Magazine Issue March 2009 FDQ

Technology to Avoid Waste in LEAN Manufacturing

Within all manufacturing environments, wasteful activities are abounding in all areas, including communications. Although communications is not usually considered an area that causes waste, excellence in communications should be of serious concern.

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Jackson Marketing Group

How Manufacturers Select the Right Spokesperson

In marketing communications there are often discussions about hiring personalities or even models to speak on behalf of your company. This may a good strategy for advertisements or trade shows. However, in most instances when the media requests an interview,…

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Pedal to the Metal:

Rising Steel Costs Affect Product Prices

Bolstered by demand growth from the recovering construction and industrial sectors, the rising price of steel is weighing on product prices.

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Steel King

Safely Optimizing Pallet Flow and Pushback Rack Storage at a General Mills’ Plant

Consolidating rack systems increases storage capacity by 42 percent and frees up space, allowing the addition of 24 percent more inventory items

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The Albright Group LLC

Pandemic Pandemonium

Scientific consensus is that an influenza pandemic is overdue. Too few businesses are heeding the warning to prepare.

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Northwest Food Processors Association


The Northwest Food Processors Association starts harvesting innovation and productivity for food processors.

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Virginia Tech, Food Science and Technology

A Clear CaseAgainst Light

Providing innovation through packaging may also be valuable for protecting flavor and nutrition.

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Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

A MediterraneanFeast

Lorie Greenspan talks to Chef Rocco Dispirito and Bertolli Executive Chef Michael Christiansen, who teamed up to give consumers a bit of Mediterranean taste in great-tasting frozen entrees.

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GE Consumer & Industrial

Future World

GE's 'Kitchen of the Future' talks to itself...and to you. Lorie Greenspan finds how tomorrow's appliances will not only interact and communicate but will be able to do myriad other things - like provide rweather reports.

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Edelman PR

Catching the Cool Chain

Anchorage’s “Cool Chain” Brings Added Value and Freshness to Alaska’s Seafood.

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Gate Gourmet

In-Flight Ready

At 30,000 feet Gate Gourmet is as effective as it is on the ground, a veritable beehive of activity from soup to nuts, and pillows to headsets. Lorie Greenspan takes a trip through its facilities, where thousands make sure your…

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McKinsey & Company

Harvesting Latin America’s Agribusiness Opportunity

Argentina and Brazil are already agricultural giants. But the best local companies are far in advance of the rest.

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Global Cold Chain Alliance

Southern Links:

Global Cold Chain Alliance participates in Colombia Cold Chain Congress.

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Fideicomiso de Riesgo Compartido (FIRCO)

Sustainable Frontiers

Mexican agricultural sector tests the waters in implementing viable renewable energy programs.

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Southard Communications

What Not to Waste

Catching the Green Wave™ is a new program launched by Blue Pacific Flavors to be a green, lean and responsible social manufacturing company.

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Goshen Coach

Corps d’elite

Goshen Coach outfits municipalities and a wide range of organizations throughout the country with durable, attractive and value-priced buses to fit every need. April Terreri conducts the tour.

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Collins & Aikman

Interiors in Motion

Collins & Aikman Corporation has focused its operations on the global automotive industry over the past five years through a series of strategic acquisitions and divestitures, while preserving a 150-year tradition of manufacturing excellence, according to Janis Hubschman.

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Feeling the Heat

Thermometrics doesn’t care about getting a little heat. It’s what the company stays in business to do. Lorie Russo explains.

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Genlyte Thomas Group

A Brilliant Company

Most mergers result in all-encompassing strategies to combine brands, operations and functions into one organization. Genlyte Thomas went the opposite way after its formation. Dave Gill explains why it was the right way to go.

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Motor Products Corporation

Putting the “Custom” into Customer

Motor Products Corporation doesn’t know the meaning of the term “off the shelf.” Michael Terreri customizes the story.

