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Fricasa Alimentos

Meaty Matters

Based in Brazil’s southern state of Santa Catarina, Fricasa is a medium-sized producer of all things pork in a region where European immigrants (and tastes) run high. Michael Sommers discovers how the company has modernized its operations and outlook while…


Steering Sustainability

Read how McDonald’s® commitment to sustainability results in continual improvement towards better economic and ethical business practices.

Refrigerantes Xereta

Drinking to Success

Brazilian soft-drink company, Refrigerantes Xereta, produces 35 million liters of beverages every month, both for the national and international markets. With a complete and modern infrastructure, Xereta has recently expanded its portfolio of products and increased sales and market share.…


Candy on a Stick

For over 60 years, Simas has been a leading manufacturer of candies in the Brazilian northeast. Recently, however, the largest producer of lollipops in the country decided it was time to put its money where more mouths are. Michael Sommers…


Coconut Commerce

Sococo, a Brazilian company does one thing and does it right. Paulo Roberto Gomes, the company’s Executive Sales Manager, talked with Lee Weingast about how the company is branching out and expanding from its coconut base.


Tropics in a Bottle

The non-fat, highly nutritious liquid extracted from the core of the coconut is gaining recognition with consumers around the globe. Fabio Nino, Amacoco’s Executive Sales Manager, tells Lee Weingast about the company’s commitment to producing and packaging pure, filtered coconut…

A.M.S. Exotic, LLC

Baby Prizes

What AMS Exotic offers the world is baby vegetables – cute, delicious and colorful. Lorie Greenspan tells the story of how the company has come to lead in this segment through good farming and processing practices as well as unique…

Awrey Bakeries LLC

Baked to Perfection

Awrey Bakeries, LLC, one of the largest independent bakeries in the United States, boasts strong sales despite the struggling economy. The company, which is dedicated to quality, service, and safety, prides itself on its ability to produce high-quality baked goods…

Bridor Inc.

Tempting Tastes

Bridor USA has a new president at the helm and an ambition to continue its leadership in innovative pastry and bread products. As it prepares to celebrate its 25th anniversary this year, the company is more than ever set to…


Manufacturer of Hard Candy | Industry Today

It’s hard to imagine products that evoke heart-warming traditions more than cookies and candies. However, as Michael Sommers learned when talking to Cory, Brazil’s leading manufacturer of hard candy, when your primary consumers are kids, there’s no better recipe for…

Agro Nippo

Ensuring a Long Life

For the last four decades, Agro Nippo has been Brazil’s leading purveyor of East Asian food products. However, as the tide of Asian immigrants to Brazil has slowed, the company has sought new directions, and products, guaranteed to appeal to…

Corry Contract

Showing Its Metal

Corry Contract Inc. specializes in the manufacture of sheet-metal components, including chassis, cabinets, furniture, custom-fabricated frames and covers. Barbara Kram reports on the surprising variety of applications for the company’s design, fabrication and assembly expertise.

Flow International Corporation

Flow International Corporation | Industry Today

Flow International Corp. continues to forge new markets as it develops ever-advancing ultrahigh-pressure technologies. Join April Terreri to learn more about this global leader in waterjet technology.


Making an Entrance

"Mass customization" is the oxymoron Dunbarton Corporation applies to its expertise in manufacturing steel door frames and bifold doors. Gloria P. Cahill tells how the Alabama company gains entrée to key markets.

Sifco Forge Group

Sifco Forge Group | Industry Today

Mark Devaney writes about SIFCO Forge Group whose products can be found in virtually every airplane in the sky.


Medically Speaking… Image Counts

Dunlee is a world leader in designing, developing and delivering the most advanced diagnostic tubes to the medical community. Gloria P. Cahill scans the elements of the innovative company’s success.

Doble Engineering Company

The Knowledge Broker

As the company the electric power industry has leaned on for years, Doble Engineering Company has the resources to help utilities meet the challenges of today’s world. April Terreri learns about this strong, client-driven company.

Katolight Corporation

Powerfully Competent

Katolight Corporation continues to generate new and advanced products for the emergency backup power generator industry. April Terreri generates the story.

Design Space Inc.

Places to Go

Design Space, Inc. has become a leader in designing and manufacturing modular building systems by consistently meeting and exceeding standards for quality ... and fast. Gloria P. Cahill puts together the story.


Three’s Company

When three successful ventures became one capable company in May 2001, the manufacturing world found that it had a one-stop shop for a variety of manufacturing capabilities. Lorie Russo describes the merger that created Synergy Manufacturing Technology, Inc.

Happ Controls

A Lot More than Fun and Games

Product diversification, manufacturing flexibility, computerized proficiency, and distribution expertise have taken Happ Controls from making joysticks for amusement arcades to creating the operating controls for snow plows. Gloria P. Cahill describes how the Illinois company adapts to new markets.

Transistor Devices

Powering the Information Age

TDI Transistor Devices provides reliable, critical power solutions to leaders in telecommunications, computers, military, transportation, and test systems. Barbara Kram tells a powerful story.

Douglas Battery

Staying Power

Whatever the application, from running snowmobiles to powering a telecommunications central office, Douglas Battery provides products that are as durable as the company itself. Barbara Kram looks at their lasting legacy.


Bright Business

Hadco Lighting is dedicated to the fact that outdoor lighting can be beautiful, creative and functional. David Gill verifies Hadco’s devotion to top-quality design; engineering and manufacturing that has placed this company at the forefront of the outdoor lighting industry.

Diamond Electric Manufacturing

Flawless Quality

Diamond Electric Mfg. Corporation is a Japanese company with U.S. operations, and specializes in ignition coils for automotive and other applications. The future is as bright as the company’s name implies because of award-winning levels of manufacturing perfection, as Barbara…


Windows to Growth

There is as much going on at TRACO, one of the leading manufacturers of window systems in the United States, as there are buildings that need solid, quality windows. Lorie Russo reports on one of the industry’s major newsmakers.

Crystal Cabinet Works, Inc.

Heart of the Home

Custom is key and the customer is king for Crystal Cabinet Works, Inc., manufacturer of fine kitchen and bath cabinetry tHAT make a dream home a reality. Barbara Kram shows how the company’s quality endures.


Elementally Impressive

The Monsanto Soda Springs facility is the only producer of elemental phosphorus – an essential component in herbicides, hydraulic fluids, fire retardants, food products, and water purification systems – in North America. Gloria P. Cahill profiles the Idaho company on…


More Power to the People

For 32 years, Nautilus has designed strength training equipment for ultimate performance, optimum results and maximum durability. Janis Hubschman reports on the able-bodied company that has revolutionized the fitness equipment industry.

Precision Dynamics Corporation

A New Wave in Wristband ID

This leading international manufacturer of patient ID wristbands continues to develop new technologies for diverse applications and markets. April Terreri identifies the company’s capabilities.

Furman Foods

Recipe for Success

Furman Foods has found the right combination of quality, growth and customer satisfaction. Luke Cowles examines the food industry leader.

Nord Gear Corporation

Geared to Go

At Nord Gear Corporation, customers have many, many options roughly 20 million and counting. Lorie Russo shifts into the story.

Pure Fishing

Fishing’s Best Friend

Pure Fishing Inc. was founded 65 years ago by a teenager who used money from his paper route. Gene Newman reports on how the company grew into a $210 million global operation dedicated to helping the world’s 120 million anglers…

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