Magazine Issue May 2009

Concrete Economy

From dams to airports, Supermix has been providing the concrete for important civil construction projects throughout Brazil, Lee Weingast reports.

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Thomas Equipment

Breaking New Ground

The life and resurrection of Thomas Equipment shows what can be done when sacrifices are made on behalf of well-built machines supplied to a customer base that appreciates them. More than a half a century old, the company and its…

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Land Developers

With 18 years of experience in Brazilian land development, Traterra Terraplanagem e Reflorestamento Ltda is a well credited name in the industry. The company, which specializes in land clearing, research, mining and florestation initiatives, reports record growth figures for 2008…

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Weeks Marine

Fleet of Services

No job is too large or small for Weeks Marine Inc., which boasts the necessary equipment fleet and experience to salvage or build, whichever the case may be. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally published or…

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Spence Engineering

Engineering Under Pressure

In 1926, Paulsen Spence developed a new kind of pressure regulator that not only changed steam industry standards but also formed the basis of an enormously successful business. Today, NewYork-based Spence Engineering Company carries on the visionary founder’s creative legacy.…

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Rossetti Equipamentos Rodoviarios

On the Road Again

Rossetti has had a successful run in developing a variety of industrial road vehicles for Brazil’s transportation sector. Lorie Greenspan finds out how the company has employed skill and labor to come out on top.

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Saft Batteries

Batteries Required

Lorie Greenspan writes about Saft America, which supplies cutting edge battery technology to aircraft OEMs across the world, making it possible to run everything from the engine to the electrical systems efficiently and safely.

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Schaefer Yachts

Luxury Lineage

Sports cars, vacation homes, jewelry and yachts have driven the luxury market in Brazil to reach an astounding us$4 billion. Schaefer Yachts, which successfully targeted this growing market with technologically advanced and beautifully designed yachts, in only 15 short years…

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Regional Telhas

Raising Roofs

For the last five years, Regional Telhas has been Brazil’s largest supplier of metallic roof structures. Priding itself on the quality of its products and a very influential client base, the company projects further growth for 2009. Reuben Ford investigates…

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Rolls-Royce Brazil

Flights of Efficiency

Rolls-Royce first came to Brazil as a far-flung affiliate of the British provider of aircraft power systems. Its original mission was to service motors for the domestic market, however, in recent years, everything has changed. As President Mauro Gama explains…

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MWL Brasil

Wheels of Fortune

MWL Brasil has been producing wheels for the locomotive industry for 10 years. Since the launch of the company, the emphasis has been on supplying high quality wheels and axles for trains both in brazil and abroad. As a well-established,…

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Noranco Inc.

High Quality Fabricator

On a mission to always anticipate and then exceed customer expectations, Noranco Inc. continuously invests in new technology. Recent acquisitions will enable the organization to hurdle the high bar it set for itself, Dan Harvey reports.

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Orica Mexico

Safety First

From initiation systems to highly technical advice, Orica Mexico offers customers a complete range of products and services to help them improve productivity. Rachel Hartman looks into the Mexico division of the company, which specializes in providing mining services and…

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Plasser American

Track Performance

For more than a half century, Plasser American has manufactured test and maintenance equipment that ensures the integrity and safety of the North American railroad infrastructure. David Soyka tracks down how this Virginia-based business helps its customers allow for more…

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MSA do Brasil

Work Safety

The Brazilian branch of the American-born Mine Safety Appliances Company supplies safety equipment to some of the major players in the gas, petrochemical and mining sectors. Antonio Soares de Mello, MSA’s marketing manager, tells Lee Weingast about how the company…

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Ingersoll Production Systems

Machining Solutions

Ingersoll Production Systems engineers miracles. Among its many talents, the Rockford, Ill.-based machine tool company converts customers’ existing equipment to perform new tasks, in turn enhancing their competitiveness. Dan Harvey explains how it combines capabilities with creativity to engender cost-effective…

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Leviton Lighting Management Systems

Lighting the Way

Leviton wiring devices and lighting controls are durable, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing and favored by contractors, builders, maintenance teams and engineers. Armando Diana learns how this more than 100-year-old company is teaching younger companies new tricks.

