Magazine Issue January 2012 FDQ

Supply Management Professionals Seek Competency in Negotiation, Cost Management, Supplier Relationship Management and More

New Institute for Supply Management® Mastery Model™ white paper provides them with a roadmap for success at every level

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Optimizing Labeling for Today’s Global Supply Chain

In today's fast-paced global economy, it's critical to identify, understand and measure how labeling impacts your supply chain and your company's business growth.

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MAPI Analysis on ISM Index

"The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) index, a short-term leading indicator of U.S. manufacturing growth, increased by 0.7 percentage points from May to a level of 53.5% in June," noted Cliff Waldman, director of economic studies for the MAPI Foundation,…

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All Aboard Florida Names Siemens Maintenance Provider For Trains

Maintenance Work to Create Approximately 110 New Jobs

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How Forward-Thinking Companies Use Innovation Contests to Race Past the Competition

The pressure to invent, reinvent and improve technologies, products and services has become so fast and furious that traditional development processes and cycles can't cut it.

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Diamond Estates Winses & Spirits Ltd.

Sparkeling Gem

A baseball diamond is an emerald upon the landscape and a field of dreams. So is Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits. Co-Founders Andrew Green and Murray Marshall combined vision and strategy to cultivate a Canadian beverage alcohol industry jewel. Dan…

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Ocean Choice International (OCI)

Fresh Perspective

Ocean Choice International (OCI) has long been regarded as a top fresh seafood supplier. Recently, the Canadian-based enterprise felt the need to remind the world – through a new marketing campaign. Consider its message a note shoved in a bottle…

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Sorocaba Refrescos

A Refreshing Take

Brazil’s Sorocaba Refrescos is responsible for production and distribution of Coca-Cola products, in addition to a long list of beers and beverages throughout the country. Helen Larkin reports on the company that stands behind the biggest names in beverages.

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The Beer Store

The Greening of Ice Cold Suds

In the United States, “green beer” typically means a food-dyed brew that accompanies a raucous March 17 St. Patty’s celebration. But north of the border, in Canada, it defines a century-old enterprise that purveys the libation in an environmentally friendly…

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Vivenda do Camarao

Think Shrimp

Topping and tailing shrimps for over 25 years, Vivenda do Camarão is one of Brazil’s fastest growing restaurant chains and the company’s top chefs are using their heads to maintain outstanding taste and quality and expand product lines. In the…

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Bel Chocolates

Hot Chocolates

Founded 35 years ago, family-run Bel Chocolates has a history of affectionately perfecting confectionary in the tropical climate of Brazil. Today the company is one of the country’s fasting growing brands of chocolate and candy and exports treats around the…

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Kahiki Foods

Tweaking Tiki

A leading provider of frozen Asian cuisine, Kahiki Foods helped reinvent the frozen-food concept. Not only has the Ohio-based company provided consumers more meal options, it has elevated a food industry segment with enhanced quality, convenience and flavor. The story…

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Here’s the Beef!

FPL Food LLC may be a regional operation, but it provides the template for companies operating anywhere in the beef processing industry. Serving retail and food service clients – and ultimately the consumer – the Georgia-based enterprise has set standards…

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Parmalat Canada Inc.

Balanced Dairy Case Management

With more than a 125 year heritage of producing quality brands, Parmalat Canada milk and dairy products, cheeses and table spreads, cultured products and fruit juices offer consumers trusted choices for a tasteful and well balanced diet. David Soyka reports…

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Zentis Food Solutions NA LLC

Savoring Sweet Success

More than 100 years old, the Germany-based company Zentis expanded from a grocery store into one of Europe’s largest jam and confectionary producers and fruit processors. After conquering its own continent, Zentis trained its eye on North America. This led…

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Sweet Success

Engarrafamento Pitú Ltda.’s tagline – “Pitú – The Brazilian Mania” – is far more than a slogan. It reflects a national passion for the cachaça, a spirit distilled from sugar cane. Paula Menna Barreto Hall raises a glass to the…

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Dairy Farmers of Ontario

Mississauga Milk Marketers

Dairy Farmers of Ontario has brought stability into a regional industry where chaos once ruled. Peter Gould, the organization’s CEO, described for Dan Harvey the impact it has had on buyers and sellers.

