Loftware, Inc.

How Labeling Can Help Manufacturing Companies Compete in Global Marketplace

Labeling today is complex; today’s manufacturers are faced with a range of evolving requirements that complicate the process—and leave many companies accepting this process as the cost of doing business. But it doesn’t have to be. Labeling can make a…

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Accenture Strategy

2017 Outlook for Supply Chains: Flexibility is the New Efficiency

This is the year it will no longer be good enough to just have an efficient supply chain.

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GT Nexus, an Infor company

From Robot Builders to IoT Supply Chains – Manufacturing Gets Sexy

It’s been a while since manufacturing last had some luster. Outshined in recent decades by the high tech sector, industrial manufacturing, once the prominent engine of the modern economy, took a back seat – churning away in the shadows, achieving…

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IDC Manufacturing Insights

IDC: Digital Transformation MaturityScape Benchmark Survey

As much as we like to measure the health of the manufacturing industry based on productivity, innovation and digital transformation (or DX in short) are the benchmarks of the future. DX – using technologies to create new ways of operating…

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Micro-Multinationals: Q&A with HSBC’s Mark Luppi

Globally and in the US, a new breed of company – including manufacturers – are taking advantage of growth outside their home market and going international.

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West Monroe Partners

The Case for a Sustainable Supply Chain: Making the Leap from Attention to Action

Sustainability is a common topic of debate in boardrooms and executive suites, as manufacturing leaders seek to understand the value of investing in sustainable strategies. One area of particular focus has been sustainability in the supply chain.

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Fifth Third Bank

Managing Your Financial Supply Chain

Manufacturing leaders understand that they must manage their physical supply chains: sourcing and tracking the raw materials and parts that come into inventory and shipping their finished goods out to customers.

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Lloyd's Register

Chances and Challenges: Harnessing the Potential of Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) is one of this decade’s most disruptive technologies. Duco de Haan, Commercial Development Director at Lloyd's Register Energy, believes this would transform the challenges faced by many companies.

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IDC Manufacturing Insights

2016: Manufacturing is “Hot”

As an industry, manufacturing is "hot." Regions are creating manufacturing initiatives, countries are creating policies to lure manufacturing back and prepare the next generation of talent, maker fairs show entrepreneurs and small-scale artisans how they too can design and manufacture…

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JAXUSA Partnership

Heating Up: Jacksonville’s Growing Prosperity

When looking across the United States at regional areas that serve as major drivers of industrial growth and overall economic prosperity, the city of Jacksonville and its surrounding counties are often (unfairly) left off the list. While it has long…

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Incentive Solutions

Using Incentives to Build Distributor Loyalty

As a manufacturer, if you make up less than 10% of your distributors' product mix, you are not getting the attention of management or, more importantly, sales representatives.

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UK Follows California’s Lead in Holding Companies Responsible for Slavery in Supply Chain

In March 2015, the United Kingdom passed the Modern Slavery Act ("UK Act"). This is the first of its kind in Europe.

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