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Administracion Portuaria Integral Manzanillo

Big & Getting Bigger

One of Mexico’s busiest ports, the Pacific destination of Manzanillo is about to get busier. The port has a plan to carry out a $600 million expansion that will double its container handling capacity and put it in a position…

TVM Building Products

Conservations Through Innovation

TVM Building Products tackles the reflective insulation market through innovation. Janice Gable Bashman tells the story of how this company of 10 years develops and provides energy conservation products for the contractor marketplace.

Vapor Power International

All Steamed Up

Midwest-based Vapor Power International, LLC manufactures a full line of boilers, steam generators, thermal fluid heaters and super heaters that provide solutions to customer heating and process steam needs. David Soyka reports on a heated story.

Decor Cabinets

Cabinets with a Purpose

Helping the world one cabinet at a time is the goal at Decor Cabinets. Janice Gable Bashman tells how one custom cabinetry company is working to make a difference in people’s lives.

Detroit Stoker Company

Waste Not

Detroit Stoker Company is a leading supplier of stokers and related combustion equipment and systems for the production of steam used in heating, industrial processing and electric power generation around the globe. David Soyka reports on how the world’s largest…

Administracion Portuaria Integral de Veracruz SA de CV

Load Up, Ship Out

One of Mexico’s busiest industrial ports, the Port of Veracruz is also one of the oldest, with a history that goes all the way back to the very discovery of Mexico by the Spanish. Though it remains a public good,…

Continental Tires North America (CTNA)

Transcontinental Tire Tracks

North Carolina-based Continental Tires North America (CTNA) is helping its parent company, the Germany headquartered Continental AG, meet growing product demand throughout North and South America. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally published or scroll down…

Core Manufacturing

Core Values

When his heavy steel fabricating and OEM machining venture achieved astonishing growth, owner Eric Hoover leveraged that success and grew a dynamic group of companies. It even led to a nod as national small business person of the year. PatWhiteman…

Al-jon Manufacturing

Simple & Strong

Al-jon Manufacturing is helping to clean up the environment. Janice Gable Bashman reports on how this company became a revolutionary leader in the scrap processing, auto recycling and solid waste markets.

American Steel Buildings

American Steel Buildings | Industry Today

No steel building systems project is too large or complex for American Steel Building Company, Inc. More than 50 years ago, the Texas-based company pioneered mini-storage concepts. Today, it can help assemble any structure “under the sun,” as Dan Harvey…

Brookville Equipment Corporation

On Board to Innovation

Some people play with trains but Armando Diana learns how Brookville Equipment Corporation has lasted over 90 years making locomotives for industrial haulage applications through innovation and adherence to quality.

Carver Pumps

Pumping Ability

On the precipice of its 70th birthday, Carver Pumps creates value for its customers while consistently exceeding expectations. Join Armando Diana as he gets pumped learning the secrets to Carver Pumps longevity.

Ajax Boiler

Distinct Design

For eight decades this family-owned company has designed and manufactured one of the most comprehensive lines of boilers and commercial water heating products. Now, therelease of its new atlas series solidifies its already excellent reputation. Pat Whiteman reports.

Grupo Combustol & Metalpo

Hot Prospects

Stoking the fires of Brazil’s domestic and international growth is a company that specializes in industrial furnaces, heat treatments, refractories and powder metallurgy. Christopher Van Buren shows how Grupo Combustol & Metalpó is supplying the heat for Brazil’s key industries.

Grupo Sare

Building Value

Investment in technology and people has propelled Mexican construction firm Sare to become one of the leading housing builders in Mexico. Paul Harris reports on how thecompany transformed from a family business to a prize-winning public company.

H.L. Bouton Company, Inc.

20/20 Safety Vision

H.L. Bouton Company Inc. possesses encompassing vision as far as eye safety with its innovative line of eyewear protection devices.

FloMet LLC

Changing with the Flow

Janice Gable Bashman shows why FloMet, a manufacturer of high quality metal injection products, refers to itself as the “best in the business.”

