Will Trump Take Ford’s New China Trade Hint?

Excessive focus on bilateral trade issues by Trump’s administration won’t prevent much of the corporate offshoring he’s rightly targeting.

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Troutman Sanders LLP

New Focus on Lithium Ion Battery Safety

Lithium ion batteries cause CPSC recalls and regulatory changes may come, but it’s not always easy to tell when batteries are defective.

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Commerce RI

How the Smallest State Came to Have the Biggest Innovations

Rhode Island has created some of the country’s most effective economic development incentives allowing the State to build on its successes.

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Where Trump Deserves High, Low and “Incomplete” Marks on Germany Trade

Trump needs to rally global support against Berlin’s longstanding determination to rack up trade surpluses.

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Alliance for American Manufacturing

Trump’s Trade Investigations, Explained

The Trump administration launched national security investigations into steel and aluminum imports. But what happens next?

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Bluewater Defense

Made in the USA

Bluewater Defense Inc. is dedicated to serving those who serve us.

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South Carolina Department of Commerce

S.C. Department of Commerce Announces 2017 Industrial Impact Awards

State Celebrates Industry for 26th Year

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Central SC Alliance

Regional Promotion

Central South Carolina Alliance promotes the region’s value as an ideal location for business, economic expansion and job creation.

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State of South Carolina

South Carolina Gets “A’s”

South Carolina is noted for its climate, vacation spots, history and lowcountry cuisine.

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Baker Tilly's Center for the Return of Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry readies itself for a fast-approaching future

The expected evolution of U.S. tax and trade policy requires manufacturers to be mindful of associated opportunities and challenges.

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Wiley Rein International Trade Practice

Navigating “Buy American” under President Trump: Opportunities and Pitfalls for U.S. Manufacturers

On the campaign trail, President Trump promised that if elected, his administration would ensure that “we start using American steel for American infrastructure.”

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Trump’s Real China Currency Blunder

What was worse about President Trump's decision to let China off the currency manipulator hook (for now) was its geopolitical rationale.

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