughton Trailers

Resurging Enterprise

There appears to be light at the end of the tunnel as far as the recession. Stoughton Trailers is already benefiting. This Wisconsin-based manufacturer of transportation equipment is witnessing increasing customer demand. This has compelled the company to reopen two…

Opto Eletrônica

Clear Vision

A leading Brazilian specialist in optoelectronics, Opto Eletrônica has always been sharply focused on its goal of developing cutting-edge technology for Brazilian industries. As President Jarbas Caiado de Castro Neto confesses to Michael Sommers, now that Opto has found the…

Industrias Peñoles

Mining for the Future

Since it began operations in 1887, Industrias Peñoles has played a leading role in Mexico for its mining, metallurgical, and chemical operations. Today the company is setting an example for others as a socially responsible, environmental-friendly company that helps develop…


Rest Assured

Nobody knows the importance of a good night’s sleep better than Plumatex, one of Brazil’s leading manufacturers of mattresses. As Michael Sommers discovers, this is why the company makes sure that the added value of its products are apparent not…


A Perfect Match

Some partnerships, like some machines, are built to last. For instance, consider Grupo Sotreq’s longstanding relationship with Caterpillar, which revolves around the selling and servicing of some of the most reputable and resilient machines and engines.

Mac Process

Conveying Solutions

For more than 40 years, Mac Process has provided air filtration and pneumatic conveying solutions that maximize product flow rates and minimize the environmental impact of manufacturing processes. As a part of the 150-year-old Schenck Process Group, it taps into…

Mobiliario Seating

Seating for All

For more than 35 years, Mobiliario Seating S.A. de C.V. has manufactured top quality school furniture and seating for auditoriums, stadiums, and theaters. Rachel Hartman reports on the Mexico-based company and its role as an international leader in the seating…

Montana Agriculture

Reaping the Harvest

Based in southern Brazil, Montana has grown into a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment by launching revolutionary products that have changed the fortunes of producers from various segments. As Michael Sommers discovered, along the way, the company changed its own…

Norske Skog Pisa

Paper Chase

Norske Skog Pisa, Brazil’s sole newsprint manufacturer, has its work cut out. Like similar print organizations, it confronts competition from digital media, as well as from foreign tax-exempt imports. But the company’s General Manager Alex Pomilio indicates that new opportunities…

JATCO Mexico

Comfortable Transmissions

JATCO Mexico is a pioneering organization, due to its high-quality and eco-friendly service and products. Rachel Hartman reports how this company now seeks to reach the next level. The key, she indicates, involves CVT, or continuously variable transmission. The company…

Heatcraft do Brasil

Global Cooling

When it comes to commercial refrigeration, Heatcraft turns up the heat. A world leader in its market, Heatcraft consolidated its presence on all continents. Its 1999 entrance into Brazil raised the temperature, thanks to pioneering technology and complete solutions. How…


Sky High Quality

For the past 17 years, Hines, an international real estate firm, has sought to offer its clients and investors in Mexico the highest level of quality, service, and value. Throughout its years in Mexico, this global company has carried out…


Navigating New Waters

When the global economic crisis hit in 2008, Inace, a Brazilian shipbuilder whose exports of luxury yachts had been soaring, quickly changed course and began producing offshore vessels for Brazil’s booming oil industry. Michael Sommers looks at how taking this…

Grob do Brasil

Intelligent Machines

Providing machining systems for the automotive industry, the German company Grob operates globally with revenue in excess of $700 million. Grob do Brasil is the group’s second largest, and fastest growing division, and sales in the Brazilian market have reached…


Paper to Go

With more than 50 years of experience, Grupak, S.A. de C.V. brings plenty of expertise to Mexico’s packaging industry. Rachel Hartman reports on this large Mexican company and its ability to offer clients customized solutions for their packing needs.


Engineering in Operation

Daltec is a 100 percent Brazilian company with a firm focus on industrial engineering and operational services. A powerful force in the market, the company was twice recognized in industry magazine ‘O Empreiteiro’ for its contribution to some of Brazil’s…

Elster AMCO Water

Directing the Flow

Elster AMCO Water has pioneered the production of polymer-bodied water meters, installing more than 2.5 million throughout the world. Think polymers and not bronze, also think lead free, electronic and no moving parts, says Dan Harvey, who wrote this report…


On the Rail

The largest railroad terminal in Mexico, Ferrocarril y Terminal del Valle de México, (Ferrovalle) offers services for the three main railroad lines in the country: Kansas City, Southern Mexico, Ferromex and Ferrosur. Rachel Hartman takes an inside look at the…


Flooding the Market

Having revolutionized the market for water storage solutions in Brazil, Fortlev now dominates it with a complete mix of products that is second to none. Michael Sommers takes a look at how the company consolidated its control and leveraged spectacular…

Covenant Transport

Trucking for 25 Years

Covenant Transport recently celebrated its quarter-century anniversary. If this trucking company keeps on the same road, it will easily mark its centennial. Dan Harvey is going down the road feeling good with this Tennessee-headquartered company, which keeps on trucking.


Painting by Numbers

With over 4,700 products and a production capacity of 300,000 pots of paint a day, Acrilex is Latin America’s leading manufacturer of acrylic paints for schools and handicrafts. As investment, growth and productivity continue to rise, the company is no…


It’s All in the Packaging

Part of the Brazilian group Copobras SA, Incoplast has been making flexible plastic packaging solutions for close to 30 years. However, it wasn’t until it conquered the pet food segment that the small company became a top player. Director Alex…


Full Harvest

A leading Brazilian manufacturer of sprayers, and inventor of the world’s first mechanical coffee harvester, Jacto has long been a pioneering force in the country’s agricultural segment. Although it faces some daunting challenges – a strong real that’s cutting into…

Ottomotores, SA de CV

Generating Quality

As the leading manufacturer of power generator sets in Mexico, Ottomotores, S.A. de C.V. bases its long-term success on quality, dependability, and top-notch customer service. Rachel Hartman reports on this growing company and its plans to cover more of the…

Chrysler Canada Inc.

Chrysler Canada Inc. | Industry Today

Chrysler Canada is the second-highest seller of vehicles in its country, a position gained by 18 months of sales growth. As models in its product line set sales records, there seems no stopping this automotive manufacturing powerhouse. Trying to stop…


The Sky is the Limit

Helicópteros do Brasil S.A (Helibras) is the only Brazilian manufacturer of helicopters, and with a market share in excess of 50 percent of turbine helicopters in the country and record revenues in 2010, the company is clearly a high flyer.…

Bergstrom Inc.

Shifted into High Gear

Bergstrom Inc. is no idle company, even though its claim to fame is “no idle” technology. Battery powered, and driven by innovation, the Illinois-based company keeps the highway clear for the commercial vehicle industry. At the same time, it services…

BMW Manufacturing Company

New Highways

BMW Manufacturing Company – this operation just can’t sit still. Never content to place its engine in neutral, the Spartanburg operation (a subsidiary of BMW AG in Munich, Germany) recently completed a substantial facility expansion and has implemented innovative technologic…

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