Forrest Paint Company

Paint it Green

Forrest Paint Company of Eugene, Ore., manufactures a wide variety of industrial paints and coatings, including liquid, powder, and aerosols. Barbara Kram reports on a family owned business thriving in its niche through R&D, custom batches, and anenvironmental focus.

Empire Die Casting

Casting Value

Empire Die Casting Co., Inc. is one of North America’s largest and most advanced die casters, a one stop global supply source for engineered aluminum, zinc and magnesium die casting. David Soyka reports on how this Midwestern company built its…

Fall Protection Systems

High Wire Act

Fall Protection Systems manufactures, well, fall protection systems, employing a patented system that is far safer than traditional methods. David Soyka hangs in there to see how this company helps its customers operate safely, with reduced liability.


Solid Imaging

Seeing is believing in both cold war antics and cardiac imaging. Armando Diana sees right through the issues in this article charting the course of cardiac nuclear imaging techniques.

E.H. Wachs Company

E.H. Wachs Company | Industry Today

Ever wonder what happens when a huge oil rig in the middle of the ocean springs a leak or needs a pipe repaired? Join Armando Diana as he profiles E.H. Wachs Company and learns the basics of cutting the diameter…


High Flying

Born from an engineering doctorate project, Electroimpact has emerged as a leading light in the aircraft industry, supplying machine tooling products and integrated systems for global aerospace heavyweights. The Washington-headquartered organization’s success is due, in large part, to a unique…

Peregrine, Inc.

Moving Forklift-Free

Peregrine, Inc. was founded by Darryl Rivers to market and manufacture his invention, the Quad-Steer Positive Tracking Trailer™, the energy- and cost-efficient alternative to forklifts. David Soyka hitches up to learn how this industrial materials handling product helps companies get…

Miller Technology, Inc.

Millerize It

Miller Technology, Inc. of Northern Ontario, Canada designs and manufactures mobile underground mining equipment and specialized vehicles for the utility industry. BarbaraKram reports on the company’s personnel carriers and other innovative heavy equipment solutions.

National Technologies

Precision Production

Wisconsin-based National Technologies, Inc. supplies OEMs with precision machined components in high or low volumes, employing a variety of materials from plastics to high strength alloys. David Soyka reports on how this company executes its motto of ‘We make it…

Olympia Steel Building Systems

Going for Gold

Olympia Steel Building has achieved enormous success competing against much larger rivals, thanks to the ruggedness and reliability of its pre-engineered metal and steel building products and a strong customer-service focus. Now the Pennsylvania-based company embarks on an era of…

Parker Hannifin de Mexico SA de CV

Motion Control

The Parker Hannifin Corporation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of motion and control technologies: valves, hydraulics, and seals. For some time now it’s been south of the border, operating plants in Mexico for the local market and for…

JB Acucar e Alcool Ltda.

In Strong Spirits

What Brazil’s Grupo JB – a traditional maker of cachaça and other alcohols – lacks in size, it has more than made up for with the ingenious ways it takes advantage of sugar cane’s by-products. Michael Sommers talks to director…

Magnetic Technologies

Magnetic Attraction

Magnetic Technologies Corporation has enjoyed substantial growth by garnering customers in specialized, niche markets. The Virginia headquartered company comfortably shifts from latest technologies to far older applications and designs. Dan Harvey relates a success story that commingles the past, present…

Thomas & Betts Corporation

The Air We Breathe | Industry Today

Thomas & Betts’ Reznor brand has been a distinct provider of heating and cooling technology since it came into its infancy more than 100 years ago. Nowadays, heating and cooling aren’t enough in the face of more stringent environmental standards,…

Hines de Mexico

Riding a Boom

Hines interests knew it wanted to get into Mexico – but it didn’t quite realize what it was getting into. A boom in real estate there and cheap capital in the U.S. has meant that this property development company has…

Homac Companies

Power Connection Pioneer

In 1963, Gene McGrane started the Homac Companies with a modest investment and a huge compulsion to succeed. More than 40 years later, Homac is a leading manufacturer and supplier of power delivery connectors and cable accessories. Dan Harvey reports…

