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Ford Motor Company, S.A. de C.V.

Forever Ford

With 85 years of experience in Mexico, Ford Motor Company, S.A. de C.V. holds the country’s top sales position for trucks and SUVs. Its four manufacturing plants export vehicles to North America and South America. Rachel Hartman looks at this…

Anchor Glass Container Corporation

No Pain in the Glass

There’s a transformation occurring in the packaging industry: a shift from plastics to glass. Anchor Glass Container Corporation is at the vanguard. The Florida-based company – North America’s third-largest glass container manufacturer – produces a diverse line of products. Glass…

Precision Pipeline LLC

Follow the Piper

Precision Pipeline LLC keeps the life-enriching blood flowing, providing the infrastructure that opens the veins and arteries that feed the economy. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally published or scroll down to read the text article.


Beauty & the Best

Is it really possible to build an empire out of nail polish? As Michael Sommers discovers, Brazil’s Mundial, is certainly giving it a try. Not that it needs any lessons in empire building.

CIRCOR Aerospace Group

Re-Gearing the Culture

CIRCOR Aerospace Group designs, manufactures and distributes a range of highly engineered hydraulic controls, electrical controls and subsystems used in aircraft landing gear and other critical aircraft systems. This California-based business soars with a flight plan that combines strategic acquisition,…

CIRCOR Aerospace Group

Re-Gearing the Culture | Industry Today

CIRCOR Aerospace Group designs, manufactures and distributes a range of highly engineered hydraulic controls, electrical controls and subsystems used in aircraft landing gear and other critical aircraft systems. This California-based business soars with a flight plan that combines strategic acquisition,…

Reelcraft Industries, Inc.

Reeling in the Customers

Indiana-based Reelcraft Industries is the world’s largest manufacturer of hose, cord and cable reels. It further distinguishes itself with its commitment to safety and customer service, its focus on efficiencies and details, its global presence, as well as its broad…

MAN Latin America

Transported by Success

When Munich-based MAN Group purchased Volkswagen Trucks and Buses Brasil in 2008, the Brazilian-based company had already built itself into its country’s leading manufacturer of commercial trucks. As Roberto Cortes, president of MAN Latin America tells Michael Sommers, foundations have…

Bombas Leao

Pumping Up the Volume | Industry Today

As it approaches 50 years of trading, Bombas Leão – Brazil’s leading manufacturer of submerged water pumps – continues to prove that it is more than worthy of handling one of the world’s most precious resources. As Reuben Ford discovers,…

American Capital Energy

Stellar Solar Solutions

American Capital Energy is on a mission to ensure a clean energy future for businesses, our nation and the world. The Massachusetts-based enterprise is a leading solar-electric power systems integrator and developer, and it specializes in large-scale projects. Further, with…

Diamond Products

Lapidarian Excellence

Ohio-based Diamond Products is no diamond in the rough. Its attributes are quite apparent and profound. The company is a North American jewel when it comes to diamond blades, saws and core rigs and bits, reports Dan Harvey.

Designer Doors

Harmonic Construction

For more than 20 years, Designer Doors, Inc. has been the market leader in custom wood garage doors, entry doors, shutters and gates. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally published or scroll down to read the…

Chemetall US

Good Chemistry

Chemetall’s aerospace division, one part of a global corporation, is a high-flying enterprise. Success comes from talent and innovative products (specialty chemicals that meet the needs of major industry players). Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally…

Coen Company, Inc.

Flame Keepers

Raising its torch high, Coen Company provides the flame that fuels its customers’ fiery ambitions. The company turns an elemental force of nature into a clean, reliable source of energy.

