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Roberto Luis Troster

Finding A Creditable Approach

Financing is needed for small and medium enterprises in Brazil.

Cornerstone Regional Development Partnership

Super Market

The city of Jacksonville and its Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) are leading the way in the region’s growth and with a new 158-acre cargo terminal, the area is poised to become a major economic force.

The Instituto Nacional do Plastico, INP

Plastic Frontiers

The Instituto Nacional do Plastico (INP) is the Brazilian entity that helps to promote plastics activities in Brazil and is helping to grow the enormous potential of this sector.

Discover America Partnership

At Home Abroad

Welcoming foreign travelers can have a positive impact on economy and national security.

INA - Industria Nacional de Autopartes, A.C.

Moving Forward

The automobile industry in Mexico got one boost from the North American Free Trade Agreement and a second one from Industria Nacional de Autopartes, A.C., (INA), which makes sure the industry steers clear of bumps in the road to dominate…

National Association of Manufacturers

Taming The Tiger

Tough – Yet encouraging – NAM leaders seek to lessen China’s currency roar.

ABRE, Brazilian Packaging Association

Big Things In Small Packages

Brazil may be a small player in the global packaging industry but it’s big when it comes to innovation, creativity and successful distribution and Associação Brasileira de Embalagem (ABRE) leads in helping this sector attain its goals.

American Chemistry Council

Pillars Of Security

American Chemistry Council members adopt code that addresses the most important aspects of chemical security: facilities, cyber and transportation networks.

AMEE, Asociacion Mexicana de Envase y Embalaje

Packaged Success

Asociacion Mexicana de Envase y Embalaje is the organization responsible for overseeing the packaging industry in Mexico, devising various programs that are enabling the industry to grow and prosper.

National Confederation of Industry, CNI

The Winds Of Change

Brazil’s economy is undergoing dramatic change and with it, so are the business opportunities.

Camara Mexicana de la Industria de la Construccion

Building Solid Ground

Mexico’s construction industry is on its way to facilitating huge growth in México.


Driving The Superspeedway

NASCAR has come from the small tracks of the Southeast at a high straightaway speed and its aftermarket licensing group helps to gain the brand even more exposure.

Exxon Mobil Corporation

Energy Frontiers

ExxonMobil Chairman and CEO Rex W. Tillerson outlines our future energy needs – and how the U.S. can achieve its goals.


All In One Package

Consumers aren’t the only ones who value one-stop shopping. The manufacturers who place the products on store shelves appreciate the convenience as well. That’s why many major food and beverage companies turn to KHS, Inc. Dan Harvey reports how the…

Ware, Inc.

Boiling Over

A family-owned business founded in 1952, Ware sells and leases boilers, chillers and related equipment. David Soyka reports on how this Kentucky company chills out with a steamy business that keeps businesses running full speed ahead.

WFI Global, Inc.

Envisioning Energy Efficiency

WaterFurnace International is a Midwestern supplier of energyefficient geothermal heating and cooling systems for residential and commercial applications. David Soyka warms up to a discussion about better methods of heating and air conditioning that pay off in the long run.

Triumph Aerospace Systems Group

Taking Flight

Triumph Group is on its way to becoming a billion dollar company. The aviation conglomerate has aggressive plans for international growth. A decade after going public, the company shares its flight plan with writer George Lauer.

Turtle Top

Safe & Savvy

A forward-thinking producer of specialty vehicles since 1962, Turtle Top delivers superior aesthetics, safety and service to its growing marketplace. Pat Whiteman hops on board to take a look-see.

UNOVIS Solutions

Wire Proof

The merge of four divisions from two respected companies, UNOVIS brings the best technologies to advance the semi-conductor and electronics assembly markets. Lorie Greenspan tells the story of how UNOVIS advances its customers’ operations.

Vallen Proveedora de Seguridad Industrial del Golfo S.A. de C.V.

