Chemical Production Joins List of Harvey’s Victims

August Fed Figures Show Real Manufacturing Growth Dragged Down by Harvey Effect on Gulf Energy Complex

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Increased Oil Flow Means Increased Dataflow

In this age of big data, someone coined the phrase: ‘data is the new oil’.

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Solid Power

EV Market Predicts Exponential Solid State Battery Growth

As adoption of electric vehicles increases, the demand for a safer, more efficient battery to power them has never been greater

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Troutman Sanders LLP

New Focus on Lithium Ion Battery Safety

Lithium ion batteries cause CPSC recalls and regulatory changes may come, but it’s not always easy to tell when batteries are defective.

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Should businesses plan to stick or twist when oil hits $60?

“Planning is half of living.” If only those businesses on the wrong side of last summer’s oil price slump had this renowned ancient Arabic proverb in mind at the time. Unfortunately, many firms, including a number of high-profile airlines, failed…

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Siemens Financial Services (SFS)

Helping Cities Get Smart

How “Smart Start” Private Sector Financing Can Help Our Cities Get Smart.

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Meeting Nuclear Regulatory Compliance with Better Product Lifecycle Execution

Anyone working with nuclear materials knows that navigating the nuclear regulatory environment is as complicated as it is critical. Going beyond federal regulations, the industry developed Nuclear Quality Assurance-1 (ASME NQA-1) with specific criteria to aid each site in maintaining…

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Steeling for the Future

Valbruna Slater Stainless Inc., a subsidiary of Italy-based Valbruna Group, makes specialty stainless steel and nickel alloy bars in a variety of shapes for North American manufacturers in a range of industrial sectors that include automotive, medical, aerospace and oil…

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Portland Roasting Coffee

Clean Caffeine

Portland Roasting Coffee in Portland, Oregon, is preparing to install new technology that will capture waste heat generated by its coffee roaster and convert this heat into clean electrical power, allowing the company to double its production while remaining carbon…

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Volvo Group North America

Manufacturers Can Reduce Carbon Footprint Through Partnership

Volvo Group North America was able to achieve a 25 percent energy reduction goal five years ahead of schedule through innovative partnerships such as the EDF Climate Corps program and the Department of Energy’s Better Plants program.

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Global Water Crisis

Manufacturers: Staying Afloat During Water Shortages

Increasing global competition for resources, a complex and evolving regulatory landscape and rapidly escalating climate change are coalescing to give rise to a global water crisis that the World Economic Forum has ranked as the world’s top global risk.

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South Carolina

Strength in the Southeast

In South Carolina, the winds of industry have long been blowing. Beginning with the state’s integral role in the rise of the textile and tobacco industries in the southern region of the U.S. in the 19th and 20th centuries, the…

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