Magazine Issue June 2019
Arneg Brasil

A Prominent Display of Know-How

Arneg Brasil makes a case for introducing – and adapting – global trends and technology to anticipate the demands of Brazil’s food retailers.

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Diamond Green Diesel

Renewable Diesel

Diamond Green Diesel, a joint venture between a Valero subsidiary and Darling Ingredients to produce renewable diesel, expands production.

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Entergy Texas

Powering the Future

Entergy Texas is a fully integrated, investor-owned utility company meeting rising demand in Southeast Texas with clean energy.

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Frank Culbertson

Looking Upwards

Retired astronaut Frank L. Culbertson discusses the roles of the public and private sector in the space program and why we need to go there.

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Houston Community College

HCC Becomes a Registered Apprenticeship Center

Houston Community College (HCC) and the U.S. Department of Labor joined forces to launch a manufacturing apprenticeship program.

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National Center for the Middle Market

Move the Needle in the Middle Market

Learn how strength and culture types can drive your company forward. Based on research from the National Center for the Middle Market.

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Plastic Express

Getting There

Plastic Express, a leading logistical solutions provider for the plastic and other non-hazardous materials industries, expands to Georgia.

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SkillsBuild Training

Technology Career Challenges for Women and Minorities

Wage gaps, lack of training access and mentoring for women and minorities results in $400 billion missed potential gain annually.

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Bringing on the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Amid difficult economic times, Sotreq draws on its digital DNA to distinguish itself as an innovative after-sales service provider.

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Super Products

Super Products

Super Products is a leading manufacturer of truck mounted vacuum equipment with innovative features for various applications.

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Tauber Institute for Global Operations

Solving Operations Challenges for the World’s Top Companies

The Institute continues to produce top-level leaders who seamlessly integrate business and engineering while shaping future operations.

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UK Department for International Trade

Designing the Future of Mobility

Technology is poised to make global transport systems of the future smarter, cleaner and safer.

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