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Life Line Emergency Vehicles, Inc.

Emergency Response

Life Line Emergency Vehicles, Inc. is a premier ambulance manufacturer based in the Midwest. It is the only ambulance manufacturer to offer proprietary aluminum extrusions that improve the strength, stability and comfort of these vehicles, among other innovations that further…

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Mecaer Group

High Achievements

It didn’t take long for Mecaer America to become a leading player within niche markets in the aerospace industry’s North American region. Established in 2002, the high-flying, Montreal based business has recorded remarkably robust sales figures and completed major projects…

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Lighting Up the Northeast

Hydro-Quebec uses primarily renewable energy – mainly hydropower, complemented by wind power – to meet the present and future needs of Quebec customers. It also sells its surpluses on wholesale markets in parts of Canada and the United States. As…

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Grob do Brasil

Going Global

Like its international parent company, Grob Brazil looks to the future and available expansion opportunities. Driven but not daunted by global economic circumstance, the Sao Paulo-based enterprise seeks to share its machining and automation expertise with the rest of the…

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Hawker Pacific Aerospace

Safe Landing

An integral aircraft component, landing gears absorb enormous strain and require regular and often substantial maintenance. That’s where Hawker Pacific Aerospace comes in. the California-based company is a leading overhaul and repair organization. Dan Harvey describes how it helps keep…

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Helicopter Mobility

Heli-One moves hundreds of feet above us, transferring people to and from offshore oil rigs. On the ground, the company concentrates its expertise in repair and overhaul of helicopters. Lorie Greenspan learns about the company’s expansive operation.

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Hughes Bros. Aircrafters

Hammer Time

Hughes Bros. Aircrafters, Inc. got its start with a little innovative muscle, a couple of strong arms and the drive to succeed. More than 50 years later the company is well equipped to supply a variety of parts and components…

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Fleet Body Equipment

On Track

Fleet Body Equipment Company designs, fabricates, assembles and services custom-built trucks focused primarily on the railroad industry. David Soyka reports on how this niche company integrates comfort, functionality and utility to help customers who are working on the railroad, all…

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CDF Corporation

Smart Inventions

CDF Corporation makes products that are innovative as well as functional. Lorie Greenspan finds out how the company has been able to add value to packaging through its smart pail, Cheertainer and Cheer Pack products while providing cost-effective solutions that…

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Finsa S.A de C.V.

Successful Planning

FINSA has made a name for itself in Mexico by planning and building integrated developments that exist harmoniously with nature while also offering residents and industrial clients substantial services and capabilities.

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Bombas Leao

Water Works

Brazil’s Bombas Leão is the leading manufacturer of submerged pumps in South America. However, as Administrative Director Vladimir Plaza confesses to Michael Sommers, the company doesn’t view itself as a producer of pumps, but as a purveyor of the earth’s…

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BTD Manufacturing

Stamping Progress

BTD Manufacturing has been a leader in a wide range of metal fabrication capabilities for 30 years. Lorie Greenspan finds out how the company has been able to grow while at the same time adhere to a tradition of innovation…

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C&D Zodiac Aerospace

Flight Ready

C&D Zodiac has built a reputation in the aerospace industry through advanced capabilities and technologies. Its advanced composite division is equipped to bring composite structures to the next generation of aircraft, as Lorie Greenspan finds.

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Aeronca, Inc.

Flying High

Since the 1920s Aeronca has been at the forefront of aerospace design and innovation. From repair of parts to supplying the heat shield for NASA’S next generation of space capsules, the company knows what it is to both fly high…

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Albany Chicago

Casting Call

Albany Chicago Company has supplied the world with superior parts and in the process has reinvented its operation to better serve the challenges of 21st century production. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally published or scroll…

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Packaging Perfection

ARPAC has grown its product line through aquisition of companies each with its own specialty in the packaging arena. Join Lorie Greenspan to learn how the company has risen into a leadership position through technology, capabilities and customer service.

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