Magazine Issue April 2011 FDQ

Big Beef

Braslo Produtos de Carnes Ltda has been the exclusive supplier of Mcdonald’s hamburgers and other meat products in Brazil since 1982 and following its recent acquisition by the Marfrig Group is now a part of one of the country’s largest…

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Nor-Cal Beverage

Co-Pack Competence

Nor-Cal Beverage Co., Inc. was a large regional bottler of soft drinks for 70 years until the company ditched its whole business plan to become a contract packer (co-packer) of enhanced beverages. Barbara Kram reports on California's family-owned beverage leader.

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Golden County Foods

Prize Potatoes

Golden County Foods placed itself on the map by enhancing the flavor profile of the lackluster potato. But as the Plover, Wis.-based company developed, it diversified into other directions. In the process it attracted the interest of an investor group…

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Maximus Coffee Group

World-Class Coffee

Maximus Coffee Group, a third generation family-owned coffee brewer and powdered drinks producer based in Houston, Texas, provides the most fully-integrated suite of coffee production and packaging services available for private labeling. David Soyka reports on a tradition of roasting…

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Mid South Baking Company

Bread Winners

Bucking conventional business wisdom, Mid South Bakery focuses all of its activities on a single client. In any other situation, that makes for risky business. But the Texas-based bun provider works with Mcdonald’s. Dan Harvey describes the mutually beneficial arrangement.

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Carroll County Foods

Food Chain

Food service distributor Carroll County Foods, part of the Performance Food Group, helps its customers' restaurants and organizations adapt to a challenging economy through access to thousands of product options that preserve quality and value. Barbara Kram reports on the…

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Dart Container Corporation

A Foam Revolution

Think that by choosing paper cups over polystyrene foam cups you’re saving the environment? Well, you’re not. And Dart Container Corporation has the environmental facts to prove it as the company continues to advance a greener way of doing business,…

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Mafco Worldwide Corporation

Sweet Taste of Success

More than a century ago, Mafco worldwide corporation was established as the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality licorice extract products, principally to the USA tobacco industry. Since then, the Camden, N.J.-headquartered business has extended this leading position in quality…

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LSG Sky Chefs

Flying High

Viewing the state of the airline industry, it’s amazing that a company that specializes in supplying in-flight meals can survive, let alone thrive. However, as Michael Sommers discovers, thrive is something that LSG Sky Chefs has been doing especially well…

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Advancing Technology

At Semitool, manufacturers of wet chemical processing equipment for semiconductors, the idea is not to think outside the box, but into the next box to reach the outer limits of innovative technology, as Lorie Greenspan discovers.

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Nuttall Gear

The Total Drive Source

Nuttall Gear is the only gear company that specializes in providing complete packaged assemblies of both mechanical and electrical drive components. Nuttall understands that it takes more than just good gears to make a good company, which is why the…

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Moore Tool

Geometry of Precision

Moore Tool built its reputation on delivering high-precision, high-accuracy machines to worldwide metalworking and optical industries. April Terreri has the story.

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Parker Hanniifin Corp.

Pressure Player

Mark Devaney reports on Parker Hannifin Instrumentation Connectors Division, the leading manufacturer of the highest-quality instrumentation tube fittings to service multiple industries around the world.

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Ipsen International

Heat Blast

The largest producer of heat-treating systems in the world, Ipsen International draws upon its company’s extensive technological expertise to continually advance the industry and offer manufacturers myriad solutions. Lorie Greenspan reports.

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Baltimore Aircoil Company

Hot Company, Cool Products

The upcoming launch of a new, award-winning cooling tower is the latest example of Baltimore Aircoil Company’s pinnacle position in the evaporative cooling industry. Innovation and quality have made this company the industry leader for 65 years.

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Hi-Rise Recycling Companies, Inc.

Trash to Treasure

Need to dust off a failing company and make it sparkle again? Call in Dennis Donahue. Known for his ability to turn companies around, Donahue is now in the refuse business for the long haul. Pat Whiteman relays the story.

