Wiley Rein International Trade Practice

Navigating “Buy American” under President Trump: Opportunities and Pitfalls for U.S. Manufacturers

On the campaign trail, President Trump promised that if elected, his administration would ensure that “we start using American steel for American infrastructure.”

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Trump’s Real China Currency Blunder

What was worse about President Trump's decision to let China off the currency manipulator hook (for now) was its geopolitical rationale.

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JKJ & H International

It’s Complicated When Foreign Companies Come To The US

Biz Is Different In The U.S. Than Anywhere Else – JKJ&H Int’l Knows It & Eases Risk

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TBM Consulting Group

Building Flexibility in a World of Uncertainty

Here are three ways for manufacturers to improve operational flexibility without letting costs spiral out of control.

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BDO Capital Advisors, LLC

Manufacturing M&A to Move from Jitters to Jolts in 2017

Economic and election jitters slowed M&A activity in 2016, but most indicators suggest a renewed uptrend in manufacturing sector transaction activity this year.

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ComplyRight Distribution Services

Will the Affordable Care Act Be Repealed? IRS Reporting Is Still Required … for Now

With the new Republican administration vowing to gut the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the future seems uncertain.

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Davis-Bacon: Empowering Communities and Careers in America

Davis-Bacon and prevailing wage laws have had astounding results since their inception.

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Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF)

Trading with Mexico & China

ITIF Economic Policy Analyst Adams Nager argues that while Mexico and China frequently are labeled as scapegoats for U.S. manufacturing decline, losing a job to China is much more damaging for the U.S. than losing a job to Mexico.

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Bennett Thrasher LLP

Businesses Are Still at Risk with Their 2016 Tax Returns

US businesses preparing to file their 2016 income tax returns should be aware of the changes to various requirements and tax breaks that may apply to their upcoming filings. As in most election years, there were no dramatic income tax…

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CEOs Beware: Ignore Trump at Your Own Risk

Carrier, Boeing, GM, Lockheed Martin, and Toyota have all been on the receiving end of Trump’s twitter attacks.

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How are employees and managers feeling about their jobs and career prospects under the new administration?

Recent surveys of managers and employees offer some eye-opening answers and reveal a broad split in post-election workplace sentiments.

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King & Spalding

Trade and Trump: What to Expect from the Unexpected

Anxious companies and governments around the world are trying to guess how President-elect Donald J. Trump will translate his election rhetoric into reality on the issue of trade.

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