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Mission: Achievement

South Texas cities take the U.S.-Mexico border spotlight.

South Texas College

Rapid Changes

The University of Texas-Pan American rapid Response Manufacturing Center is producing a future for North America.

Prince Rupert Port Authority

Charting Growth

Port of Prince Rupert and new express trade corridor surpassing expectations.

Nuclear Energy Institute

Reactive Measures

Uptick in nuclear plant construction will pave way for nuclear energy to play a vital role in the nation’s carbon-constrained energy portfolio.

American Chemistry Council


Outdated railroad policies point to need for a competitive freight rail system.

Deloitte & Touche USA LLP

In the Fast Lane

As China’s automotive industry gains speed, North American OEMs should understand the importance of getting their act in gear.


Innovation That Works

How to dispel obsolete assumptions and ask new questions.

The Security Industry Association

Building Tight Security

Opportunities abound in Mexico’s security market.

Boise Valley Economic Partnership (BVEP)

Gaining Ground

Manufacturers find low-cost of doing business, high-value production and skilled workforce in Idaho’s Boise Valley.

Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI

The Advanced Technology Race

With India and China positioned in various degrees of progress, the United States needs an aggressive policy response.

Vilbomex SA

Household Fixtures

Through its program Eco Cinco, Vilbomex has helped Mexico’s 100 million citizens save over 10 million liters of water each year as it distributes state-of-the-art ceramic tiles and bathroom fixtures to the country’s newly built households. Rachel Hartman reports.

NASA Headquarters

From Space to Earth

Amazing technologies mark NASA’s 50th year.

Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce

Finding Sustainable Solutions

Donna Hrinak of Kraft Foods discusses our need for solutions to feed people, fuel economies and foster stewardship.

National Association of Manufacturers

NAFTA to the Rescue

To boost a lagging economy, think trade.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Innovations That Could Change the Way You Manufacture:

A new SME initiative outlines what’s hot, what’s now and what’s ‘green’.


Door Opener

As a part of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, Steelcraft manufactures the commercial construction market's most complete line of distinctive steel doors and frames, distributed in the United States as well as in the rapidly growing overseas market. David Soyka reports…

Textil Bezerra de Menezes SA

Spin Doctors

Brazil is among the world’s largest producers of textiles and the largest producer of cotton and denim. But what’s driving companies like Textil Bezerra de Menezes is what’s happening right under its looms. Christopher Van Buren tells the story.

Tri-Arc Manufacturing

Stepping Up

Pittsburgh-based Tri-Arc Manufacturing Company is the only mobile ladder and work platform supplier that also designs and manufactures custom solutions built to the specific requirements of an application or project. David Soyka reports on how this company gets a leg…

Ultra Machine & Fabrication

Targeting Growth

North Carolina-based Ultra Machine and Fabrication is a manufacturer of precision sheet metal products specializing in armor plate. David Soyka reports on how this unique company lives up to its name in providing products that literally make the difference between…

Usina Coruripe

Sugar to Energy

Usina Coruripe is considered the largest producer of sugar and alcohol in the north and northeast regions in Brazil. It is also among the top five major players in the segment nationwide. Gisele Ribeiro unveils the path taken by this…

Plank Enterprises

Handling Business

Plank Enterprises is a second generation family-owned holding company comprised of four businesses that provide material handling products and services to industrial and commercial customers. David Soyka reports on how this Wisconsin company delivers a variety of finishing touches with…

Powers Fasteners

Fastening Power

Keeping it all together now has a different meaning for Armando Diana as he learns not all things are equal when fastening materials. Join him and Powers Fasteners in an education on anchoring products.


Houses for Sale

Home builder PromoCasa has built houses for the middle class since 1992. Since then, the company has expanded into middle and residential, low-cost housing and vacation homes for foreigners. With new government programs to promote home ownership going into place,…

Sigma Industries Inc.

