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GEA PHE Systems North America

The Hot & Cold Of It

GEA PHE Systems North America makes the heat exchangers that help liquid go from hot to cold and vice versa. Lorie Greenspan tells how the company’s technology has helped myriad businesses, from HVAC to breweries.

Filtros y Purificadores Aztlan SA de CV (FYPASA)

Water Ways

Specialization brings a rising tide of growth for Mexican water treatment firm Filtros y Purificadores Aztlán, S. A. (Fypasa), as Paul Harris reports.

Minera Reyna del Pacifico

Striking It Reach

It's original intention was to offer services to foreign companeis looking to open their own mining operations in Mexico. But Minera Reyna Mining and Engineering found a better gigi: entering into partnerships with those foreigh companies and taking a stake…

Flame Control Coatings LLC

Fire Escapes

There are many different ways to ensure more time to escape a burning building and Armando Diana investigates the ways fire retardant coatings can give the necessary time needed to save a life.

American Industries

Outsourced Solutions

Since 1976, American Industries has helped multinational corporations expand their manufacturing operations into Mexico. Essentially, the company lends critical administrative, legal and real estate support that smoothes the transition into a new environment. All clients need worry about is manufacturing…

Felling Trailers

Trailor Leader

Innovative design, superior strength and unsurpassed quality typify Minnesota’s own Felling Trailers, fabricators of a full line of trailers used in diverse industries. Barbara Kram reports.

Ontario Drive and Gear (ODG)

Driving Force

Ontario Drive & Gear Limited (ODG) conducts business in two related lines of business: gears and vehicles. This Canadian manufacturer has built a solid reputation for producing quality gears and transmissions, as well as amphibious all-terrain vehicles for both recreational…

Weatherchem Corporation

The Cap Experts

Creator of the original Flapper® dispensing closure, Weatherchem Corporation manufactures user-friendly plastic lids and caps for a range of foods, chemicals, personal care and healthcare markets for use by manufacturers, contract packagers and private-label retailers. David Soyka finds closure.

Industria Brasileira de Filmes (IBF)

Ready To Impress

Indústria Brasileira de Filmes (IBF) is the largest sensitized film converter in the world. It also occupies a prominent fourth position in excellence among 69 companies in the production of offset plates for the graphic arts industry. Gisele Ribeiro reveals…

Unialco S/A Álcool e Açucar

Sugar Lands

As the world increases its interest in plant-based fuels, corn and sugar battle it out for dominance as the industrial crop of the future. In Brazil, companies like Unialco are working to keep sugarcane in the lead of the bio-fuels…

Waterloo Industries, Inc.

Market Tools

Waterloo Industries, an operating division of Fortune Brands, Inc., is the world’s largest supplier of tool storage solution products for both retail consumer and industrial applications. David Soyka reports on how this mid-western company thinks about the box.

Tecnometal Engenharia e Construções Mecânicas Ltda.

Metal Universe

Tecnometal Engineering is the largest manufacturer of metallic cases and cabinets for ATM machines in Brazil. The company is also prominent in mechanical and naval construction, besides producing custom-made equipment for industrial plants. Gisele Ribeiro unlocks the company’s path, speaking…

Elliot Machine Works

Maximum Mobility

Lorie Greenspan reports on Elliott Machine Works, a leader in providing solutions in the form of mobile tool shops, lube centers, water and fuel trucks to mining and construction applications across the United States.

Sulzer Brasil S.A.

Pumping It Up

In Brazil, the Swiss-based Sulzer Pumps has thrived by adapting well to the unique specificities of the domestic market. President Mauricio Bannwart talks to Michael Sommers about how the company’s recent investments in the oil, hydro, and ethanol industries have…

JumboSack Corporation

In The Bag

JumboSack is a leading distributor of bulk bags in a range styles and sizes. David Soyka reports on this minority-owned, St. Louis-based business with over 15 years experience in the packaging industry.

