Volume 13 | Issue 1 | Year 2010

Providing mechanical and electrical solutions for the construction industry involves complicated processes, products and services. However, it is a market that Teckma Engenharia has mastered. “Our business activities are pretty complex. We must mold every contract to fit the business of our clients, and in order to do this we need to have a deep understanding of their philosophies and processes,” explains CEO Fábio Barione. With more than 300 successful projects under its belt, and an impressive client list that includes the likes of Siemens, Thyssenkrupp, Petrobras (the national oil company) and the Brazilian National Steel Company (CSN), Teckma’s understanding is a proven success.
As further proof of this Barione points to the technology center of worldwide leading producer of engine components Mahle, in the city of Jundiaí. The project, which was designed by Roberto Loeb and built by Rational included electrical, hydraulic and mechanical installations all manufactured and supplied by Teckma. “The center is a showcase for our equipment, and demanded a high level of quality, especially with the soldering work and maintenance that we also carry out,” he says. The center is an example of excellence in the automobile sector, including 10 liquid- and gas-fuel filling stations, air conditioning systems that eliminate harmful gases, explosion resistant chambers and fire safety and detection equipment.

In Rio de Janeiro, Teckma was also responsible for the fire safety systems at the Atlantic Steel Company (CSA). This project involved assembling electrical alarm circuits and piping, as well as supplying all the raw materials for their production. In excess of 35,000 meters of carbon steel tubing, 3,000 sprinklers and 10,000 external electrical wiring systems were installed at the plant.

When International Paper (Voith Siemens) constructed its new facility in Três Lagoas, Minas Gerais state, Teckma was contracted to provide 95 percent of the electrical engineering services, installing 500 BT and MT electric motors with a potential of up to 15 MVA and 1,200 outlets.

The list of successful projects and variety of electrical and mechanical engineering services is endless, and Teckma continues to embrace new projects with powerful determination. In 2001, the company’s volume of contracts was around $1 million. This figure rose to $22 million in 2006, and again to $38 million in 2007. Last year, when it was also named the best electrical engineering company in Brazil by a leading industry magazine, Teckma reported annual revenue of almost $55 million, and 100 active private contracts.

The company has been carefully steered through a market of pitfalls to arrive at the enormous success that it enjoys today. “There is a distinct lack of investment in our industry sector in Brazil, which does not reflect the needs of the country and we need to be extremely careful when planning the future,” says Barione. The engineer founded Teckma with a partner in 1992 when he was 23. With experience in electronics and electrical engineering, the two initially focused the efforts of the company on industrial assembly projects for local authorities. Becoming sole owner of the company in 1999, Barione redirected Teckma towards large scale industrial and commercial contracts, such as those of the pharmaceutical and steel industries. “It was really after chasing and securing big contracts that we started to grow significantly,” he confirms.

Each contract required different skills and applications, and the portfolio of clients grew. Following the successful installation of an effluent treatment station at Klabin, a paper manufacturer, Teckma was recognized in the sector, and subsequently won contracts such as the International Paper plant.

From this point, the company showed no signs of holding back and today, as well as implanting and executing electrical engineering projects, Teckma operates in a variety of other areas such as tooling, mechanical engineering and energy generation, for the chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, steel, paper and cellulose and commercial and residential construction industries.

One of the secrets of its success has been the Sisteckma internal management system that consolidates all of the information about the projects on one database. “Is is important for us to have all of the information regarding all of our contracts at our fingertips: the phases that have been completed, deadlines, suppliers, operators, materials and cost projections,” Barione explains. “The system, which operates in real time, is a resource reminding the team that every day we need to innovate and look for new solutions for existing processes.” The team he refers to comprises 800 employees (including 90 engineers).

Recently Teckma inaugurated its new headquarters, a sustainable and modern building. In his speech at the inauguration, Barione said that Teckma is prepared to assume responsibility to help build Brazil and urged other companies to become aware of the need to adapt new attitudes for the country’s new place in the world.

Teckma’s main facility is in the Mooca neighborhood of industrial capital São Paulo. Offering a complete administrative and technological structure, the 4,000-square-meter plant represents the advanced and transparent company culture through its exposed machinery and open-style architecture. Teckma also has a branch in Salvador to serve the Northeast of Brazil and a network of trade offices around the country.

The production technology varies greatly according to the project. Different materials require differing degrees of soldering, and Teckma uses laser machinery to level equipment and specialized apparatus for measuring the oscillating frequency of raw materials, which assesses their suitability for projects. Tubes and installations are prefabricated in the pipe shop at the factory, creating spools (ready mounted parts). These are packaged and labeled before delivery to the client, so that the main offices have a clear record of supply and development of the contracts. “Sometimes we prefabricate up to 90 percent of tubing before sending to the construction site,” says Barione.

The projects are designed and decided together with the client, so that priorities can be established and actions synchronized. Once the complete project has been agreed, Teckma uses a method called EAP, which produces a structural analysis report to regulate the development and control of the work. Weekly objectives are set and passed on to teams and are an essential part of timely and effective execution.

In addition to its existing business areas, Teckma has recently created a support center, the purpose of which is to provide backup assistance for all of the company’s projects. The primary responsibility of the center is to solve problems that could hinder the progress and timescale of the work. “This is one of the most innovative aspects of our company, because when a problem arises on site the engineer present does not need to divert his attention to it as he knows the center will look for the best technological solution,” says Barione. The new support system increases the speed and mobility of the company: the project is never stopped and everyone involved feels more secure with regards to time restraints.

Another important reason for the punctual completion and quality of projects is the staff. Certified ISO 9000:2000 (in the area of assembly, installations, projects and management of construction sites), Teckma’s internal practices are constantly adapted to improvements in methods and conditions. These include study grants for employees, internal training courses and investment in new software.

Careful planning and business development has resulted in a growing number of clients counting on Teckma Engenharia’s products and services. In its broad range electrical and mechanical engineering projects the company has proven that the variety of skills and components are best unified by its methodical approach that prioritizes quality, efficiency, punctuality and progress.

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