Driving Ahead

It’s not just about building a better product; it’s about integrating the customer requirements and anticipating market trends that puts manufacturers ahead of the pack. Armando Diana learns how Sigma Industries has developed a workable model that permeates through the…

PiSA Farmaceutica Mexicana

Serving Human Lives

A leader on the Mexican market in drugs manufacturing, PiSA Farmaceutica Mexicana utilizes cutting-edge practices in pharmaceutical production and research operations. Piotr Sadowski reports.

Maquinas Agricolas Jacto SA

Reaping the Benefits

The migration of people around the world is always associated with progress. In many cases, immigrants turn into the force that drives economies, but sometimes hard work is accompanied by creativeness and determination. This is the case of Jacto, a…

Miller Welding & Machine Co.

Family Values

Miller Welding and Machine Company has evolved from a three-person shop working out of a garage into an integrated single-source solution provider for fabrication, welding, finishing and mechanical assembly of industrial applications throughout the United States. Click here to read…

NH Hotels

Enjoying Their Stay

One of the biggest brands in business hotels entered the Mexican market just over six years ago. Today, NH Hotels is looking beyond business travelers by expanding its portfolio of luxury and vacation destinations in Mexico. Peter Krupa reports.


Totally Tubular

Valmont-PennSummit is at the cutting edge of manufacturing. Janice Gable Bashman tells how this company’s investment in technology and its insistence on maintaining employee and customer satisfaction made it a significant player in the utility and wireless markets.

JBM Envelope Company

Pushing the Envelope

You’ll never think about envelopes the same way again. Stamped with innovation and creative impulse, the products of JBM Envelope Company have added intriguing new dimensions to the most basic of business tools. Dan Harvey explains how the Ohio-based company…


Cool Success

HeatCraft is today the leader in commercial refrigeration in Brazil. As Luis Miranda reports, its wide range of products, recognized excellence and customer service turned a formerly owned family business into a market-wide operation.

Holtec International

Nuclear Reactions

Holtec International is devoted to helping advance the operation of energy plants, particularly nuclear energy, by supplying state of the art technologies and products. Lorie Greenspan tells the story.


Big Metal Rolling Mills

Intergrated Industrial Systems, more commonly known as I²S, specializes in the design, sales, manufacture and service of cold rolling equipment and control systems for the ferrous and non-ferrous metals industry. David Soyka reports on this privately-owned U.S. manufacturer’s tremendous success…

Industrias Micheletto SA

Firm Holds

Mitto is a brand for screws produced by Micheletto, one of the most traditional companies in Brazil. Mitto is not only interchangeable with screws but is known for extra quality products. Gisele Ribeiro unscrews the secret of Mitto’s powers.


Special Intelligence

Founded in 2001, Intelligrated Inc. designs and builds the most effective, innovative automated systems to serve the warehousing and distribution needs throughout the United States. In less than a decade, the Ohio-based business has garnered a sizeable client list that…

Exopack LLC

The Complete Package

Exopack is a leader in the development, manufacture, and sourcing of variety of versatile flexible packaging solutions in paper and plastic formats for consumer and industrial end-use markets. David Soyka gets wrapped up in the details about how this company…

Fairchild International

Working Better Underground

Fairchild International, a major manufacturer of underground mining equipment, has found success by creating one satisfied customer at a time. David Soyka digs up the facts on how this independently owned-and-operated business partners with mining companies to maximize productivity and…

Fetzer Architectural Woodwork

Premium Woodworking

Fetzer Architectural Woodwork’s history dates back to 1909, when German immigrant Kaspar Fetzer founded a small workshop in Salt Lake City. In doing so, he established a family legacy of woodworking excellence. For almost a century, new generations of Fetzers…

Harco Laboratories

Aviation Innovators

As the go-to source for international aviation leaders who require unique solutions, Harco designs and manufactures products that have been integrated into today’s most advanced aircraft. But Harco’s technically superior sensors, thermocouple systems and cable assemblies are so versatile that…

