Panel Built Offers Modular Space Solutions at Sea!, Industry Today

Challenge: Icicle Seafoods, Inc. needed to replace a pre-existing building on the deck of one of their industrial fishing boats. The building, a housing lodge for the fishermen, had become very damaged and beaten due to the harsh nature of the Pacific Ocean.

Solution: Instead of the metal building they currently had on the ship, Icicle Seafoods was looking for a modular solution to their housing needs. They needed a building that would provide
sufficient warmth year round would stand up against the strong ocean winds, and would be structurally sound enough to withstand this environment for years to come.

Panel Built Delivers: With the help of Tammy Munko and DACO Corp, Panel Built, Inc. provided the Icicle Seafood with a 28’x46’ exterior, panelized building. The building, which was assembled at the Port of Seattle Bay and then crane-lifted into its place on the boat. In addition to the 12 individual rooms for the crew, the building offers full electrical and cable tv connection. The building’s paneling consists of a steel exterior and a FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) interior.

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