Vocational Guidance Services (VGS)

Benefits of Personalized Job Training

Ease the burden of hiring, job training and turnover through inclusive job training partnerships that benefit industry and community.

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Addressing the Impact of Job-Hopping on Industrial Companies

How technology can improve the onboarding and retention of Millennial and Gen Z workers.

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Engaging Frontline Workers

Engaging frontline workers is a priority for managers. Utilizing technology to facilitate safety processes can result in happier employees.

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The Widening Skills Gap

Stirring emotions to shift the cultural bias around skills-based career training in California, and beyond.

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Industries with the Largest Payrolls

LeadMD’s city-by-city analysis of the size and growth of salaries in each industry.

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Gender Pay Gap in 2019

We uncover the top ten jobs with the smallest and largest gender wage gap and provide tips on how you can overcome this obstacle at work.

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ESS: Economizing HR Efficiencies

As companies grow, so does the need to maximize HR efficiencies. Self-service tech can streamline HR processes across organizations.

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Industrial Electricians and Why More Are Needed

A shortage of industrial electricians has seen problems in many industries. Here’s why more are needed to fill the gap.

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Mobility: The Secret to Field Service Excellence

Mobility solutions offer the visibility that enables a seamless service operation by connecting the field and the back office in real-time.

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Unleashing the Power of Productivity for Manufacturers

A new report from Sage reveals how new ways of working can lessen the productivity loss experienced by many US manufacturing companies.

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Combat Workplace Opioid Addiction

Manufacturers are not immune to the effects of the opioid epidemic – here are some solutions available to help combat it.

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4-Day Workweek Boosts Productivity By 40%

What happens when you give employees four-day workweeks with their standard five-day paychecks? Microsoft Japan may have found the answer.

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