Esmaltec SA

Enamel Coated

Electric ignition stoves and two-door refrigerators may not raise any eyebrows in Europe or North America, but in the rest of the world, these are features that many low-income families have only dreamed of having. Esmaltec S/A is specializing in…

Casp S/A

Poultry Productivity

The biggest poultry incubator company in Brazil, Casp has achieved its leading position thanks to quality, technology, ethics and transparency. Susana M. Boulin reports on the company’s strategies to maintain its Brazilian monopoly and to boost growth in the international…

Compania Valenca Industrial

Thread Essentials

Valença is probably the oldest textile factory operating in Brazil. Famous clothing brands such as Forum and Mormay, among others, make use of Valença’s fabrics as raw material for their designer’s stunning creations. Gisele Ribeiro unthreads this company’s secret for…

Comus International

Switched On

Comus® International Group is a leading manufacturer of world class switches, including tilt and tip over switches, solid state relays, reed switches and reed relays, and motion and vibration sensing switches, and even old style glass mercury switches. David Soyka…

DeCrane Aerospace

Flight Plan

Decrane Aerospace supplies private jets, commercial and military aircraft manufacturers with integrated cabin components, from furniture and seating to entertainment systems. David Soyka gets an inside look at this company’s single-source solutions that offer OEMs significant economies in time, cost,…

Edmonton Exchanger

Under Pressure

At Edmonton Exchanger, the production of pressure vessel components takes a dynamic leap into the 21st century, thanks to a long heritage of expertise and a penchant for taking action when it’s needed. Lorie Greenspan tells the story.

Canadian General Tower Limited

Flexible Films

Ontario-based Canadian General-Tower has grown with the transportation industry, evolving from a wagon-wheel supplier to the recognized leader in the automotive interior trim business. Further, its innovative coated fabric and films has carried it into industrial markets. Dan Harvey reports…

Capstone Gold SA de CV

Mined for Growth

Production at Capstone Mining’s Cozamin mine in Mexico in 2008 is estimated to reach 30 million payable pounds of copper, nine million payable pounds of zinc and 5.1 million payable pounds of lead, and 1.3 million payable ounces of silver.…

Barron & Brothers

Farm Technologists

Farmers are leaving behind the past in which they labored with picks and shovels, becoming sophisticated businessmen employing high tech equipment to improve efficiency and output. Armando Diana learns that Barron and Brothers International is at the forefront of that…

Baxa Corp.

Pumped for Success

Baxa Corporation is a medical device company recognized worldwide for innovative technologies that efficiently prepare, handle, package and dispense fluid medications for pharmacy and hospital use. David Soyka gets an injection of how this Colorado company’s customer-focus helps healthcare providers…

Busscar Onibus SA

Innovative Routes

Busscar has been manufacturing buses since the dawn of Brazil’s automotive industry. Michael Sommers discovers how the pioneering company has managed to remain an inventive driving force in this growing segment.

Aero Systems Engineering

More than Test Cells

Aero Systems Engineering provides engine test cells and test equipment for a variety of aircraft and industrial engines; designs and supplies wind tunnels and provides test services for aerospace vehicles and propulsion systems. David Soyka reports on this high-flying, full…

Air Master Windows and Doors

Window of Opportunity

Process integration and investment in human resources has seen Puerto Rican producer of aluminum windows and doors Air Master Windows and Doors become the leading producer in the Caribbean region. Paul Harris reports on how the company has harnessed modern…

Asfaltos Guadalajara SA de CV

Paving the Way

Hard work, high standards of quality and love of country are evident in every aspect of Asfaltos de Guadalajara’s operations. Through its commitment to building, maintaining and expanding the basic infrastructure of Mexico, Asfaltos Guadalajara has become a leader in…

Avon ISI

Designed for Performance

Avon Rubber, PLC, a leading developer and manufacturer of technologically advanced respiratory protection equipment and thermal imaging systems, constantly challenges itself to improve its products and develop new ones in order to meet the demands of an ever-changing market. Janice…

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