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Association of Manufacturing Excellence (AME)

The Good, The Bad and The Unknown

Manufacturing is back, led by the recent trend of reshoring jobs that were sent overseas not too long ago. Nevertheless, hold off on breaking out the party balloons and streamers, advise a pair of industry veterans from the Association of…

National Association of Manufacturers

More Trade Means More Jobs and Growth

The ability to negotiate and implement strong free trade agreements is one of the most important tools that the United States has at its disposal to promote expanded trade opportunities for manufacturers. Such free trade agreements eliminate tariffs and other…

Haulotte North America

How Does Haulotte Provide Clients a Safe Lift?

Through innovative aerial work platforms, as well as advancements in X-Boom, telescopic booms, and scissor technology – that’s how. Further, the Ohio-based operation supports its French-based parent company by solidifying its position in North America, reports Dan Harvey.

Grupo Imperial

Squeezing Profits Out of Juice

One of the largest beverage manufacturers in Brazil, Grupo Imperial was the first company in the state of Goiás to begin producing soft drinks. Forty years later, president Maurício Mercado discusses with Michael Sommers his plans to go full juice…

Invensys Controls

Global Appliance Solution

This leading supplier of refrigeration and systems for appliances boosts its operations in Brazil and increases synergies with global locations to boost sales. Sales director Fernando Ribas Ferreira speaks to Reuben Ford about the company’s strategy for success.


How Does Telephonics Play a Role in Maritime Security?

Founded in 1933 as a manufacturer and supplier of audio headsets and microphones, Telephonics celebrates its 80th anniversary in December of this year. To relate how Telephonics has been able to stay at the forefront of radar and communication technology,…

South Carolina

Beast of the Southeast

Officials say they remember the days when South Carolina was a champion at making textiles and not much else. How times have changed. From automotive to aerospace to energy, and nearly everything in-between, the Palmetto State now has a wardrobe…

SMR Automotive

Reflective Energy

SMR, headquartered in Germany, is one of the biggest manufacturers of exterior automotive mirrors on the planet. Join Lorie Greenspan as she takes a look from all sides of the company’s $40 million expansion that will enable it to make…


How High is Up?

For Tractel in North America dimensions height are unlimited. If anything – or anyone – needs to be lifted or moved, Tractel Group® provides product. No matter how construction grows, or how high a project goes, the company offers a…

Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA)

Manufacturing on Our Minds

October 4 was Manufacturing Day, a nationwide celebration that had hundreds of manufacturers swing open their doors to tackle the misconceptions that continue to plague their industry. Thousands of local students, parents, teachers, and politicians did not see what they…

My Grandma's of New England

Not Your Typical Coffee Cake

When most people think of coffee cake, they envision a highly processed food snack wrapped in cellophane, labeled “coffee cake,” and available on convenience store or supermarket racks. But for Massachusetts-headquartered My Grandma’s of New England – a producer of…


How Does Trulife Help People Reach Their Potential?

Trulife manufactures breast forms, orthotics, prosthetics, operating room pads and supports, wheelchair cushions, and related accessories that support or supplant human body parts. David Soyka reports on how this company creates, manufactures, markets, and distributes worldwide niche healthcare products that…

UOP Callidus

How UOP Callidus Reduced Toxic Emissions

Success has come through advanced R&D capabilities, talented engineering teams, and beneficial mergers. Indeed, the Oklahoma-based company has set new standards with its equipment. Dan Harvey reports on this innovative, environmentally friendly enterprise that continually expands the possibilities related to…


How is Levorin Inflating the Tire Industry?

This Brazilian tire manufacturer invests in top technology and greater infrastructure, proving to the market there is quality, reliability and durability outside famous brands. Reuben Ford gets to grips with an interesting and attractive alternative.


Making the Aircraft Industry Soar

Boeing has been doing it for more than a century - innovating, creating and setting forth from the ground to the air one of the most legendary aircraft ever built. Lorie Greenspan takes off in the Next Generation 737s to…

Colt’s Manufacturing Company

Polishing its Brand

The legendary maker of the revolver that won the West is winning back loyal customers and re-establishing its brand. David Soyka reports on how Colt’s Manufacturing Company aims to be today’s sidearm of choice for sport and personal protection.


Stepping up Investment in Brazil

This industry leader in brake systems invests $50 million in a new state-of-the-art factory in Brazil as part of $325-million global plans to expand growing markets. Reuben Ford reports.

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