T.O. Plastics

Top Pots

T.O. Plastics, Inc. manufactures one of the industry’s most diversified lines of thermoformed containers for horticultural and custom applications. David Soyka reports on this Minnesota company’s half-century of plastics performance. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally…

TGM Turbinas

Manufacturer of Steam Turbines | Industry Today

In its brief history, Brazil’s TGM Turbinas has gone from small-scale turbine maintenance to becoming the number one manufacturer of steam turbines in the country. Michael Sommers finds out how the company conquered the national market and its strategies for…

Redpack SA de CV

Redpack SA de CV | Industry Today

A homegrown company with a unique model and national coverage, MEXICO’s Redpack is one of the top 10 delivery companies in the country. With 30,000 packages moving through its doors on a daily basis, Redpack has grown tremendously since it…

Refa Mexicana SA de CV

Stamped with Quality

Propelled forward by advanced technological capabilities and high-level workforce expertise, Refa Mexicana S.A. de C.V. has become a widely recognized international leader in the metal stamping industry. Headquartered in Puebla, Mexico, the company counts among its clients the world’s leading…

Republic Powdered Metals, Inc.

Reflective Value

After 60 years Republic Powdered Metals is still growing strong. Armando Diana learns about plans to embark on a green initiative to better position the company for the future.

The Security Industry Association

Security Guards

The 2010 world expo in Shanghai, China, is expected to see $5.2 billion in U.S. investments in everything from alarm systems to electronic labeling, creating a world of opportunity.

Transporte Nacional de Clase Mundial (Dina Camiones)

Transporte Nacional de Clase Mundial | Industry Today

After being shuttered for six years to restructure, Mexican truck producer Dina Camiones has just begun production on a line of buses with new technology. The company has invested $60 million upgrading its factory space, and is in the process…

Quality Manufacturing Group

Welding Quality

Mississippi-based Quality Manufacturing Group provides steel welding and fabrication services that are, as you might expect from the name, of the highest quality. David Soyka reports on one the fastest growing companies in the region that literally started as a…

The Global Intellectual Property Center, US Chamber of Commerce

Intellectual Property Theft

The 21st century crime of choice.

The Manufacturing Institute

Ahead Today… Behind Tomorrow?

The U.S. might be leading today in global innovations but all signs point to a future lag as other countries step up to the plate.

National Association of Manufacturers

Free the Green Cards

Immigration bottlenecks threaten U.S. competitiveness.

New North, Inc.

Northern Exposure

It’s not just football and cheese production that drives the economy in Northeast Wisconsin. Many diverse manufacturers see the region as attractive for doing business.

Port of Houston Authority

Shipping Boon

The Port of Houston is in the best location for receiving goods from Asia, particularly China, and shipping them out to the millions of consumers based in the Houston market and throughout the U.S.

Sommerfield Communications, Inc.

From Third World to First Rate

Some of your greatest competitors on the global front are in countries whose growth is about to reshape the economic and trade landscape.

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Health Sensors

Lorie Greenspan learns how NASA scientists founded a radical new lab that fights disease using satellites.

American Welding Society

Strengthening the Bonds

The American Welding Society initiates programs to tackle the shortage of welders.

Diavik Diamond Mines, Inc.

Ice Road Conquerors

To get the trucks between Yellowknife and the diamond mines in Canada's Northwest Territories, you need skilled personnel and state-of-the-art technologies. Lorei Greenspan profiles the operation behind History Channel's Ice Road Truckers.

Hill & Knowlton

Aerospace & Defense Industry | Industry Today

Aerospace & Defense industry expecting a resilient 2008.

Alberta Energy

Oil Rich

Alberta, Canada, is fast becoming a big part of North America’s energy future as oil sands production heats up.

American Boiler Manufacturers Association

Boiling Hot

The American Boiler Manufacturers Association provides an environment in which manufacturers can collaborate and brainstorm new technologies, while being part of a wide spectrum of companies that provide the backdrop for competitiveness. Lorie Greenspan reports.

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