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Ford Motor Company

Ford’s Veteran Role

Ford Motor Company and the United States military have enjoyed quite the long-term relationship.

High Risk Markets

The Lessons for Small and Midsized Companies

The SEC sends a "wake up call for small and medium businesses that want to enter into high risk markets." Learn about the implications for your organization.

Puget Sound Regional Council

Washington State’s Aerospace Agenda

The Obama Administration recently named the Puget Sound Region (Seattle metro) as one of the 12 designated Manufacturing Communities, as part of the second phase of the Investment in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) program launched in September 2013.

Lindt & Sprüngli

Taste Maker

The U.S. operations of premium chocolatier Lindt & Sprüngli, more commonly known as Lindt, are expanding, with a new distribution facility in Pennsylvania and a multi-million dollar expansion of its New Hampshire headquarters.

Master Agroindustrial

Prize Pork

Look to pork farming. One of Brazil's names in pig production has introduced its own brand of pork cuts and is biting off a bigger part of the market. Reuben Ford chases the latest from a company with an insatiable…


Top Trailers

Road transportation of goods and cargo is a competitive business in Brazil, but for one of the country's leaders, the client is in the driving seat. Reuben Ford takes a closer look at this trailer and chassis manufacturer that teams…


Brimming with Success

Serac Inc represents a global leader in the design and manufacture of liquid filling and capping machines for a multitude of industries and is a company that has gotten to where it is today by always staying a step ahead…

LEONI Cable Mèxico

Making Connections

LEONI Cable Mèxico is the largest automotive cable manufacturer not only in the Americas, but the world. David Soyka reports on how this subsidiary of a German global conglomerate is growing by making innovative connections that are lighter and better…


Profound Packaging

Serving as a world leader in bag-in-box and pouch packaging for over 50 years, Liqui-Box is a company that has prided itself on delivering innovative, sustainable solutions where ‘less is more.’


Sawmill Success

It's been nearly 90 years since Comact was first founded, but the wood-processing equipment company has recently taken significant strides forward through a flurry of investments and expansions across North America.


Facing the Chicken Challenge

One of Brazil's most dynamic poultry producers breaks boundaries when it comes to growth and investment. Reuben Ford finds out more about accepting and beating the challenge of the competitive chicken industry.


The Vanguard of Steel Fusion

One of Brazil's leaders in production of molten steel and special alloy parts commemorates its 90th anniversary this year - a celebrated history of innovation and industrial intelligence. Reuben Ford investigates the strategy behind sustained success.


Making a Difference

Times may be tough for Brazil's sugar-alcohol sector, but Denusa Destilaria, a pioneering producer of alternative ethanol fuel is fired up for the future.


Heavy Industries Solutions Provider

Fabspec stands as one of North America’s most progressive and dynamic fabricators of specialized equipment for heavy industry. Based in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, Canada, the company recently celebrated its 40th anniversary of efficiently and effectively serving both local and international markets.

ID Logistics

Logistically Peaking

While French-based ID Logistics boasts 14 affiliates on four continents, its biggest moneymaker by far has been its Brazilian operation. CEO Nicolas Derouin explains to Michael Sommers how adapting the company’s global strategies and cutting-edge tech solutions to Brazilian specificities…

PwC Robotics

Disruptive Production

Robots are the new face on the factory floor – silent partners in the pursuit of gaining more productivity for manufacturers. While still held at arm’s length by some, they nonetheless offer a competitive promise, according to the latest PricewaterhouseCoopers…