Safety In Numbers

Lorie Greenspan profiles Vallen Proveedora Industrial, which has become a leading provider on the Mexican market of a wide a range of industrial safety products using Mexican suppliers with a penchant for quality and innovation.

Vitracoat Pinturas en Polvo S.A. de C.V.

Powder Power

With 65 percent of market participation in Mexico and an accelerated growth rate in the United States, Vitracoat has become a market leader. Manufacturing industrial coatings for over 50 years and powder coatings for over 15, this Mexican company is…

Parker Hannifin, Racor Division

Filtered To Perfection

For more than 30 years, the Racor Division of Parker Hannifin has fine-tuned engine protection with a versatile product line of fuel, air, and oil filtration systems. Now, with its innovative technology, Racor is poised to advance the nation’s transition…

Portobello S.A.

Tile Beauty

Ceramica Portobello, from Brazil, has grown by concentrating on what seems hard to achieve: offering exclusive styles of ceramic tile for upper class consumers. Christopher Langner reports.

Serigraph, Inc.

Image Maker

Serigraph, Inc. is a leading global designer and manufacturer of specialty printed plastic decorating solutions targeted to provide product and brand differentiation for OEMs in a range of diverse industries. David Soyka looks at the print out.

Murray Guard

Sense of Security

Murray Guard, Inc., has become one of the leading private security companies in the Southeast, protecting everything from the corner bank to a nuclear facility. Writer William Bunch talks to company President Gerald “Buster” Ferguson about how this Tennessee-based company…

OB Companies/Simply Self Storage LLC

Storage Simplified

Simplicity is a keyword for OB Companies/Simply Self Storage, as it provides convenience and piece of mind for customers storing their most valuable possessions. However, the organization itself is complex, with a reach extending into 14 states and Puerto Rico.…

Magal Industria E Comercio Ltda

Shifting Gears

Magal was a small company that began in the early 1950s, making domestic utensils and parts for typewriters. Today, the Brazilian company is part of an international chain of production and supply businesses that supply light-metal parts for the automotive…


Boom Business

Manitex is a leading manufacturer of truck mounted, hydraulic telescoping lifting equipment. David Soyka cranes his neck upward to see how this Texas-based business reaches towards new heights of success.

Grupo Gonher

Industrial Strength

Grupo Gonher’s business philosophy has focused on employing the best contemporary business practices and being open to new approaches. This philosophy of excellence guided the company to become a modern corporation, leader in the Mexican market. Susana Baumann reports.

Grupo Quimmcos S.A. de C.V. (Forja de Monterrey S.A. de C.V.)

Forging Ahead

With a mixture of acquisitions and cost-cutting innovative technology, Grupo Quimmco enjoys spectacular growth in the automotive components industry, as Richard Grabman learns.

Heroux-Devtek Inc.

Up, Up & Away

 From its humble beginnings as a small machine shop founded during World War II, Heroux-Devtek has expanded into a global leader in the manufacture of aircraft landing gear and other components. William Bunch tells how this well-grounded Canadian company is…

Industrias Jobar R.L. de C.V.

Best Blues

A Mexican leader in the jeans industry has developed a strategy to maintain leadership and penetrate additional markets. Susana Baumann describes how Industrias Jobar has met the demands of foreign private labels by going beyond their quality standards.

Kalyn Siebert

Bearing The Load

From humble small-town roots in the heart of Texas, Kalyn Siebert has grown steadily to become an industry leader in trailers for the oil-services industry and other heavy-duty users. William Bunch tells how this subsidiary of Heil Manufacturing is taking…

Grupo Construcciones Planificadas S.A. de C.V., CONSTRUPLAN

Constructing Business

From regional leadership to national exposure, Construplan has built its portfolio with the most important national and international clients in the construction industry. A company with a clear vision, Construplan has built a deep foundation, as Susana Baumann reports.

Constructor Ara S.A. de C.V.