Exiss Aluminum Trailers

Leading by Trailing

As an independent business unit of the universal trailer corporation, Exiss Aluminum Trailers, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of innovatively designed aluminum horse, livestock and car trailers noted for innovative design. David Soyka reports on how this Midwestern company has…

Kaba Access Control

Locked in By Locking Out

Kaba Access Control’s name clearly indicates its purpose and value. Its technologically advanced products restrict access at entry points to only authorized individuals. For customers that require optimal levels of security and safety, Kaba provides the necessary solutions. Dan Harvey…

Industria Metalurgica Frum

Braking New Ground

Indústria Metalúrgica Frum Ltda is one of Brazil’s leading manufacturers of brake systems for heavy-duty vehicles. As the company fast approaches 60 years of business, its progress and success show no signs of slowing down. Reuben Ford takes a closer…

Hudson Products Corporation

Cool Exchange

Hudson Products Corporation designs and manufactures air-cooled heat exchanger equipment and axial flow fans for the oil, gas, petrochemical and power generation industries. David Soyka reports on how this Texas company has kept its cool during challenging economic times.


Furnishing Brazil

With more than 44 years of experience in the Brazilian houseware market, Grupo Gazin is one of the country’s top retail chains. Browsing through the company’s extensive catalogue, Helen Larkin finds out how Gazin is furnishing the market with outstanding…


The Big Chill

In 1949, just as the baby-boom exploded, GEA FES Inc. came into existence to address the nation’s new needs related to industrial refrigeration. Today, it engineers, manufactures and services industrial and commercial equipment not just in the United States but…

Milsco Manufacturing

Easy Rider

If Milsco Manufacturing is anything, it’s versatile. Milsco designs and produces seating solutions for the motorcycle, power sports, agricultural, construction, marine recreation, turf care, industrial lift, golf cart and mobility markets. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as…


Mining Opportunity

As a South American distributor of heavy equipment for sale and rental, Marcosa is the exclusive Caterpillar dealer for the rapidly growing economic hub of northeast Brazil. David Soyka reports on Marcosa’s promising long-term prospects in a minerals-rich country that’s…


Steadfast Supplier

Since 1978, Brazil’s Mecan, part of Grupo Orguel, has paved the path in supplying Latin America’s giants in construction with state-of-the-art solutions in equipment manufacture and rentals. As the Brazilian construction sector has grown by leaps and bounds in recent…

Kostal North America

Driven Enterprise

Remember that television show “Knight Rider,” where the car talked to the driver? The innovative Kostal Group is bringing a 1980s entertainment concept closer to 21st century reality. Further, it has advanced its mission by establishing outposts throughout the world.…


Access Granted

Brazil’s leading manufacturer of automatic door mechanisms, PPA – Motoppar, has made secure and easy access its business. With electronic technology that lets the right people in and keeps unwanted visitors out, PPA is fast becoming a household name in…

Vallen Proveedora Industrial

Vallen Proveedora Industrial | Industry Today

For the past 25 years, Vallen Proveedora Industrial, a distributor of industrial safety products, has brought top quality to the Mexican market. With a client list that includes well-known international companies, Vallen Proveedora Industrial follows its principles of putting customers…

Heil Trailer International

Long Distance Haul

By going the “extra mile” for its customers, Heil Trailer International has created for itself a global highway. Combine product excellence with a strong customer support and you have a road that goes ever on. Dan Harvey describes a company…


Sustainable Styrofoam

Brazil’s pioneer in the manufacturing of styrofoam products, Termotécnica is the largest transformer of EPS in South America. Michael Sommers spoke with company President Albano Schmidt about new applications, new markets, and an ambitious recycling program that promises to revolutionize…


Silos, Trucks & More

With more than 40 years of experience, Silos y Camiones S.A. de C.V. (SYCSA) offers turnkey solutions that include transportation equipment and bulk storage units for clients in a wide range of industries. Rachel Hartman reports on this Mexican company’s…

SML Stainless Steel Group

Tasteful Finish

SML Stainless Steel Group supplies OEM and institutional foodservice equipment as well as high-end customized kitchens. A new division, La Garde, manufactures a unique family of handmade stainless steel wine tanks that combine high technology with traditional artisan values. David…

