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Trading Routes

Bush Administration Quietly Advances NAFTA Superhighway Plans – From Canada to Mexico, Superhighway Deals Are Being Signed.


China Versus North America:

The wheels of commerce, rolling along the proposed ‘NAFTA Highway,’ could end up flattening NAFTA and any continental integration.

Voss Graham

Shared Leadership

Interdependence among ‘team’ players is key to long-term success.

J. Michael Rudd

Increasing Profitability:

How to make the most for your company.

Marjorie Young

The Right Insurance

There are two kinds of insurance manufacturers should know about.

American Association of Port Authorities

A Mounting Crisis

U.S. Freight Congestion Must Be Addressed Immediately.

McKinsey & Company

Bringing Best Practice To China

As the country merges into the world economy, best practice in China will become best practice globally, products developed in China will become global products, and industrial processes developed in China will become global processes.

Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce

Mobile Bay: On The Water; On The Move

Many changes taking place on Mobile’s economic landscape.

Pew Center on Global Climate Change

A Climate Of Change

Manufacturing must rise to the risks and opportunities of global warming.

Integra Logistics

Logistics Innovations

Integra Logistics LLC isn’t interested in offering standard solutions to supply-chain problems. Focusing instead on innovation, the Alpharetta, Ga.-headquartered company has experienced explosive growth in its four-year history and earnered major U.S. accounts. Dan Harvey explains how its differentiated, technology-based…


Climate Controls

The heating and cooling systems of the future won't use noisy, humid air as a means to control the indoor climate. Instead, new systems will take advantage of efficient, clean hydronic technology using naturally cooled and heated water and air…

Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico SA de CV

Happy Landings

When it privatized its airports in 1998, Mexico created the biggest airport operating group in the Americas, Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico. It was a bold experiment, and with air traffic increasing and President Calderón promising infrastructure development, it just might…

Engineered Material Handling

Uplifting Results

A full-service manufacturer, designer and distributor of overhead cranes and hoists, EMH, Inc. is one of the industry’s best-kept secrets. Pat Whiteman tells us why.

Rinaldi SA Indústria de Pneumáticos

Gaining Major Traction

Although Rinaldi has been in operation for close to four decades, Brazil’s leading two-wheel tire manufacturer only recently shifted gears and decided to focus primarily on the motorcycle market. Michael Sommers looks at how this strategy has allowed the company…

Sociedade Nordestina de Construções S/A - NORCON

Home Improvement

A 50-year-old construction firm from the small Northeastern state of Sergipe, Norcon has become a national Presence when it comes to innovation in the civil construction sector. Michael Sommers talks to vice president Tarcisio Mesquita Teixeira to find out how…

Advanced Motion Controls

In Motion

Founded by two ambitious entrepreneurs in 1987, Advanced Motion Controls rapidly evolved from a modest startup to a world-class servo drive manufacturer. Dan Harvey examines how the California-based company became a major global player.

A. Guerra Implementos Rodoviarios

Succcess In Tow

In a country where 75 percent of all products are transported by truck, A. Guerra has grown into one of Brazil’s largest makers of transport trailers and tanks, with solutions to fit a variety of transport needs. Christopher Van Buren…


Technology Driven

Brazil’s commitment to ethanol fuel technologies has made the country nearly 100 percent fuel self-sufficient, and inspired a number of products and solutions for hybrid-fuel vehicles. In the area of mixed-fuel sensors and gauges, Indebras measures up as an international…

C&M Corporation

Keeping Connected

In business for 42 years, C&M Corporation designs and manufactures comprehensive cable solutions for customers in a broad range of industries. The Connecticut-based company offers customized cables and cords as well as cable assemblies that meet clients’ requirements from beginning…

Peninsular Cylinder Co.

Running On All Cylinders

Ever since it pulled itself back from near bankruptcy, everything has been coming up roses for the Roseville, Mich.-based Peninsular Cylinder Company. After expanding its customer base beyond one industrial sector, the company has experienced steadily increasing revenues, Dan Harvey…

Schaefer Systems International, Inc.

