Magazine Issue October 2016
Toray Plastics

Foam and Function

Toray Plastics America’s 40,000-square-foot plant expansion in Warren County, Virginia, will be a boon to the region and to the country’s automotive suppliers as well as OEMs. Lorie Greenspan tells the story of the company’s diversity and expertise when it…

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Driving the Automotive Industry

Kostal North America is the go-to manufacturer of a range of electronic and electrical systems for car-making giants that include Ford, Daimler, GM, VW and Audi. Lorie Greenspan finds out what has propelled the company’s growth in the competitive North…

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Detroit Chassis

Reinventing the Wheels

Detroit Chassis is the leading one-stop designer and manufacturer of rolling chassis, complex subassemblies and modules for the automotive, recreational vehicle and commercial truck industries. David Soyka reports on how this innovative and socially-conscious company adopts sophisticated global best practices…

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Steeling for the Future

Valbruna Slater Stainless Inc., a subsidiary of Italy-based Valbruna Group, makes specialty stainless steel and nickel alloy bars in a variety of shapes for North American manufacturers in a range of industrial sectors that include automotive, medical, aerospace and oil…

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Trinity Products

Welded Spirit

A trinity of philosophy and business strategy keeps Trinity Products at the top of its game, focusing on customer service, employees and continuous improvement. Through open book management the company has earned its place as one of the leading steel…

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US Cold Storage

The Cold Treatment

U.S. Storage’s cold shoulder is hardly an insult to customers; in fact, it’s what they expect. Lorie Greenspan tells the story of a company that began as an ice harvester in the 1800s and has grown into a 21st century,…

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Enjoy the View

Depending on where you are, the view from a Bombardier CS100 or CS300 Series looks toward a horizon layered with possibilities. Discover how the company continually takes flight with the latest market innovations.

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Reshoring Initiative

Reshoring: The Trend from Globalization to Localization

One of the hottest topics in the election campaign has been the offshoring of jobs and whether to support the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. The Reshoring Initiative’s 2015 Reshoring Data Report shows that rapid job loss has been stemmed, indicating that globalization has peaked. The emergence…

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Biztorming Training & Consulting

World-class Manufacturers See Quality as Competitive Differentiator

Companies around the world look for innovative ways to differentiate from competitors and become more attractive to customers who are more informed and more demanding than ever.

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Fabricators & Manufacturers Association (FMA)

Engaging Students in Career Exploration

Savvy Teaching Strategies, Manufacturing Day Initiative Can Play Key Roles in Getting Students Engaged in Career Exploration and Preparation.

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PPM School

Comau’s Project & People Management School

In today’s competitive job market, global companies are looking for professionals who possess a combination of the technical skills and the aptitude to become the leaders of tomorrow. In 2012, with this ever growing need in mind, Comau, relying on its 40+ years of experience, developed…

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Astrotech Corporation

Mission Controls

Lockheed Martin’s Astrotech Space Operations located on Florida’s famous Space Coast has helped to launch spacecraft missions that include Juno, currently orbiting Jupiter, and the future Orion, the newest technology for the next generation of deep space exploration. Lorie Greenspan…

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Seeds of Progress

Agricultural giant Monsanto is harvesting a new, state-of-the-art, cotton seed processing facility in Lubbock, Texas, that will process two million units of cotton annually. Stacked with safety and environmental controls, the new facility will take cotton manufacturing to the next…

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Forward Motion

If growing a company from 18 people to 3,500 isn’t indicative of offering superior products and customer service, then what is? At Stadler Rail Group, making passenger railcars that offer both form and function has propelled the company forward. Now,…

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