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Olin Aegis

Sealed Up Tight


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Boundless Corporation

The Two Faces of Success

With the launch of a new subsidiary, Boundless Corporation has established itself as a major player in two distinct businesses. David Gill relates the story behind this customer-focused provider of computer and Internet appliance products.

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Commonwealth Aluminum

Casting Directors

The spotlight is on Commonwealth Aluminum, one of North America’s leading manufacturers of quality aluminum sheet and aluminum tubing used in major industries. Join April Terreri front row center.

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Alexander Technologies

Powering the Portable World

Alexander Technologies’ batteries and battery-related products have charged it into a leadership position of one of the world’s leading growth industries, as Michael Terreri shows.

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Simonton Windows


At Simonton, a leading window producer, the business philosophy is to take a whole new point of view in making the best, energy-efficient product, according to Lorie Russo.

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Pratt & Whitney Canada Inc.

Flying Higher in Service

David Gill pilots the story of Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Service Center Network – one of the most comprehensive customer-support entities in the aerospaceindustry, and now reorganized into an even more focused unit.

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Schweizer Aircraft

Sky Kings

With more than 60 years of operation as a family-owned manufacturer of technologically advanced aircraft, Schweizer Aircraft Corporation is positioned to soar even higher in its impressive evolution. April Terreri is your flight attendant.

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Aurora Casket Company

High-Tech Heaven

David Gill reports on how Aurora Casket Company has added energy to the funeral-service industry through its high-tech initiatives.

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Select Comfort


There’s no more counting sheep on a Select Comfort bed. Lorie Russo tells the bedtime story of this manufacturer’s ambitious efforts to improve how people sleep.

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Manitowoc Marine Group

Fleet Admirals

The only full-service shipyard company on the Great Lakes, Manitowoc Marine Group carries a century-old heritage that embraces superior shipbuilding expertise and notable contributions to U.S. naval history. Join April Terreri in the captain’s lounge.

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Chamberlain Manufacturing Corp.

Iron Butterfly

From butter making to ammunition production, Chamberlain Manufacturing Corporation has mastered the process of metamorphosing. Lorie Russo reports.

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Metals USA, Inc.

e plubris unum

Metals USA has the strength of more than 100 steel manufacturing companies and the unified capability to assure its customers superior service and quality. April Terreri tours the mills.

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Endries International Inc.

The Cupboard is Bare

Endries International Inc. manages the parts bins for hundreds of companies that need fasteners, hardware, fittings and other Class C components. Michael Terreri takes stock of the company.

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Seats Authority

Providing not only seating but also entire furniture environments, KI has established a blueprint for success in its ability to focus on solutions for targeted segments of the specialized furniture market. Come set a spell with April Terreri.

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Bridgeport Machines

Shaping the Future

Bridgeport Machines, Inc., an experienced leader in the highly challenging machine-tool industry, continues to create imaginative solutions for its rapidly growing customer base of major original-equipment manufacturers. Gene Newman reports on the award-winning company’s move toward globalization under its new…

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Steel Dynamics, Inc.

Men of Steel

In 1993, Keith Busse, Mark Millett and Dick Teets had the courage to found Steel Dynamics — and proved that a new U.S. company could make good in the steel market. Michael Terreri outlines their firm’s remarkable journey to success…

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Anchor Lamina Inc.

Nose to the Grindstone

Making profits out of die-set manufacturing requires innovative thinking in this ever-evolving business world. Lorie Russo explains how Anchor Lamina has achieved global success by producing one of the most comprehensive product lines in the field.

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Bermo Incorporated

The Quality Way

At Bermo, if it’s not good enough for the employees, it’s definitely not good enough for anyone else. Lorie Russo explains how a 50-year-old business philosophy remains fresh for the company in today’s global business environment.

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Arrow Lock

Bagels and Locks

Brooklyn-based Arrow Lock produces locks, exit devices and door closers in numbers that rival the production of bagels and bialys in this New York borough. Michael Terreri files this report from Canarsie.

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