South Carolina Department of Commerce

S.C. Department of Commerce Announces 2017 Industrial Impact Awards

State Celebrates Industry for 26th Year

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Central SC Alliance

Regional Promotion

Central South Carolina Alliance promotes the region’s value as an ideal location for business, economic expansion and job creation.

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State of South Carolina

South Carolina Gets “A’s”

South Carolina is noted for its climate, vacation spots, history and lowcountry cuisine.

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Global Data Sciences

Technology Isn’t Always the Answer to Manufacturing Challenges

Companies need to develop a technology plan to transfer knowledge from one generation to the next to reap the reward technology offers.

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Forbes Insights

How Language Learning Can Impact Your Business

To thrive in today’s business culture, companies need to make sure employees are equipped with the language skills they need to succeed.

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US manufacturing needs a makeover if we’re going to close the skill gap

A 2016 report from the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) takes an interesting look at the changing face of US manufacturing.

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A United Airline-esque Disaster Could Happen At Your Company

You can do all the employee training you want, but not everything that happens in the field is preventable – no matter how good of a CEO you think you are.

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Payrolls Resilient but Wages Dreary

Alan Tonelson covers a wide range of domestic and international policy issues; here he puts his spin on the March manufacturing figures.

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Lessons Learned from Working with World-Leading Brands

Tactical, actionable ways to create smarter, safer and socially responsible organizations to increase efficiency, productivity and profits.

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Randstad Commercial Staffing

Agile Workers: Transforming the Manufacturing and Logistics Business

A Workplace 2025 study shows that agile work arrangements could give workers a greater work-life balance, career options and job security.

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TBM Consulting Group

Building Flexibility in a World of Uncertainty

Here are three ways for manufacturers to improve operational flexibility without letting costs spiral out of control.

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Millennials: Desire For More Employment Perks

The workplace has changed significantly from 30 years ago.

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