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Café Rio

Fresh Approach

Café Rio is a company-owned chain of restaurants that specializes in fresh Mexican food made from scratch every day. David Soyka samples this growing regional eatery’s recipe for success inspired by traditional cooking found in the Rio Grande region of…

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Toasting Success

With over 80 years of history, Cereser is one of the most traditional alcoholic beverage companies in Brazil, not to mention one of the largest. However, as Michael Sommers discovered, if recent activities are any indication, it is also one…

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Big on Cola

With just a little more than 20 years of experience in the soft drink industry, Ajegroup, a multi-national bottled drink company based in Peru, has expanded into 16 different countries and claimed a strong foothold in today’s international soft drink…

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Bakewise Brands

New Name, New Game

For 40 years, Fleischer’s Bagel Inc. has been a trusted partner to many of the food industry’s leading retailers, food service distributors and national brand marketers. In recent years, it has stepped up its activities a notch. The company provided…

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Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

Oil Rich

Brazil President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva says Brazil may become 3rd-largest oil producer.

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Begging for Money

With the U.S. running a current deficit of $176.4 billion, the Treasury is obsessed with attracting foreign money into the economy, ignoring the security risks this could create William Hawkins argues.

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News & Views

Everybody’s Listening

When candidates talk, they just don’t speak to the audience at hand, but to audiences in Canada, Israel and across the world. In an era of instantaneous global communications, what’s said in one place never stays in one place, as…

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In the News

The Price You Pay

Economist Donald A. Norman explains how the price of oil will continue to rise unless world production expands sufficiently in a new MAPI report.

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Dollars & Sense

Optimize and Sell

Deloitte’s Richard Hayes and Christine Cutten tell how to drive performance improvement in sales and marketing.

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Fargo, North Dakota


Where the buffalo still roam and President Theodore Roosevelt returned to hone his presidential prowess is where you'll find the city of Fargo, one of the best places in the country to work and live. And snow? What snow?

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Twin City Die Casting Company

Tale of Twin City

Twin Cities Die Castings is a full-service provider of zinc, aluminum and magnesium precision die-castings for industries ranging from automotive, to medical to lawn and garden to consumer electronics. David Soyka learns how this family-owned business continues to survive in…

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Columbia Steel Casting

Steel Castings

Columbia Steel is committed to helping customers increase production by offering quality high-strength wear-resistant replacement parts, primarily for large machinery. April Terreri molds the story.

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Buhler Group

A Never Ending Story

With nearly 150 years’ experience, Buhler Inc. offers its customers a lot more than process equipment. Already a strong global presence, its venture into new markets – such as nanotechnology – promises further market domination. April Terreri has the storY.

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HUSCO International

Engineered Success

HUSCO International is a leading global manufacturer of hydraulic and electro-hydraulic controls for off-highway equipment and automotive applications. Its strategy to grow during the economic downturn: Increased engineering, R&D and facility investments to meet current and future customer needs at…

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Sherry Labs

Analyizing for Safety

Sherry Laboratories provides materials testing and analyzing services to the world’s leading OEMs, components suppliers and manufacturers of just about ‘everything under the sun.’ Join April Terreri in the lab.

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Process Evolution

Sundyne Corporation has a long and established history in manufacturing a range of products serving the process industries. April Terreri learns how this company has been world-renowned for decades in its field.

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Generac Power Systems

Backup Guardian

Mark Devaney writes about Guardian (Generac Power Systems, Inc.), leading manufacturer of generators and engines for home and RV applications.

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Carling Tech.