Dr. Reddy's

Mexican Utility

Quality, commitment and customer service are the keys to growth for Mexican pharmaceuticals firm Dr Reddy’s, as Paul Harris reports.

Santana Textil do Brasil

Forever Denim

In the midst of cut-throat textile market with China dictating prices and dominating trade, Santana Textile of Brazil is getting prepared for an evolution in fashion that will put Brazilian denim on the top of the world textile market. Christopher…

Integrity Manufacturing

Manufacturing Metal

“Made in the USA” is more than just a slogan for Randall Waldman; it’s a mission. When he established Integrity Manufacturing LLC, a metal fabrication enterprise headquartered in Shepherdsville, Ken., in 2007 he wanted to promote American manufacturing and foster…

La Esperanza Grupo Industrial

Palatable Growth

Scale brings returns for Mexican pallet manufacturer La Esperanza Grupo Industrial, making it a more environmentally friendly company, as Paul Harris reports.

Coast Engine and Equipment Company (CEEC)

On Track

Coast Engine and Equipment Co. (CEECO), located in the Port of Tacoma, Wash., is the northwest's leading repair and rebuild shop for locomotives, rail cars and heavy diesel railroad engines. Barbara Kram reports.

Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc.

Changing Lanes

Honda of America Manufacturing Inc., the main North American production arm of the Honda Motor Company, has integrated the Japanese manufacturing concepts of its Japanese parent company with its own production innovtions. Click here to read the complete illustrated article…

Mi-T-M Corporation

Success Under Pressure

Mi-T-M Corporation is a highly specialized example of an American manufacturing success story. The company's quality pressure washers, generators, air compressors, industrial wet/dry vacuums, water treatment systems and other equipment are built to last a lifetime. Barbara Kram reports.

Guntert & Zimmerman Const. Div., Inc.

Paving A Global Path

California-based Guntert & Zimmerman Const. Div., Inc. has cemented a solid reputation as a leading equipment innovator. Its advanced machinery has changed the way contractors lay down concrete in major highway, airfield and canal projects around the world. Dan Harvey…

Empire Coach Enterprises

Traveling In Style

The aptly named Empire Coach Enterprises, a world-class limousine manufacturer headquartered in East Brunswick, N.J., has attracted an international clientele that includes heads-of-state, dignitaries and royalty. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally published or scroll down…

Industrias Kirkwood SA de CV

Growing Strong

Globalization has not been kind to some North American parts manufacturers. Others, on the other hand, have found unique ways to survive in the increasingly challenging marketplace. Mexico-based Kirkwood Industris has taken the changes in stride, and come up with…

Brafer Construções Metalicas S/A

Steely Resolve

There are many Brazilian companies that manufacture steel structures for industrial works and buildings, but Brafer is one of the top five in Latin America. Co-founder and vice president Luiz Carlos Caggiano Santos explains to Michael Sommers how the company…

Towmaster Trailers, Inc.

Master Towers

Towmaster Trailers Inc. is in it for the long haul. That commitment extends not only to its products – the most rugged and durable on the market – but to its growth plans. Dan Harvey describes how the Minnesota-based company…

Cangurú Embalagens S.A.

Plastic Performance

Canguru is a company that has excelled in developing plastic solutions for myriad markets, from diapers to pet food. Christopher Langner tells the story of how this company has become a Brazilian leader.

Central States Manufacturing

Right On Time Everytime

Central States Manufacturing demonstrates efficiency and accuracy. Janice Gable Bashman tells how this employee-owned company achieved success in the central United States market.

BBi Enterprises

Insular Innovation

BBI Enterprises manufacturers thermal and acoustic materials for interior, under-the-hood and trunk-related automobile components as well as interior trim for North American OEMs. David Soyka reports on a company that insulates against everything but success.

Intimark SA de CV

Clothes Connections

Mexican intimate clothing manufacturer Intimark aims to continue double-digit growth with rapid response to clients and changing clothing trends, as Paul Harris reports.

