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Manufacturing Resurgence in the U.S. Requires New Talent Strategies

The U.S. manufacturing industry is currently experiencing a resurgence as both domestic and international companies are investing in new facilities.

German Insights Leadership

German Insights into Excellence, Teamwork and Success

Aside from legendary cars, world class beers and the first-rate manufacturing, being a German is not always easy, especially when you are outspoken about your love for the United States of America.


Mechanisms of Power

Combat Propulsions Systems, a division of L-3 Communications based out of Muskegon, Mich., is an industry leader in the design, development, manufacture, assembly, and test of military engines, transmissions, suspensions, and turret drive systems for tracked combat vehicles.

Tractus Asia

Made in Indonesia?

Indonesia is a politically stable, reform minded, emerging powerhouse with a burgeoning domestic market supported by a sound macro economy.

Fisher Barton

Blades of Steel

For over 40 years, Fisher Barton Blades has produced some of the best lawn mower blades for the agricultural industry's leading outdoor power equipment manufacturers.

Harrison Steel

Sustainable Steel

Producing high-quality steel castings for a multitude of industries, Harrison Steel combines a traditional philosophy of product quality and reliability with the modern principles of lean manufacturing and a focus on continuous improvement. Geoff Curtis, Vice President and General Manager,…

New Way Trucks

Vehicles of Efficiency

In a world inundated with not only higher levels of waste, but increased complexity of its removal as well, Scranton Manufacturing's line of New Way™ refuse trucks and equipment have continuously brought clean, practical, and durable solutions over the years…

Cristal Alimentos

Precisely Rice

A pioneer in the introduction of grain selection technology, Cristal Alimentos is among Brazil's leading producers of rice. Reuben Ford discovers how careful commitments to quality and precision production have resulted in almost 60 years of success.


The Big Build-Up

In Brazil's rapidly expanding lower-income housing segment, no construction company is growing more astronomically than the largely unheard of family-owned firm of CASAALTA. Co-founder and president Juarez Wieck explains to Michael Sommers why business - and buildings - are booming…

Unifrango Agroindustrial SA

United Agribusiness in Brazil

One of Brazil's largest producers of chicks and chicken unites small, medium and medium-large sized companies in the food segment, making them more competitive on a global scale. Reuben Ford reports on a company that takes conflict out of commercialization…


New Power Generation

With over 200 service centres globally, Aggreko is the world's leading supplier of temporary power generators.

Georgia Manufacturing

In High Demand

The state of Georgia has long served as the desired production location for companies all over the world; from food processing and transportation, to heavy machinery, aerospace, and the life sciences.


Innovative Buses

A focus on design has led CARROCERIAS HERMANOS BECERRA, S.A. de C.V., a Mexican company that produces urban and intercity buses, to the number one position in its industry.

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