Switching Channels

Avenues for growth sometimes travel in myriad directions; at Carling Technologies such growth was fueled, nearly 50 years ago, when the company opted to redirect itself from a tooling operation to a manufacturer of innovative switch technologies. Lorie Greenspan discovers…

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Natel Engineering

Chip Off the New Block

Experts in hybrid/microelectronics, Natel Engineering Co. was already a well-established maker of microelectronics for the aviation and defense industries when officials at the California-based firm decided to turn things up a notch with the latest manufacturing methods. William Bunch reports…

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Genie Industries

Need a Lift?

Ever since 1966 washington-based Genie Industries has been providing magic in a bottle - the carbon dioxide that powers its large product lines of lifts, booms and work platforms, starting with the legendary Genie hoist. As William Bunch reports, the…

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Hanson Spancrete, Inc.

Minnesota Materials

Hanson Spancrete Inc. is a global leader in the manufacture of construction materials. Mark Devaney reports on the company's Minnesota-based operation.

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Viceroy Homes LTD

Constructing a Dream

Almost half a century ago, one Toronto entrepreneur had an idea that he could make people’s dream homes more affordable. Today he is selling his packaged homes across the globe. Marianne Sullivan looks at the company’s unique system and its…

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Grease is the Word

This may be a scary time to be supplying the auto industry, big steel and other American-based heavy industries, yet Chemtool has been able to grow its business by 40 percent over the last three years. William Bunch looks at…

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Irving Tanning

Well Tanned

The leather tanning industry is one of the oldest in the world. Its modern-day practitioners are no less interested in the end-product as their ancestors but newer technologies and processes have at least helped one company – Irving Tanning of…

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Sensient Tech. Corp.

Common Senses

It all comes down to having sense; the sense to recognize when something needs to be changed and the perseverance to see it through. Sensient Technologies recognized the need for change. Under Chairman and CEO Kenneth P. Manning, the company…

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Avcorp Industries

Filling a Sky-high Niche

A first-tier aerospace industry supplier, Avcorp Industries Inc. designs, fabricates and assembles components and structures for top-flight aircraft manufacturers. Gloria P. Cahill scans the Canadian corporation’s growth horizon.

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Kilgore Flares

The Heat that Protects

Kilgore Flares Company is the largest supplier of conventional infrared decoys to the U.S. Department of Defense. A wholly owned subsidiary of the Chemring Group PLC, Kilgore Flares develops and produces infrared countermeasure flares and other pyrotechnic devices for military…

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Fueling Commands

AMFUEL is the major supplier of Military aircraft fuel tanks and coated fabrics products to the US government and major aircraft OEMs. April Terreri has the story.

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Gussco Manufacturing

Organizing Inside and Out

This Brooklyn-based company has been coming up with solutions for office organization for nearly a century. Marianne Sullivan looks at how this family-owned business is thriving even as the paperless office takes root.

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Ages of Enlightment

This “employee-owned” Massachusetts-based company has been designing high performance lighting systems for more than 65 years. Marianne Sullivan takes a look at the engineering and design capabilities that have placed Litecontrol ahead of its competitors.

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Kitchen Magic

BSH Home Appliances brings Precision European engineering, styling and functionality To every level of American cookery. Join April Terreri to see what’s cooking.

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Dacor Encore

Aesthetic innovation defines Dacor, a leading designer and manufacturer of appliances for home use. April Terreri has the story.

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Curbell, Inc.

100 Percent Plastic

Curbell Plastics started out as a fabricator 60 years ago and has evolved into one of the nation’s largest distributors of plastic products.

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Wilcox Press

Pressing Concerns

A sluggish economy combined with new technology is changing the way commercial printers conduct business. Wilcox Press explains to David Soyka how confronting and embracing change is keeping their presses running.

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Ramallo International Center

Fine Print

This Puerto Rican company has combined the printing needs of an island under one roof. Marianne Sullivan looks at how Ramallo brothers now offers one-stop shopping to ensure ease, reliability and cost savings.

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