The International Air Cargo Association

Risk Reduction Needn’t Disrupt Commerce

With international concerns about terrorism, air cargo security has become increasingly important. The International Cargo Association (TIACA) acknowledges that newly placed security protocols are necessary. At the same time TIACA believes these protocols must not slow down an industry that…

National Association of Manufacturers

Maintaining Momentum

Manufacturing entered 2011 on a bright note – hiring was up and the sector received support from the Oval Office. Take action to spur competitiveness, urges the national association of manufacturers’ new President and Chief Executive Officer.


Ever-Expanding Enterprise

Kimberly-Clark’s success is nothing to sneeze at. But if you feel you must, you’ll most likely reach for one of its products (Kleenex). Rodney Olsen, vice president of finance for Kimberly-Clark International (KCI), discussed with industry today Editor Dan Harvey…

Egemin Automation Inc.

Guiding Automation

Automated guided vehicle systems, commonly called AGVS, once seemed like a fantasy described in an H.G. Wells novel. Today it’s becoming commonplace, thanks to Egemin Automation Inc. For almost 40 years, the Michigan-based company pioneered development and deployment. Efficient and…

Crisis Management

Crisis: The Ultimate Refiner’s Fire

If not handled in appropriate fashion, a crisis can burn down a business faster than Mrs. O’leary’s cow destroyed “Old Chicago.” Davia Temin, who consults with companies on crisis management, offers her observations on the most effective strategies designed to…

New World Yachts

Exploring New Worlds

New World Yachts designs and builds world class, custom motor yachts that combine classic elegance with modern innovation. David Soyka ships aboard to discover how this exclusive shipyard has revitalized not only naval architecture, but also the northwest Washington area…

Ernesto Woebcke

Set in Concrete

A construction company that specializes in the building of complex concrete industrial buildings and structures, Ernesto Woebcke has already consolidated its presence in the marketplace of Brazil’s southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul. Now, as Michael Sommers discovers, armed…

Jore Corporation

New Twist

In the early 1970s rock guitarist/vocalist Joe Walsh sang, “The Rocky Mountain way is better than the way we had.” The lyrics foreshadowed what happened with Jore Corporation and its industrial division – a successful expansion of capabilities and market…

Veracel Cellulose

Paper Models

Considered one of the world’s most advanced cellulose producers, Brazil-based Veracel Cellulose S/A is an example in its sector. With commitment that goes beyond high quality pulp fiber, the company surpasses all expectations as a model to others in the…

Picard Ovens, Inc.

Igniting Productivity

Picard Ovens has lit a flame beneath itself and its customers. An innovative enterprise, the Canadian-based manufacturer is fired up about increasing its customers’ productivity and profits. As the company likes to say, it puts so much into its ovens…

Trend Technologies de Mexico

Leading Trends

Since 2000, Trend Technologies de México, a company that manufactures metal and plastic components and enclosures for various industries, has carried out operations in Guadalajara, Mexico. Rachel Hartman looks inside this growing company, where excellence and quality reign supreme.

Grupo IG

Transforming Energy | Industry Today

With more than 70 years of experience Grupo IG, a Mexican company based in the city of Irapuato, produces high quality, innovative transformers for Mexico and beyond. Rachel Hartman looks at this leading company and its hard-earned reputation as a…

Liberty Associates

Brand Launch

Liberty Associates is the North Carolina-based holding company for four well-recognized boat brands – Fountain Powerboats, Donzi Marine, Pro-Line Boats and the newly reintroduced Baja. David Soyka gets on board to report on how this company is ramping up production…

Chinese Steel Industry

State Power to Dominate Global Steel Industry

Let’s stick a pin in the reform myth balloon. Despite WTO commitments, China seeks to increase both ownership and control of the global steel industry. This end run around established agreements calls for a new strategy. The United States, the…

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