Magazine Issue July 2018
Dakota State University

MadLabs, Mad Skills – Cyber Futures Rising

Dakota State University has developed into a power-house school of technology-intensive and technology-infused degree programs.

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Top Caribbean Investment Destination

Jamaica’s Attractive Business Climate Boosts Manufacturing

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Engineering a New Phase

To survive, let alone thrive in Brazil’s recent economic crisis, Metodo reinvented itself by adopting a more proactive commercial stance.

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MHI Canada Aerospace

Winging It

MHI Canada Aerospace is the only Tier 1 aerospace in Ontario that builds complete wings and related systems.

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M&M Refrigeration

Controlling Cold

M&M Refrigeration’s aggressive growth strategy has been further enhanced by the company’s recent acquisition by Source Capital.

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REMADE Institute

Material Efficiency for Increased Competitiveness

New technologies are being developed to reuse, remanufacture and recycle metals, paper and fibers, polymers and electronic waste.

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National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS)

The New Decentralized Model of Secure Manufacturing

NCMS and their partners investigate how a blockchain enabled security solution can improve the digital supply chain.

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USSC Group

In the Driver’s Seat

A world-class ergonomic seating company that engineers and manufacturers seats as part of a safety and survivability solution.

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