Advance Systems

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Reasons why AI products are making humans into former employees

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Ohio Manufacturing Institute

Ohio ‘Externship’ Program Bringing Together Students and Industry

A new collaboration between the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) and The Ohio State University proposes a solution.

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Michigan Department of Talent and Economic Development

Michigan Focused on Comprehensive Approach to Growing, Attracting Talent

Reinvented state looks to talented workforce to attract, grow business.

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Women in Manufacturing

Step Ahead – Inspiring a New Generation

BASF joins with The Manufacturing Institute to address a major workforce need through the advancement of women in manufacturing.

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Fabricators & Manufacturers Association (FMA)

Manufacturing Day 2017

During Manufacturing Day, an annual October event since 2012, thousands of manufacturers across North America hold special events to demonstrate how our industry offers rewarding high tech career opportunities.

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Improvement-focused companies are reaping more financial benefits according to a new report from ASQ/Forbes Insights.

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The Robots are Coming, But There’s No Need to Fear Them

You've probably heard a lot about how automation is a job killer. But the robots aren't actually to blame.

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National Paper Trade Association

Emerging Leaders Network Met with Resounding Success

In July 2017, the National Paper Trade Association (NPTA) established the Emerging Leaders Network; the program launched at PRINT17.

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HST Materials

Midwestern Manufacturing Entrepreneurs Equip Themselves for Growth by Streamlining Their Human Resources

HST Materials founder talks about how hiring the right HR services provider was a game-changer for her manufacturing business

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Inside Sales Staff

The Shift To Inside Sales

How to Attract, Hire, and Retain Inside Sales Talent During The Biggest Hiring Frenzy in History

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Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM)

Manufacturing Sees Big August Jobs Gains

Amid a strong second quarter of economic expansion, the manufacturing sector gained 36,000 jobs in August.

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Steel City Re


Increasing frequency & ferocity of personal attacks makes CEOs’ positions especially tenuous; leaders need new tools to protect themselves.

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