Digital Technology Innovations Converge to Transform MRO

MRO modernization is fueled by innovations in digital integration, 3D modeling and printing, IoT, UAVs, robotics, analytics, and AR.

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Intelenet Global Services

Automation is disrupting the travel sector and easing the pain of your travel disruptions

Bhupender Singh, CEO of Intelenet Global Services, expands on the innovative technologies that travel providers are deploying to boost customer experience.

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Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)

Blazing a Trail for Smarter, More Agile Automation

Researchers at the Southwest Research Institute have spent nearly three decades developing software to make industrial robots smarter.

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Beyond Lighting

The true power of a building’s light system has yet to be unlocked. Light has been around as long as the human race and in the future it will be an integral extension of the buildings management system.

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IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Updated to Reflect 2017-2018 ICAO Technical Instructions

Businesses need and want predictability – particularly when it comes to government regulations. So the fact that ICAO updates its Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods every two years is both a blessing and a curse. A…

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Thales Canada

The Right Signals

From its strategic position on the digital edge, Thales Canada is ideally situated to offer not just technology and products for transportation, aerospace, defence, and security markets, but also to help change mindsets and cultures. President and CEO, Mark Halinaty,…

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MAAS Aviation

Where Finish Comes First

After 30 years of building its reputation as a quality aircraft painting company, MAAS Aviation is poised to take off on both sides of the Atlantic. Michael Sommers spoke to Gerry Prizeman, VP of marketing and communications, about the European…

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Rapid-fire Success for GRESSET

GRESSET AND ASSOCIATES fulfills the requirements of the aerospace industry with ESPRIT CAM software.

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Pierce County, Washington, helping to keep aviation industry aloft

Modern airplanes are wonders of engineering. They are highly complex and require the skill of many different disciplines to construct. Building a plane takes a talented, dedicated group of people.

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Steeling for the Future

Valbruna Slater Stainless Inc., a subsidiary of Italy-based Valbruna Group, makes specialty stainless steel and nickel alloy bars in a variety of shapes for North American manufacturers in a range of industrial sectors that include automotive, medical, aerospace and oil…

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Enjoy the View

Depending on where you are, the view from a Bombardier CS100 or CS300 Series looks toward a horizon layered with possibilities, whether you are in control of a cockpit filled with the latest technological brilliance in aircraft maneuverability or seated…

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Astrotech Corporation

Mission Controls

Lockheed Martin’s Astrotech Space Operations located on Florida’s famous Space Coast has helped to launch spacecraft missions that include Juno, currently orbiting Jupiter, and the future Orion, the newest technology for the next generation of deep space exploration. Lorie Greenspan…

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