Changing Spaces

With sophisticated automation systems and innovative warehousing concepts, Schaefer Systems International Inc., the North American subsidiary of the global SSI Schaefer group, is changing the way companies store and distribute their products. Dan Harvey reviews how the North Carolina-based organization…

Schulz S/A

A Brazilian Global Player

How has a small foundry set up in 1963 become the largest producer of air compressors in Latin America and one of the major suppliers of cast iron auto parts? Christopher Van Buren uncovers the story behind Brazilian Schulz S.A.

Termomecanica Sao Paulo S.A.

The Big Mix

One of Brazil's biggest private industries, Termomecanica is also the country's leading manufacturer of semi-finished and finished products made from non-ferrous metals. Michael Sommers discovers how the company has made it to the top by offering an incomparably wide selection…

Contern Construções e Comércio Ltda.

Building Bridges

Contern has built a name on finding better and cheaper solutions for construction projects ranging from industrial plants to bridges and roads. Christopher Langner builds the story.

DSM Nutricional Products Mexico SA de CV

Best Nutrition

For 60 years, DSM Nutritional Products has been supplying vitamins, carotenoids and other chemicals to support the livestock and pet industry. Lorie Greenspan discovers how the company is making animals, people and the planet healthier.

Columbia Lighting

Changing The Lights

Columbia Lighting is a longstanding North American manufacturer of energy-efficient fluorescent illumination systems for commercial and industrial applications. David Soyka sheds light on this company’s brilliant strategy to reintroduce its product line as solutions that not only generate cost savings…

Boehringer Ingelheim SA de CV

Good Medicine

When it comes to the production of pharmaceuticals for distribution to North America, Boehringer Ingelheim has it all: FDA-approved facilities, cutting edge technology and the perfect strategic location for distribution to the NAFTA region. Christopher Van Buren tells how the…

Deer Valley Corp.

Go Modular

Deer Valley Corporation is a vibrant young company with an aggressive management team whose collective experience spans decades in the manufactured housing industry. Lorie Greenspan profiles the company that has, since it’s inception in 2004, set a new industry standard.

Livingston & Haven

Solutions Catalyst

Livingston & Haven, the North Carolina-based technical service provider, is driven to help customers succeed by providing innovative solutions that enhance productivity. But that’s only a component of its ultimate goal. L&H is out to ensure the long-term viability of…


Resources Renewed

Croda of Brazil, the local business unit of the global Croda company, manufactures cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial specialty raw materials and vegetable oils under the Crodamazon trade name using oils and derivatives processed from renewable resources in the Amazon rainforest.…

MRV Engenharia

Building In Balance

Riding the wave of the high-growth housing market in Brazil is not always about building in quantity. For MRV Engenharia, it’s about balance. Christopher Van Buren shows how this housing developer is creating better options for its customers.

Allmand Bros., Inc.

Up In Lights

No, Allmand Brothers Inc. is not a band note the spelling but its lighting products truly rock. The Holdrege, Neb.-based company was the first to manufacture and market lighting towers for the construction industry. Through the years, its innovative technology…

Lafex SA de CV

Awash In Profits

Mexican synthetic washbasin provider Lafex S.A. de C.V. sees strategic supplier and customer relationships as the key to survival and growth in the face of cheap Asian imports, as Paul Harris reports

Mundial S/A Produtos de Consumo

Beauty For Everyone

Mundial SA has been providing the consumer with myriad household essentials for more than a century and today retains its position as a leading brand, as Lorie Greenspan discovers.

American Biltrite

Rubber Soul

Founded in 1908, American Biltrite (Canada) Ltd. creates and sells the highest quality rubber products for industrial and flooring applications. First serving the Canadian footwear industry with firm soles and heels, the company evolved into an innovative North American manufacturer…

Lord Ind. Com. Embalagens Plásticas

Recycling Power

Lord’s ingenious idea of using industrial plastic scrap as raw material for its products marked a new standard for recycling in the 1970s. Lord Embalagens Plásticas is now one of the biggest companies in the production of films and flexible…

Omnilife Manufactura SA de CV

To the Good Life

Omnilife, a Mexican company that manufactures nutritional supplements, is all over the world, with its products available in 20 different countries. Now with plans to move into even bigger markets, Omnilife has invested $60 million in a brand new manufacturing…

WorldSpan Marine Inc.

