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Utah Economic Development Clusters Around a Governor’s Vision

Utah, and its forward thinking governor, wants to make the state a fertile environment where businesses can thrive and increase the population’s standard of living. To this end, Gov. Gary R. Herbert deploys the Governor’s Office Of Economic Development (GOED).…

Wulftec International

Wulftec International | Industry Today

Wulftec International designs, develops and manufactures stretch wrapping, strapping and pallet handling solutions that reduce product damage and improve operational efficiency to achieve higher profitability. David Soyka reports on how this Quebec-based company helps customers stretch pallet packaging and handling…

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)

The Growth Test

Start thinking like manufacturers, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) advises the US government. The re-elected President Obama and the new session of Congress must look at its nation’s problems in terms of economic growth, NAM asserts. This means breaking…

Thomas Industrial Network

Manufacturer-Distributor Disconnect

Manufacturers and their distributors are often at odds when it comes to data sharing. This can result in systemic inefficiencies (which are costly) and, in the worst-case scenario, lost sales. Thomas Industrial Network offers a highly effective solution.

Human Resources

Reinventing Human Resources

Today’s imperatives point to tomorrow’s real business value, reveal KPMG’s Karen Isaacson and Paulette Welsing. Sharpened arrows target HR.

Valbruna Slater Stainless

Valbruna Slater Stainless | Industry Today

Acciaierie Valbruna SPA, the Italian steel industry giant, is forging a strong identity in the United States, through its subsidiary, Valbruna Slater Stainless, Inc. This Indiana-based branch takes imported ingots and turns them into round cornered square billets and round…

Ryobi Die Casting (USA)

Melting Pot

Ryobi Die Casting (USA) Inc. is a tier one supplier to the automotive industry of high-pressure aluminum die casting used for transmission cases and housings, cylinder blocks and subframes, as well as other specialty casted components. Click here to read…

Deco Products Company

The Die is Cast

Think zinc - and how it's applicable to numerous applications and industries. That's what Deco Products Company has done. Look how it transformed a US regional business into a global organization, suggests Dan Harvey.

ILC Dover

Protect, Contain, Inflate

ILC Dover makes softgoods products used around the globe and out of this world. Building on its space and high-altitude pressure suit manufacturing capabilities, the Delaware-based company applies its innovative fabric and film technologies to personal protection equipment, bio/pharmaceutical containment,…

IMP Aerospace Division

Aerospace Manifest: Destiny

Established in 1970, and part of the larger IMP Group, IMP Aerospace has earned a reputation as a leader in the field of military aircraft engineering, depot level maintenance and related specialized services. The Canadian-based organization provides a broad spectrum…

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation

Light-Craft Leader

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation has a rich history of creativity – from the founder’s basement emerged a global enterprise. From there, design innovation led it to become a world leader in the light helicopter aircraft market, reports Dan Harvey. Click here…

Rhoads Marine Industries

Rhoads Way

Philadelphia-based Rhoads Industries provides complex component fabrication, turnkey equipment installations, and industrial maintenance and emergency services. Its maritime division, Rhoads Marine Industries, is making waves with shipyard service solutions that are growing eponentially. David Soyka reports on Rhoads’ course to…

Weir Minerals Lewis Pumps

Pumped Up for Progress

Offering products safe for both operators and the environment, Weir Minerals Lewis Pumps provides protection in a world that needs some looking after. That involves pumps. This company boasts a footprint that’s changing the world.


Road Trip

Take a trip on a DRL Group coach, across Newfoundland and beyond, and then extend your journey as you learn the myriad businesses and interests, including fisheries, mining and toxic waste cleanup, that have enabled this company to expand its…

Horton Emergency Vehicles

Innovative Ambulances

Ohio-headquartered Horton Emergency Vehicles transformed the ambulance concept. Its ambulances are the safest and most innovative. EMS providers and patients are ensured the healthiest transport in the most critical situations, reports Dan Harvey.

Delp Engenharia

Scope for Engineering

Approaching 50 years of success in the engineering industry, Delp Engenharia of Brazil continues proving capacity for all-around engineering solutions. The country’s growing petrochemical sector provides ongoing potential, but has not restricted expansion into other markets. Coupled with important acquisitions,…

Grupo Gestamp

The Stamp of Success

Grupo Gestamp is an international group dedicated to the development and production of stamped metal components for the automotive industry. Its global success puts the company among the world industry leaders and in pole position in Brazil. Director of Human…

Keppel AmFELS

Big Rigs

Keppel AmFELS has given itself a high berth in the marine industry for the construction and rebuild of state-of-the-art oil rigs used by global companies. Its shipyard and dry dock in a Brownsville, Texas port provides the launch pad for…

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