June 18, 2019

Individuals, families, and organizations are raving about it, its importance and significance in this stream of time cannot be overemphasized, and its long-term benefits will always be evergreen: SAVINGS. With the prices of groceries and other basic commodities like food and gas ever on the rise especially in developed countries like the USA, saving seems to be the easiest way to combat this common foe.

No one needs to start preaching it that saving up money can help one cope with rainy days and difficult times. Apart from that, time and unforeseen occurrence can impose the need for urgent funds. But in a bid to save, some actually make some common mistakes that can be counterproductive to their intentions.

In this article, we will examine some common mistakes some people make while trying to save up money.

Total Stop to Expenses

They say drastic measures are necessary for drastic times, hence some people stop spending totally just because they feel it will make the savings boost up faster. While that may be true to an extent, its long-term effects can actually result in making more spending than normal.

For example, failure to do a normal routine check on your vehicle can eventually make the vehicle breakdown and develop various faults, faults that may later require you to spend heavily, more than you actually would have spent if the routine checks were taken seriously.

Going For Quantity over Quality

It is a known fact that the same amount of money will buy more cheap materials than original materials. But buying cheap materials in most cases comes with a price. The price is always in terms of quality as those cheap materials may not last longer than a few months or a year at most- no matter how much you maintain it.

Running Away From Loans

When some people think about Loans, they always assume paying back has to be a painful thing. They imagine dropping some sort of collateral and they keep toiling until they can pay back the loan. But even if you are saving money, there are still some basic things you need to spend on, and some of it can require large capital, especially for institutions.

What if you can get a loan without having to worry about collateral? What if you can get some funds that will help you execute that project and payment can be spread out in a way that will be convenient for your company to pay back, while not sabotaging your efforts to save up? At Axo Finans, you can get the best deals on such loans.

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The Danger of Self Denial

Some also assume that they can’t save until they deny themselves in some sort of form. They may resort to eating very little, not wearing good clothes, and other things they have enjoyed for a long time. They have a saying, that ‘pain is liberation’. Like earlier opined, saving doesn’t have to be a painful process.

Even though lifestyle changes in actually necessary if one is to save a significant sum of money, what needs to be done is not deprive yourself of all the things you were used to enjoying. You can sit down and come up with some money saving methods, which in turn must be incorporated into your current lifestyle. You can decide to buy things at a wholesale store where quality will not be jeopardized, yet you save some funds. This method is way better than changing the overall lifestyle and be looking pitiable.


Yes, with the ever-rising prices of commodities, with the inflation permeating the current market, you can still save and at the same time enjoy the comforts of life. Avoid these common mistakes and you will find that your money-saving strategy will be well worth it.

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