Ship Shape Strategy

By acquiring two of the Pacific Northwest’s premier yacht builders (Queenship Marine Industries and Crescent Custom Yachts), WorldSpan Marine Inc. is realizing a corporate goal to effectively and profitably manage the construction and marketing of the highest quality sea-going vessels.…

Piper Aircraft Company

Jet Propulsion

In business for 70 years, Piper Aircraft, Inc. has designed, developed and manufactured planes for every kind of General Aviation mission. Now the company is preparing to soar to new heights by crossing into the jet market. Dan Harvey reports…

Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Inc.

Quality Assured

Mettler-Toledo Safeline is the worldwide equipment and service leader in contaminant detection and quality assurance for the food and pharmaceutical industries. David Soyka takes a penetrating look into these specialized metal detection and X-ray inspection products offered by this global…

Wilden Pump & Engineering LLC

Power Behind The Process

Known for its highly adaptable and wide range of pumps, Wilden is a market leader in air-operated double-diaphragm pumps. As Pat Whiteman learned, the innovative company makes intense efforts to create new technology, listen to market dynamics and solve its…

Guarany Indústria e Comércio Ltda.

Friends Of The Forest

With over 80 years of activity and exporting to more than 50 countries, Guarany Industria e Comércio, makers of several products organized in four divisions, looks to international partnerships for its own future and that of the world. Christopher Van…

Construtora Lider Ltda.

Constructive Strategies

Having built over 12,000 real estate units - which adds up to the impressive total of 27 million square feet - the Lider Group has certainly left its imprint on Brazil’s civil construction market. Michael Sommers talked to executive director…

Cemar S.A.

Electric Dynamo

Not content to make high quality electrical components, Brazil’s Cemar takes great care to make sure that these can be easily installed as well. As it commemorates a quarter century in the Brazilian marketplace, Michael Sommers speaks with founder and…

Honda de Mexico SA de CV

Driving Profits

Automobile and motorcycle producer Honda Mexico S.A. de C.V. aims to double local sales as it reconfigures production to produce SUVs in response to market demand, as Paul Harris reports.

Virginia Transformer Corp.

Virginia Transformer Corp. | Industry Today

Virginia Transformer Corporation custom engineers dry-type and liquid-filled power transformers from three North American facilities. David Soyka reports on how this company powers sales through technical expertise and quality processes to solve problems with made-to-order applications.

Medina Torres SA de CV

Worldwide Leather

Since its suitably humble beginnings as a project by a 15-year-old boy, Medina Torres S.A. de C.V. has grown to become one of Mexico’s worldwide exporters of leather goods. With the lessons learned from the 1994 financial crisis, Medina Torres…

American River International

American River International | Industry Today

For 26 years, American River International (ARI) has provided comprehensive import/export management and consulting for corporations working with a global supply chain. In recent years, the company has increased its focus on compliance and security issues in the post-9/11 world.…

Grupo Peosa

Packaged Solutions

Mexican packaging supplier Grupo Peosa aims to continue investing in state-or-the-art technology to continue capturing market share and ensure that consumer goods produced in Mexico are the best dressed on the shelf, as Paul Harris reports.

Tuberia Laguna SA de CV

Pipe Dreams

From water to oil, TUBERÍA LAGUNA S.A. de C.V. makes the pipes that move Mexico’s liquids under high pressure. Founded in 1967, the company produces a third of the local carbon steel pipe market. Peter Krupa reports on TUBERÍA LAGUNA’s…

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)

Strong action needed with China

China must expand its safety and inspection programs, close factories not meeting standards and do significantly more at its borders to ensure that its exports are safe.

Krause Corporation

New Crop Of Ideas

Krause Corporation is one of the premier manufacturers and marketers of soil management and grain drill equipment in the world.

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