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Tennessee Valley Authority

The Big Deal

If the Tennessee River is the lifeblood, the Tennessee Valley Authority is the heart, pumping a continuous stream of resources, funding, economic benefits and power generation into an area once ravaged by poverty and now a magnet for a diverse…

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A Molding of Ideas

From compression to state-of-the-art molding capabilities, Neff-Perkins Company is consistently making tried-and-true designs work in new ways - always pushing the technology envelope to reinvent old designs for newer, more sophisticated systems. The company has established itself as a leader…

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Jet Edge, Inc.

Jetting Away From the Competition

Over the last two decades, waterjet technology has gained acceptance throughout industry due in no small part to the work of Jet Edge®, an early proponent of the technology. Join Edward N. Chaves as he traces the development of Jet…

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High Wired

If you’re closing in on the century mark, you deserve respect. National–Standard, a company that leads the market in the production of wire products, has well earned its reputation.

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M-D Building Products

Weathering Heights

Oklahoma is the home of M-D Building Products, a company initially formed to keep out dust that has grown to become a national home products producer. Lorie Greenspan has the story.

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Harsco Track Technologies

Revolutionary Forces

A company with roots extending to the Revolutionary War, Harsco Corporation has become a global player in providing a range of industrial services and products, from mill services to gas and fluid control technology. Join Lorie Greenspan as she traces…

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Crane Carrier

Booming Business

A leading manufacturer of custom-built, heavy-duty specialty chassis, Crane Carrier Company contributes to an operator’s bottom line with durable mobile equipment for refuse collection, freight and container handling and other applications. As Barbara Kram reports, their equipment is the solution…

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Aerothrust Corporation

Power to Spare

AeroThrust Corporation is a jet engine overhaul facility specializing in the repair, overhaul and lease of Pratt & Whitney engines for customers around the world. Barbara Kram tells why this company is as dynamic and high powered as the machines…

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Aeronca, Inc.

A Quiet Revolution

Aeronca, Inc., a Magellan Aerospace Company, specializes in engineering and manufacturing exhaust systems and other engine/nacelle components for commercial airliners. Barbara Kram tells why their brazing and other capabilities are so important to aircraft makers and airlines alike.

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Bosch Home Appliances

Poised to Clean the Market

Combining German vanguard engineering and good, old-fashioned American manufacturing ingenuity, Bosch is well positioned to increase dramatically its dishwasher market segment. Review April Terreri’s full-text readout.

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Esselete Corporation

Organizing at the Speed of Business

As the world’s largest manufacturer of office products, Esselte produces thousands of top-quality filing systems and organizers that enhance the productivity of millions of people in 120 countries. Gloria P. Cahill checks the dossier of Esselte Corporation, the global company’s…

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Handgard Inc.

White Glove Treatment

Handgards® innovative food handling products aremanufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure food safety in schools, hospitals, restaurants, catering kitchens and other settings. Barbara Kram reports on the ingredients of their success.

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Native Textiles

Long Lasting Fabric

Mark Devaney reports on Native Textiles, a company that has survived and is starting to thrive despite multiple ownership changes and foreign competition.

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Subaru of America, Inc.

For all seasons

Subaru is the first and only auto maker to sell 100 percent all wheel drive in the U.S. Barbara Kram explains how their core technologies add value, performance, handling and safety across all models.

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Green Tokai Co., Ltd.

Patents on Success

Homegrown technology from Green Tokai Co., Ltd. is taking the automotive industry by storm. Edward N. Chaves checks out the Ohio-based company.

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Fujitsu Ten Corp. of America

Onshore Onslaught

Fighting the current flight of automotive manufacturers to greener pastures overseas, companies such as Fujitsu Ten Corp. of America have had to adapt and transition in order to keep their businesses thriving. Lorie Greenspan reports on the successful changeover.

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Milwaukee-based Enerpac, with roots in the early auto industry, continues to define itself as a world leader in the manufacture of hydraulic systems, as Lorie Greenspan discovers.

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ArvinMeritor Inc.

The Drive toward Perfection

ArvinMeritor has set its sights on becoming the number one automotive supplier; its Specialty Products Group is coming close to filling those shoes by valuing its customer relationships and continuing to supply world-class technology and service. Lorie Greenspan finds out…

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