Grupo Eulen

Serving The World

While it’s true that Grupo Eulen is a Spanish company, it hasn’t stayed home. An aggressive expansion of its vast variety of services leaves Eulen well-positioned to continue riding the wave of globalization. Peter Krupa reports.

Container Research Corporation

Boxed Transport

Veteran-owned container research corporation engineers and builds specialized aluminum and steel containers used for the shipment and long term storage of military and commercial parts, primarily for use in aerospace applications. David Soyka gets inside this certified small business with…

Vanzin Industrial Auto Peças Ltda.

Exhaust Pros

Brazil's auto industry is experiencing record growth rates and comanies like Vanzin, makers of exhaust systems, are finding increasing opportunities to supply parts for the big manufacturers. Christopher Van Buren takes a look at Brazil's growing auto market.

Blissfield Manufacturing

Temperature Masters

Blissfield Manufacturing company's heat exchangers, oil coolers, condensers, evaporators and receiver tanks are top of the line. The Michigan-based company distinguishes its products by providing customers a high degree of customization. Cretivity and flexibility are keys to Blissfield's success, Dan…

ACE World Companies

Easy Handlers

In baseball parlance, an ace is a singular individual, the rare gem on the pitching staff. ACE World Companies’ entire staff, from management to engineers to shop floor personnel, are all aces. Dan Harvey explains how this Texas-based organization has…

Andron Stainless Corporation

Steely Resolve

Only 14 years old, Andron Stainless Corporation has demonstrated remarkable resiliency in adapting to global-force changes in its market place. The key word for the South Carolina-based enterprise has been customization. But quality and customer service have been equally important…

American Reliance Industries Co. (ARI)

Going The Extra Mile

When seven individuals came together to build a better product and provide better service in the custom sleeper market, they succeeded by creating one of the most sought after sleepers on the road today. Pat Whiteman learned how ARI is…

Essex PB&R

Every Second Counts

Essex PB&R makes safety its business. When it comes to the ability to see, breathe and survive during a disaster, Essex PB&R is the company homeland defense, law enforcement and first responders count on. Pat Whiteman reports.

The Security Industry Association

Market Securities

Emerging as an attractive place to do business, Brazil presents many opportunities for electronic security companies.

El Paso Regional Economic Development Corporation

The Ciudad Juarez – El Paso Borderplex:

The U.S./Mexico border done right.

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Taking Counterfeiters To Task

Underwriters Laboratories offers advice to manufacturers to undermine the efforts of overseas counterfeiters.

American Water Works Association

Water Pressures

American Water Works Association Identifies New Technologies to Address Current Water Issues.

LC Williams & Associates

America Primed For Industrial Evolution But Where Are The Skilled Workers?

Manufacturing Can Become Newest Dream Job.

National Association of Manufacturers

Building The Feature

Repairing the nation’s deteriorating infrastructure, from roads to waterways to airports, will take a concerted effort among citizens, businesses and government.

National Mining Association

Why Coal Is King

Coal Is Not the Problem, but the Solution to America’s Growing Energy Demand.

Dittus Communications, Inc.

The Future Of Energy

FutureGen tackles climate change as it integrates and advances near-zero emissions technology.

The Offshore Group

Offshore Strategies

It’s a competitive world out there; Mexico offers companies many advantages in cost savings that can help them achieve their goals.

Nina Dietrich LLC

Fair Price

What impact does the Leegin decision have on consumers and what must the manufacturer consider when examining vertical price maintenance strategies.

American Architectural Manufacturers Association

Innovating The Future

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association keeps a pace of trends in the industry to better support its members through myriad programs and services.

The Albright Group LLC

Pandemic Pandemonium

Scientific consensus is that an influenza pandemic is overdue. Too few businesses are heeding the warning to prepare, says James C. O’Brien, Principal of The Albright Group LLC

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