Camouflage: The Hidden Market!

Deadliest Catch star, Captain Scott Campbell, enlists Hunting Attractions to help transform his premium cooler to appeal to a wider audience

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Darn It! Inc

Ozone Shock Treatment

This new technology is key to restoring musty, smelly apparel to first-quality condition.

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Glue Machinery Corporation

Top 4 Common Adhesive Problems You Should Know

Adhesive concerns surface in all types of situations, and in these situations where the application of adhesives are needed, there are many possibilities for failure.

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Using Stochastic Models and Systems Engineering to better forecast and reduce ED wait times

Hospitals strive to attract patients to select their emergency departments (EDs) to remain competitive in the healthcare market. Many EDs announce wait times via online websites, hotlines and smartphone apps. However, the practicality of announcing wait times remains controversial. Reports…

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CEI Capital Management

Rural Manufacturers Find Growth Financing Through Federal Program

Rural manufacturers often have unique challenges to growth, including low density of investors, limited availability of credit, the seasonal nature of employment, and geographic isolation. There is a program designed to help overcome these challenges: the federal New Markets Tax…

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Dun & Bradstreet

Overview Report: Manufacturing Sector Performance

Focus on the Middle Market Segment

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InfinityQS International, Inc.

Total Recall: What is quality worth to you?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve heard that we are in the midst of the largest safety recall in U.S. history. Over the past few years, Takata recalled 28.8 million “exploding” airbags. That number more than doubled in…

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Leading companies are moving beyond products to create a superior connected customer experience.

Innovation Is Switching From a Product Focus to Differentiating the Customer Experience, With $1 Billion in Revenues Up for Grabs, Accenture Research Finds

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Embracing the Economy of Things

Elavon UK, a company that delivers reliable, secure, and innovative payment solutions, leveraging the world’s best technologies for its customers, from large worldwide enterprises to locally-owned small businesses has recently published a Whitepaper about how “Internet of Things” will shape…

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NeoGrid North America

On-Shelf Availability (OSA) – Preventing Tomorrow’s Losses

While grocery shopping, a consumer heads down the breakfast foods aisle in search of a particular brand of cereal. But, alas, that brand is nowhere in sight — it is out of stock. As a result, the consumer does one…

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Star Prototype

5 Tips for Choosing a Manufacturer in China

When trying to choose a manufacturer in China, there are some challenges that may arise – even for seasoned veterans. Experience tells us that the single most important consideration is to verify the manufacturer’s quality control and inspection processes, especially…

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BEKO Technologies

Dry Ideas

BEKO Technologies participated in FABTECH 2016 and showcased products that delivered compressed air quality solutions that help companies bolster efficiency and save money.

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