Building Concrete Dreams

Consorcio ARA, the most profitable housing developer in Mexico, is a financially solid public corporation with great vision, creativity and future. The company has taken advantage of financial opportunities and scale economies to achieve high quality at low cost. Susana…

Cox Automation Systems

Automatic Sensations

In its nearly half century of existence, Cox Automation Systems has established a strong presence in the United States by offering highly innovative and flexible technology. More recently, the Illinois-based company has extended its reach globally, thanks to international associations,…

D.O.T. Tiedown & Lifting Equipment

Taking Off

D.O.T. Tiedown celebrates its 10th anniversary with re-birth and a growth spurt. Profits soaring for cargo control and airline container leasing firm. George Lauer profiles the company, which is charting its course in clear skies ahead.

Great Plains Industries, Inc.

Measured Success

Positioned in the American Heartland, Great Plains Industries, Inc. provides fluid transfer and liquid flowmeter technology for companies around the world. Further, by continuing its manufacturing in the United States, the Kansas-based company can offer its sophisticated devices at competitive…

Claudius Peters

Making It To The Top

For a century, the international Claudius Peters Group has been at the vanguard of materials handling and processing technology. It has maintained this position with the help of its regional divisions, specifically Claudius Peters (Americas) Inc. Dan Harvey reports how…

Clement Industries

Hauling Innovators

America’s leader in dump trailers, Clement Industries has been maximizing profits for bulk material haulers for over 50 years. Pat Whiteman has the roadworthy details. Click here to read the complete illustrated article as originally published or scroll down to…

Commercial Vehicle Group

Design Heavy

Heavy-duty truck cab manufacturer Commercial Vehicle Group took on a sports car design challenge and walked off with awards, and new knowledge. George Lauer explains how experience with Ford GT’s limited-production project has strengthened this growing company.

Compania Industrial Parras

Denim Star

Part of almost 150 years of the Coahuila state history, PARRAS is the largest denim producer in Mexico and beyond. With a healthy financial outlook, the group is launching new global marketing strategies in the short term, as Susana Baumann…

Compania Siderurgica de Guadalajara

Steel Strength

This Mexican steel company dedicated to steel manufacturing for the automotive and metal-mechanic industries underwent serious technological upgrading and management restructuring since acquisition in 2001. As an Industrias CH company, Grupo SIMEC shows outstanding results. Susana Baumann reports.

A Raymond Brasil Ltda.

Fastening The Industry

ARAYMOND BRASIL Ltda. is one of the biggest companies to specialize in clip fasteners. The company’s clips and quick connectors supply the needs of several different areas, such as civil construction, electro-electronics and computing. Nevertheless, as Tito Flores will tell…

Arvin Meritor

Moving The World

The Mexican branch of this international giant, ArvinMeritor de Mexico found its own solutions to clients’ needs by sharing knowledge and updating technology. Following its own landmarks within company guidelines, the subsidiary is successfully moving the transportation market south of…

Beco Industries

Bedding Elegance

One of the largest national manufacturers and exporters of home textile products for over 60 years, Beco Industries provides North American retailers with the highest quality solutions for bedding, recreational, and other home furnishing fabrics. David Soyka snuggles up with…

Canadian Overhead Handling, Inc.

Hooked On Handling

Mark Devaney covers COH, Inc. one of North America’s leading manufacturers of customized crane and material handling systems.

Cifunsa S.A. de C.V.

Heavy Metals

A metal-mechanic company that offers integral service to major automotive corporations and industrial equipment manufacturers is ready to respond to the changing needs of its loyal clients and to open its portfolio to new ones. Susana Baumann reports.

Pentair Electronic Packaging

Electronic Engineering

Since its inception seven years ago, Pentair Electronic Packaging (PEP) has diversified its offerings to include both products and services – in the process establishing a significant global presence.

Roehl Transport, Inc.

Industry Drivers

Roehl Transport, an industry leader in the truckload transportation industry, has become synonymous with efficient and safe transportation.

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